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About / Bio EUROTAS Board Member, Co-Founder of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR), Advisory Board EUROTAS Society for Transpersonal Psychotherapy EUROTAS certified Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and EUROTAS Supervisor for Transpersonal Psychotherapy Board Member, International Transpersonal Association Member, Council of the International Transpersonal Association TRAININGS: Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (U.S.) & Qualitative Research / Embodied Phenomenology (UK) - MA & BA in Clinical Psychology (Germany) - Body-mind-spirit practices program “Trauma Healing and Transformation,” Capacitar International, U.S. - Body-oriented integrative Gestalt therapy (Fritz Perls Institute, Germany) - Creative therapy (Fritz Perls Institute, Germany) - Kriya Yoga & meditation (India, Nepal) - Shamanic practices from different cultures USED THERAPEUTIC METHODS: - Transpersonal somatic psychotherapy / embodiment - Body-mind-spirit practices program “Trauma Healing and Transformation,” Capacitar International, U.S. - Body-oriented integrative Gestalt therapy (Fritz Perls Institute, Germany) - Creative therapy (Fritz Perls Institute, Germany) - Kriya Yoga and meditation (India) - Shamanic practices from different cultural backgrounds PROFESSIONAL FIELDS OF INTEREST: - transpersonal somatic psychology / transpersonal embodiment - individual, collective and transgenerational work around different forms of trauma - qualitative research / embodied phenomenology - traditional healing practices from cultures around the world - work on the integration and use of transpersonal art, music, & film & science for the dissemination of knowledge and outreach to a broad global public SPOKEN LANGUAGE(S): German, English, French PROFESSIONAL SPECIFICATIONS (working with single clients, groups, couples, children etc.), teaching internationally, research, publication Work with individuals, groups, couples, children, adolescents, multi-cultural NAME OF YOUR INSTITUTE OR ORGANISATION (IF YOU WORK THROUGH IT): - Ase World Forum for the Conservation of Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Medicine, Integrative Intervention and Research www.drreginahess.com - Core Member and Core Faculty, International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy (IIBP), Freiburg, Germany www.consciousness-exploration.org PUBLICATIONS Jahrsetz, I.B., Hess, R. U., Miller, J., & Pervötz, R. (2017, forthcoming). The intimacy of consciousness exploration and transpersonal psychotherapy: Coming Home. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. McMullin, L. L., Hess, R. U., Boucouvalas, M. (2017). Metamorphosis through conscious living: A transpersonal psychology perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Academic Publications https://independent.academia.edu/DrReginaUHess City: Cologne, Germany Mobile/Cell phone: +49176732200674 Skype: regina.hess Webpage www.drreginahess.com, www.consciousness-exploration.org Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-regina-u-hess-international-ase-world-forum-13449435/ Academia.edu https://independent.academia.edu/DrReginaUHess Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Int-Institut-für-Bewusstseinserforschung-und-Psychotherapie-Freiburg-495790880488137/ https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Regina-U-Hess-International-272610929565042/ Youtube Talk 2017 – at the Breaking Convention Conference, London, UK The Ancient Practice of Dark Retreat Mediation https://youtu.be/t182XjEAryA Invitation for the International Transpersonal Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, Sept 28-Oct 1, 2017 https://youtu.be/JkKHXxuiQj8 Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/103626291847688483956

Sacred Science Circle Newsletter #1, August 2017

The Sacred Science Circle www.sacredsciencecircle.org gathers a sacred circle of individuals and groups that honors the “fires” of transformation implicit in all scientific, scholarly, and artistic endeavors. Our first newsletter is now available at www.sacredsciencecircle.org/newsletter/. If you wish to receive future Sacred Science Circle newsletters directly, please subscribe to the newsletter on the Contact page of the website, www.sacredsciencecircle.org/contact/ In ...

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This is an open letter to my Eurotas friends across the world. The following is an excerpt written in an article in America’s popular Time Magazine (February 13, 2017): “During the (presidential) campaign of 1800, an opposition newspaper warned that if Thomas Jefferson were elected President, “murder, robbery, rape, adultery and incest will be openly taught and practiced…the soil will ...

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Mandala of Being: awakening your Inner Master January 27-29, Bucharest

Richard Moss will be our guest again in January 2017, at the the Journey of The Heart Center in Bucharest. He will be in the center of a Consciousness workshop and a conference. It will be the most significant event of this winter in terms of therapeutic and ontological exploration, an event that comes to strengthen our central approach: The ...

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Dr John Rowan Workshop with Brian Kaplan

THE CARNIVAL OF THERAPY, COUNSELLING AND COACHING ~ An Interactive Workshop Exploring Drama, Humour and the I-Positions Presented by John Rowan and Brian Kaplan Sunday 26th March 2017 ~ 10am – 5pm Philadelphia Association, 4 Marty’s Yard, 17 Hampstead High St, London NW3 1PX £150 or early bird before 1 March £130 Booking and Contact: inforowan@aol.com This dynamic workshop aims ...

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Participate in research study survey for integration of spiritually transformative experiences

Have you experienced a spiritual event that transformed your life? What: A survey of how people integrate spiritually transformative experiences*. The study is oriented towards people who have had a profound life-changing spiritual experience that took months to years to integrate into their lives. Why: To benefit you—as you take the survey, you will read about 84 ways that experts ...

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Call for Papers 2016 ACISTE conference USA

Call for Papers: We would like to announce a call for proposals to present at the 2016 ACISTE (American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences) conference. The topic is Therapeutic Issues of STEs (Spiritually Transformative Experiences). This year’s conference will be held in Palm Springs, CA from October 20th – 22nd at the Doubletree Hilton Palm Springs. Because ...

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New Option for EUROTAS Members

Thanks to the initiative of our professional member Vladislav Matrenitsky, we have established a new option on our web www.eurotas.org – there is a place, where you can publish transpersonal news yourself! You are invited to publish short articles, information about your events, and links to transpersonal information at any time. Please insert a picture, describing your event as well ...

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