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Academic Abstracts Concerning EUROTAS

John Rowan – Don’t you DARE ignore the transpersonal!

This paper is in three parts. In the first part a case is made that the core contributors to the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration ignore the transpersonal contribution to psychotherapy. In the second part a case is made that the transpersonal is so important historically and geographically, and so active in the present, that it should not be ignored. In the third part some help is given to the reader who would like to follow this up and get more information about the transpersonal today

Some Case Examples of Transpersonal Phenomena by Ulrich Kramer

The Role of the Transpersonal Dimension in Life-Threatening Illness by Beata Bishop

Russian Soul

A report from the 2005 EUROTAS conference in Moscow

Article by Frederik Falkenstrom

A Buddhist contribution to the psychoanalytic psychology of self

This article was originally published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis in 2003, and is posted here with their permission.

It was proposed for the EUROTAS website by Bo Wikström who thought members could find it of interest

Lecture by John Drew

The Idea of a European Spiritual University: Is a Fundamental Change Imminent?

  • Please click here to read this item

Chapter for “Spirituality and Business”

Presentation by Bo Wikström

The Heart of Healing in Clinical Practice

High Quality Meditation Manual and others by Robert Lafaille

Lecture of Ingo B. Jahrsetz at the Eurotas Conference 2009 in Milano

  • What is oneness. Milano 10.09.pdf (~ 126 KB)

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