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New Option for EUROTAS Members

Thanks to the initiative of our professional member Vladislav Matrenitsky, we have established a new option on our web www.eurotas.org – there is a place, where you can publish transpersonal news yourself! You are invited to publish short articles, information about your events, and links to transpersonal information at any time. Please insert a picture, describing your event as well – if not, I will have to add one myself. After submitting your article and picture, I will confirm publication (I will have to check, if the author of the article is a EUROTAS member) and then the title and picture of your article will appear on www.eurotas.org ; we can place 6-10 articles simultaneously there, after which your article will be stored in the archive at http://eurotas.org/category/News-and-events/ Let us keep in contact and strengthen our international cooperation! With Love, Ingrida
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