Dear Friends & Colleagues

Pilot Beach ResortWe cordially invite you to participate in the 16th EUROTAS CONFERENCE in collaboration with the ATP (Association for Transpersonal Psychology) and the ITA (International Transpersonal Association).


This event will take place at the Pilot Beach Resort, Georgioupolis on the island of Crete in Greece from 1st to 5th October 2014. The theme for the conference is Metamorphosis: Disintegration, Integration, Conscious Living. Read more...


Looking for aTranspersonal Supervisor? Perhaps, you can find him/her in the list of our EUROTAS/ESTP approved Supervisors who can also work on Skype and can cover a wide range of fields in psychotherapy.


                     IN MEMORY OF CHRISTINA GROF

Pilot Beach Resort

I received the shocking message from Stan two weeks ago, that Christina Grof passed

away during the night of Saturday/Sunday, June 14/15 in her sleep. This is very sad news.

For Stan and Christina, her death didn’t come unexpectedly. It ended a long path of suffering from a severe disease.

I know Christina as one of the great ladies of Transpersonal Psychology and Western Spirituality. She was a teacher for me and a model in courage when she talked about „spiritual crises“ out of her own experience. Read more...



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