(Accepted at EUROTAS GA Zoom meeting on Wednesday, September 23, 2020)


EUROTAS global network

Proposal for a brilliant future

(to be realized within three years from September 2020)



This proposal comes after a long discussion within the Board.

During the process we had the chance to face our limits and believes, to experience critical communication, to express our disagreement, to take our stance and decide what we think could be the best for EUROTAS.

The proposal was approved, by majority, at the last Board Meeting on the 3th of September.

We also agreed to include most of the aspects of the other proposal discussed.

The result is an ambitious project that requires time and engagement by all of us manly to build up the new structure composed by:


  • The President(P. L. Lattuada)
  • Two Vice-presidents(Magda Solé – Jure Biechonski)
  • The Board (Executive Board – EB)

11 Board Members (Five younger and six elders)

With all the powers and duties stated by the Constitution

  • The Board of Advisors

Everything which has power happens in circle (Lakota say)

To understand what is the BA (Board of Advisors) we should figure out a Circle of Medicine, composed by elders ( past presidents, past Board members), wise women and men, (medicine women and men, experts, transpersonal leaders) able to keep the vision, hold the space, dream the future, get insights, offer creative proposals; scholars and researchers able to organize the knowledge for a balanced  integration between mind and heart.

  • The Office of Presidency composed by five members. (President, past president, two vice-presidents, executive director). Fast track to run the daily life of the association.
  • Youth Council (the place of freshness and innovation.  From there the younger Board Members will come).


This is the reason why we suggest the actual Board should stay in charge for more three years.



Any great Association of Associations as EUROTAS is, should have a clear and strong ontology, what is?  The Vision.

The proposal is to improve the clarification and exposure of the vision.

At the following links you can find some basic documents:






Any great Association of Associations as EUROTAS is, should have a clear and strong epistemology: how to know? Theory of knowing.

The proposal is to improve the clarification and exposure of the epistemology

At the following links you can find some basic documents:




Vision and Epistemology will be communicated in Journals, books and public speeches and applied to different fields beside psychology: education, politics, social activism, anthropology…

To provide a change in the cultural paradigm, offering theoretical and epistemological basis for a transpersonal “re-evolution” through academic and popular writings.

To improve the Journal, through indexing and accreditations.



Any great Association of Associations as EUROTAS is, should have a clear and strong body of methodologies.

Will be creating a system of validation of Transpersonal Methodologies and an archive of the accredited ones.

To develop and offer to a wider audience new conceived and ancient Technologies of the sacred.



International networking both Transpersonal and Integral.

Dialogue with other transformative associations (psychedelics, mindfulness, spirituality, etc.)

Dialogue with echo sustainability global movements.  

To reach a wider audience and create an awareness about what transpersonal is.

To offer vision, skills and tools to face hyper complexity to address current social, economic and concerns.

To continue developing EUROTAS as a more global organization that extends beyond the boundaries of Europe. To develop transcultural and transcontinental dimension, more Chinese, Central Asia, Turkish, Northern Africa, Islamic countries, Latin America (South and Mexico), Canada, etc.

To continue cooperation with transpersonal oriented organizations and individuals in the whole world.

To provide Multidisciplinary: – coaching, anthropology, medicine, philosophy, art, etc.;



To offer accredited courses in transpersonal soft skills, beside psychotherapy, in education, economy, politics, social activism, human right, psychedelic science, life span development.



To design research program on the study of States of Consciousness, life span development, self -realization and creativity.



  • Membership or cooperation with UNESCO;
  • A special new membership developed – Honoring Shamans and a kind of big contributions to transpersonal as Yoga, Tao, Zen masters etc. Honoring by a ritual offering a symbolic gift;
  • Membership EAP application.


  1. L. Lattuada M.D., Psy.D., Ph. D.




download – ACTION PLAN in pdf…

download – ACTION PLAN in doc…

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