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Dr John Rowan Workshop with Brian Kaplan

THE CARNIVAL OF THERAPY, COUNSELLING AND COACHING ~ An Interactive Workshop Exploring Drama, Humour
and the I-Positions
Presented by John Rowan and Brian Kaplan
Sunday 26th March 2017 ~ 10am – 5pm Philadelphia Association, 4 Marty’s Yard, 17 Hampstead High St, London NW3 1PX
£150 or early bird before 1 March £130 Booking and Contact: [email protected]

This dynamic workshop aims to energise, enlighten and amuse you – and enliven your practice. ‘Heartsink’ patients and ‘Yes, but’ clients are a challenge for all therapists and counsellors. But what if the heartsink element was just one of many I-positions (or sub-personalities) in your client? What if you could use the drama of comedy and reverse psychology to quieten those I-positions that have become too loud in people, dominated other I-positions and sabotaged their lives?
In this workshop experienced psychotherapists, counsellors and life coaches are invited to participate in a wake-up call to experience something never presented before – a unique opportunity to explore and partake in an innovative vision of therapy as alive and kicking as a carnival or vaudeville.
Inspired by the bold and daring work of Eileen Walkenstein, John and Brian invite you to explore innovative ways of enhancing your relationships with your clients. This is an opportunity to throw open the windows and even the doors of therapy and let in some fresh air as you learn, laugh and enjoy the day.
John has been writing on and demonstrating Dialogical Self Therapy for over ten years. Brian has been using Provocative Therapy for even longer. When they met recently for the first time they joyously realised that they were hoeing (or even Ho-Ho-Ho-ing) the same field in different but highly complementary ways.
JOHN ROWAN has been working in this field since 1982, and his book The Reality Game (3rd Ed.) came out this year. His more recent work on Personification (Routledge 2010) has ventured into the farther reaches of the transpersonal. He has presented workshops in 25 countries. He is a Fellow of the BPS, the BACP and the UKCP.
BRIAN KAPLAN is a medical doctor working with a whole person approach. He has specialised in Provocative Therapy, the cutting edge in the use of humour and reverse psychology in the clinic and regularly teaches doctors, therapists and coaches about the safe and effective use of humour in medicine, therapy and coaching.

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