Can Art Help Improve Mental Health?

Creating Art Can Often Help Improve Your Overall Mental Health Far too many people think of art as superfluous and overlook it both as a personal pastime and a therapeutic option. Art therapy has been available in clinical settings since the 1940s, and there are many skilled professionals who devote their careers to this form of therapy. It offers a ...

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Article from Dr. Fausto Sergej Sommer: Art and the Transpersonal


Fausto-Sergej-Sommer Art and the Transpersonal by Dr. Fausto Sergej Sommer Why has art not received its due respect within the realms of psychotherapy and the transpersonal? Why has it merely played a marginal role within the main streams of psychology, psychiatry, education and the sciences? We can also ask these questions upside down: why has the transpersonal never played any ...

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