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Can Art Help Improve Mental Health?

Creating Art Can Often Help Improve Your Overall Mental Health Far too many people think of art as superfluous and overlook it both as a personal pastime and a therapeutic option. Art therapy has been available in clinical settings since the 1940s, and there are many skilled professionals who devote their careers to this form of therapy. It offers a ...

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EUROTAS Transpersonal Coaching Initiative (ETCI)

E.T.C.I. CHARTER OF EUROTAS TRANSPERSONAL COACHING INITIATIVE Goals and Objectives of E.T.C.I. The specific goal of the EUROTAS TRANSPERSONAL COACHING INITIATIVE E.T.C.I. are … To build a Transpersonal Coaching Community on a global scale, because there is a need for humans to unlock their full potential, to move beyond the egoic and ethnocentric consciousness and to co-create activities for the ...

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Projects Arts Therapy

Colour the World with Hope Global Project By Mark Wentworth   Dear Colleagues, I would like to turn your attention to a project that I have created here in Norfolk UK. The project is about young people from around the world singing together “True Colours” by Cyndi Lauper, which will then be recorded and released via iTunes and various other ...

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Coincidence? Qualitative Research on Coincidences in Art Therapy

Coincidence? Qualitative Research on Coincidences in Art Therapy A thesis submitted by Yael Ben-Zion Kohanovitch Thesis advisor: Yafa Pollak In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts Expressive Therapies LESLEY UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ARTS & SOCIAL SCIENCES September, 2012 This study discusses coincidence (synchronicity) in art therapy. Content and cases in which there seems ...

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Division of Transpersonal Arts Therapy


In the summer of 2011 members of the European Transpersonal Association founded the Transpersonal Arts Therapy department. We ask all transpersonal psychologists and psychotherapists, who are working with the different methods of Arts Therapy (visual arts, drama, music, dance, poetry), to contact us. We are interested in receiving your: articles; case studies; information about transpersonal art therapy seminars and other ...

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Article from Dr. Fausto Sergej Sommer: Art and the Transpersonal


Fausto-Sergej-Sommer Art and the Transpersonal by Dr. Fausto Sergej Sommer Why has art not received its due respect within the realms of psychotherapy and the transpersonal? Why has it merely played a marginal role within the main streams of psychology, psychiatry, education and the sciences? We can also ask these questions upside down: why has the transpersonal never played any ...

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Case studies

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Latvian Transpersonal Association realized EU mobility project

In November 2011 four Latvian Art Therapists, members of Latvia’s Professional Association of Transpersonal Psychology returned home, happy and tired, after 3 weeks participation in a project, supported  by the EU Life learning program, Leonardo da Vinci mobility. These four women are kind of ‘pioneers’ in Art Therapy in Latvia, because the profession of Art Therapist is quite new – ...

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EUROPEAN Society for Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ESTP)

ESTP is a department of EUROTAS focused on the development and promotion of high standards of Transpersonal Psychotherapy. The ESTP criteria for transpersonal modalities establish a process to certify transpersonal psychotherapists based on the criteria of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). ESTP has established a Charter that describes its goals and activities read the ESTP also approves transpersonal supervisors ...

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Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR)

About EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR) The EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR) is a division inside EUROTAS devoted to research in the field of transpersonal psychology, Psychotherapy, and the broader social and human sciences. The specific aim of EDTR is to promote and expand the body of knowledge and to advance the state of the art of research ...

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