IV Global Transpersonal Symposium

Bucharest, February 23-24, 2019

More information about the symposium, masters and participation you will find on the website:https://www.symposium2019.ro

The next EUROTAS conference in France – September 25-29, 2019;
Being Human in a World in Transition”

More information: www.eurotas2019.com.


International Transpersonal Conference 2017 - Prague


Traspersonal Psyhology and Psychotherapy Psychedelic Therapy and Research / Shamanism and Indigenous Medicine New Paradigm in Philosophy, Science and Cosmolygy Mystical Spirituality / Holotropic Art.


We collected more photo and video information here...

New EUROTAS Professional Membership for Researchers and Academics
and the New Bonus Membership “2 for 1”

News and Events

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Looking for aTranspersonal Supervisor? Perhaps, you can find him/her in the list of our EUROTAS/ESTP approved Supervisors who can also work on Skype and can cover a wide range of fields in psychotherapy.


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Kateřina Machytková

Ingrida Indane

Jaimie Cahlil

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2 for 1

About God and sin

The test

Joke august 2018

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Moses’ mom

What is the difference

Joke – The deep end

The Oldest Profession

Joke January 2018

A Prayer for the Day

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