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Letter from John Drew, the president of EUROTAS

John Drew

30 May 2001 Dear Friends and EUROTAS members present at the Munsbach Castle Meeting in May 2001. THIS IS A NOTE TO WHICH WE BEG YOU TO REPLY. What a very special meeting with so many important issues and so many deep revelations! It seemed as if most of us enjoyed it and found it special too. Many good things ...

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Academic Abstracts Concerning EUROTAS

John Rowan – Don’t you DARE ignore the transpersonal! This paper is in three parts. In the first part a case is made that the core contributors to the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration ignore the transpersonal contribution to psychotherapy. In the second part a case is made that the transpersonal is so important historically and geographically, and so active in ...

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Ways Through the Wall

The EUROTAS book Ways Through the Wall that came out of the Citizenship in an Inter-Related World Conference in 2005 has now thas been published. We hope EUROTAS supporters will purchase copies because of the intrinsic interest of the book and also to help EUROTAS finances! Special price for orders before 1 September for EUROTAS Newsletter readers is £10 and ...

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Russian Soul

A report from the 2005 EUROTAS conference in Moscow Glenn Hartelius Glenn Hartelius is a mind/body theorist, clinician and teacher, with a particular interest in developing critical methodologies for the felt sense.† He is completing his Ph.D. studies in East-West psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.† ††††††††††† The 2005 EUROTAS conference exemplified its theme of ìHuman consciousness and ...

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Russian Transpersonal Psychology

The Russian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Association http://www.atpp.ru (Cyrillic) EUROTAS Board Member and President of the Russian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Association, Vladimir Maykov has recently published an important work detailing Transpersonal Psychologyin Russia charting it’s origins up to the present day. Below are chapter utlines followed by information about the annotation. For further information please contact the author. Transpersonal ...

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Cyrillic Transpersonal Site Online

The Russian Transpersonal Association has updated their web site and now offer the most comprehensive transpersonal web site in Cyrillic on the internet.The site, found at http://www.atpp.ru offers a wide variety of information concerning transpersonal affairs to Russian speakers as well as links to other sites in English and Cyrillic that are of interest to Russian speakers. Since the breakup ...

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Take and Early Peek at the programme for Moscow 2005!

Preliminary List of Russian Presenters for the EUROTAS Moscow Conference LONDON March 1, 2005 – EUROTAS, the European Transpersonal Association today annouced the preliminary list of Russian presenters at the EUROTAS Conference to be held June 23-26 in Moscow. The list of presenters reflects some of the most respected voices in the field of transpersonal psychology, religious studies and transpersonal ...

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New Associations Welcomed into EUROTAS

EUROTAS, the European Transpersonal Association is pleased to announced two new associations who are bringing their association into the EUROTAS family. At the Delegates Meeting in London in August, GRETT from France was elected with enthusiasm as member association of EUROTAS.† Bernadette Blin, head of GRETT and her colleagues agreed to host the 8th EUROTAS European Conference in France in ...

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The Official minutes from Sinaia

EUROTAS DELEGATES MEETING – Minutes from Sinaia, Romania 29 May and 1 June 2003 1. Apologies These were received from Manuel Almendro, Jacotte Chollet, Jutta Gruber, Christina Leijonhufvud, Vladimir Maikov, Christine Maurer, Vitor Rodrigues, Monique Tiberghien and Bo Wikstrom. 2.  Minutes of the Last Meeting in Portugal. These were circulated in June 2002 asking for additions/amendments. None were received and ...

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