Karina Bertolotto

  Visions of Realms Beyond  I have been a psychotherapist and an artist for the largest part of my life. My own transformation, my insights and ideas have always found their way into matter through my artworks, be it painting of sculpting.  In recent years, I have been looking for a new means of expression, that would allow me to ...

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Kateřina Machytková

At the beginning there was the Word, or rather Idea, a spiritual impetus originating from the Consciousness. At the beginning there was the Soul… Words are sometimes difficult to find to express what transcends our everyday life and our material world. We stand filled with awe and amazement in front of what goes beyond us, in front of the greatness ...

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Ingrida Indane

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Jaimie Cahlil

I was born in Oxford UK, in 1954, the 4th son of an English father and Swiss mother. Age 6, I asked my father to teach me to draw. Age 16, I was accepted – it was said, on the strength of my drawings – to follow in my father’s footsteps to Oxford University’s classical fine art training at the ...

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Elita Vansovicha

Drawing and Painting is my daily meditation, celebration of life and conversation with God, no, rather, my closest and most intimate relationship with Him. Inspiration is God’s presence, His work of creation goes through me and I am enjoying every moment of this amazing process. I consider that real Art should not be explained or justified, just have to experience ...

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For me, painting is a way to experience the imperceptible, to attempt reproducing the unreproducable, to say the unsayable. It is a language enabling me to
communicate in levels beyond words. And — succumbing to the creative,
loving power in me!

Therefore, abstraction is my most favourite trend in art. It does not prompt how to look and what to think. Often, viewers are scared ...

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