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 Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Conference invitation and call for proposals

We cordially invite you to participate in the 16th EUROTAS CONFERENCE in collaboration with the ATP (Association for Transpersonal Psychology) and the ITA (International Transpersonal Association). This event will take place at the Pilot Beach Resort, Georgioupolis on the island of Crete in Greece from 1st to 5th October 2014. The theme for the conference is Metamorphosis: Disintegration, Integration, Conscious Living.


At the core of our transpersonal vision lies the idea of metamorphosis, the ability of individuals, cultures, and organizations to transcend the limited sphere of mind associated with the ego, and to live in ways that incorporate a richer and more interconnected consciousness. Metamorphosis teaches us of the progression through disintegration to reintegration, a lesson of immense importance in our day as systems collapse globally. Transpersonal Psychology brings together the profound lessons from mythic and mystical systems of thought with the rigor of psychological science to address these issues. We are interested in a multi-disciplinary global collaboration that explores the best of research, scholarship, education, and practice having a transpersonal orientation. We invite academics, psychotherapists, educationalists, and other specialists to submit presentations related in the broadest sense to the theme of metamorphosis.  We welcome proposals for all appropriate forms of presentation, including research-based papers, workshops, multi-media events.


Please go to www.eurotas2014.com  for details about the conference.

Submission of proposal deadline is 15th March 2014.


Light always 

Lindy McMullin – President SYNTHESIS

Conference Director






Welcome to EUROTAS



What is the EUROpean Transpersonal Association?

EUROTAS – founded as a network of friendships, a professional joint venture today.

The European Transpersonal Association came into existence from a group of practitioners of health and healing and researchers in sciences and spirituality. It has been founded in 1984 during the first European Transpersonal Conference in Brussels, organized by the Belgian team. The first Eurotas meetings had been interesting discussions which led to engaged actions in a family-like atmosphere. Today Eurotas has members from 25 countries and organizes annual conferences of considerable scientific and spiritual quality.
At these conferences you still may find the original Eurotas character of friendship and enjoy a big family. What makes the European Transpersonal Association special today is its combination of scientific and spiritual rigor with opportunities for win-win cooperation and exchange and friendship.


EUROTAS is a network of professionals:

Eurotas is a meeting point for professionals of more than 20 European countries, of Israel, Russia and the US. There are professionals of the social field – psychologists, psychotherapist, social workers, and scientists of other disciplines, businessmen, and spiritual teachers.

Their work is a joint venture to create a better understanding

  • how the exploitation of resources, individually as collectively, can be stopped,
  • how the alienation of men from his brothers and sisters can be overcome,
  • how the female and the male can melt together for the sake of a more human world,
  • how the split between hatred and love can be healed.

Psychologists talk about the evolution of consciousness which is the basis of each understanding and problem solving. The evolution of consciousness today may include the acknowledgement of ignorance, of greed and of anxiety which are the main conditions of suffering in the world and the prospect of their transformation to creativity and compassion.
There are huge undiscovered reservoirs of creativity, individual as collective: high potentials of creativity and modern sophisticated rationality expressively and urgently yearn melting together. If this happens the world may experience a true meltdown setting free huge energies of understanding, of love, of creativeness. There has to be enough clarity and rigor to face clearly the damages of the past one-sided rationalism; and there has to be enough compassion, creativity and courage to overcome the economical, ecological, and social pessimism which today unfortunately is one of the big obstacles for the resolution of difficulties.

The professional network

is a host of (at present) three professional departments: The department of psychotherapy, of art therapy and of public relations. These departments are in construction.
At present the core of the department psychotherapy is the Eurotas Committee for Certification and Accreditation (ECCA). Professional therapists are invited to get certified transpersonal psychotherapists and will be published on the EUROTAS-website. Training institutes in transpersonal psychotherapy are invited to be accredited by EUROTAS.

Who can become a member of EUROTAS ?

  • Organizational members
    Transpersonal associations and training institutes of European countries, from Israel, North America and Russia can apply for an organizational membership.

  • Professional members are certified psychotherapist by EUROTAS or other professionals accredited by EUROTAS.
  • Individual members
    Each individual engaged in the field of psycho-spiritual evolution can become an individual member. Individual members engage in the EUROTAS network as a community of exchange, of give and take.
  • Honorary members
    are individuals with special contribution in the transpersonal field.

EUROTAS activities

EUROTAS organizes each year a conference on current themes of transpersonal psychology, transpersonal art, of transpersonal business and/or spirituality. Everybody who is interested can apply and participate. Professionals are also welcomed to bring in their newest research and theories.
Besides this there are regional groups for the purpose of meeting and exchange. These groups are part of the national transpersonal organizations. There are also professional meetings and symposia in several countries during the year.

EUROTAS Journals

Eurotas is co-editor of two scientific journals:

  • The Integral Transpersonal Journal of arts, sciences and technologies.
  • The online Journal of Transpersonal Research.

The journals offer a view of transpersonal oriented science and research and mirror the discussion
within EUROTAS.

Dry facts about EUROTAS

  • Eurotas is legally registered as an association in Austria. The association has an executive board with 10 board members, a vice-president and a president. The board is chosen by the general assembly which meets once a year at the annual conferences. More details see website.
  • Eurotas has a central office which currently is in Freiburg / Germany. 
All suggestions, questions, contacts can be directed to the office by email and phone. More details see below.
  • Eurotas edit’s a regular circular informing its members about interesting and new upcomings that take place within Eurotas. The circular is sent around by email and published on the website.
  • You may find all information about Eurotas on its website www.eurotas.org
  • The website is maintained and updated regularly.

What is transpersonal?
No human on earth can live beyond the personal. All human beings share the need to be nourished and to live in safety. All human beings share the preciousness of life in a human body.
The majority of humans share the suffering and the anxiety connected to the impermanence of their life-circumstances. The majority of human beings are caught by death-anxiety which narrows our perspective and reduces our choices for life.
The Transpersonal Psychology discovered that immense potentials of joy, of creativity, of richness, and of love are available for each individual and for the collective as a whole if anxiety as a basic living condition is confronted. There is an option to enhance the awareness and transform anxiety to compassion, love and the wisdom of all-relatedness.
Transpersonal work is about evolving consciousness. While taking seriously the basic needs of a person it opens a broader perspective to life and its circumstances seeing an all encompassing inter-relatedness of humankind, inter-relatedness also in an ecological sense.

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