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Leave a trace in the history of the Transpersonal movement

Apply for Grof Legacy Training – Holos now!

Dear transpersonal friends, you can now apply for the international Grof® Legacy Training – Holos. Deadline for applications is 28th February 2021. Learn to use the healing potential of holotropic states of consciousness in client care and become a transpersonal therapist in a new international comprehensive training certified by Stan and Brigitte Grof – Grof® Legacy Training – Holos. Self-experience ...

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Psicologia Transpessoal: a integração da dimensão espiritual e dos fenômenos da Consciência no campo psicológico

Queridos(as)! Fazemos um convite a prestigiarem esse momento histórico no Brasil de inserção da Psicologia Transpessoal dentro de uma instituição acadêmica reconhecida como o Programa de Saúde, Espiritualidade e Religiosidade (ProSer) do Instituto de Psiquiatria do Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo(IPq-HCFMUSP). Para este primeiro curso, convidamos os mais notáveis nomes da Transpessoal no ...

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The Ordinariness of Peace in the Tao Te Ching

The Ordinariness of Peace in the Tao Te Ching Rosemarie Anderson, PhD In the Tao Te Ching, peace is thought to be simple, ordinary, and the highest purpose of good government. To be at peace in the world is to privilege what is most necessary for the greater good. For example, Poem 8 details what is “good” in everyday life, ...

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Corona & Beyond: Transpersonal Perspectives on Crisis, Transformation & Wellbeing. A cycle of dialogues, July-Oct 2020

This free summer series of online dialogues and embodied creative reflections expands on themes that emerged in our June session “Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a new paradigm”, to explore transpersonal perspectives on the global pandemic and our individual, social and collective responses. Dr. Jessica Bockler and Prof. Les Lancaster will be joined by transpersonal psychologists, coaches and spiritual practitioners ...

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Psicologia Transpessoal: um caminho para o despertar

Neste novo curso, ministrado pelas psicólogas Transpessoais Maria Cristina M. de Barros e Milena Nardini Bubols, vamos contar sobre a história da Psicologia Transpessoal, seus conceitos básicos e a sua aplicabilidade na prática clínica presencial e online. Além disso, os encontros visam proporcionar momentos de reflexão crítica, aprendizado e vivência da abordagem transpessoal, contribuindo para o manejo clínico de questões ...

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Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a new paradigm

Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a new paradigm You are invited to join Corona and Beyond: Transitioning to a New Paradigm, a free online event, exploring transpersonal dimensions and perspectives on global transformation. The time for profound change has come. As COVID-19 has humanity in its grip, we stand on the edge of the known.   Beyond the pain and disruption, we may ...

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Psychosynthesis Life Coaching Training Accredited ICF ACSTH

Founded by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, M.D. in the mid-1900s, Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology, brings valuable insights not only into the coaching conversation, but also to how we view ourselves and our lives. “Transpersonal”is also defined as “denoting, or dealing with states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity”. Considering the variety of masks we all wear ...

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     SACRED SCIENCE NEWSLETTER # 6, January 2020, is now available at  http://www.sacredsciencecircle.org/newsletter/.   TABLE OF CONTENTS Articles Intuitive Inquiry: Research to Nourish the Soul by Rosemarie Anderson Studying Archetypal Transference in Jungian Psychoanalysis by Zsolt Thomas Deak Upcoming Conferences and Events 13th Annual Conference of the Society for Humanistic Psychology, March 19-22, 2020; New Orleans, Louisiana The Science of ...

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Das Transpersonale Selbst

Das Transpersonale Selbst Wege aus der Stress-Falle Wochenend – Seminar 7.-8. Dezember 2019 Kloster Hegne – Konstanz – Bodensee-Region Die Macht des autonomen Nervensystem Wirksame Methoden zur Auflösung von Stress und Blockaden Meditationstechniken aus alten Kulturen Ins Gedächtnis des Körpers reisen Emotionen energetisch verstehen und nutzen Die Macht der Intention für die Realisierung von Zielen Neue Ressourcen des Gehirns entdecken ...

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The words “being”, “human”, “world”, “transition” touch us in what and who we are –particularly in this time of transition that has become very real for the planet that hosts us, in today’s world, which is essentially constructed on patriarchal and economic values, and in the world of the future, with, we are told, will be a combination of catastrophic ...

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