Article 1.  Membership.

  1. Applications to join as Members are discussed at meetings of the Delegate Council and approved by simple majority vote.
  1. Members in arrears with their dues may be dropped from the rolls six months after notification, but remain eligible for reinstatement on payment of a fee fixed by the Board in addition to the current dues.
  1. Under exceptional circumstances, the status of Members can be withdrawn at the recommendation of the Board and upon a two-third majority vote of the Delegate Council.

Article II.    Annual Dues.

  1. Annual dues of Members are determined by the Delegate Council at each annual meeting on the recommendation of the Board.  Dues are payable upon notification and all Members are liable to pay, unless they are exempted by the annual decision of the Council.  Dues of Friends of EUROTAS in the Network are determined by the Board.

Article III.  Meeting of the Delegate Council.

  1. The Delegate Council meets annually and the meeting is convened by the Board at least six months in advance. Extraordinary meetings may be convened by the Board for special reasons or at the written request of at least 50% of the Delegates.
  1. At each annual meeting the Treasurer submits a Financial Report for the previous year and a Budget for the following year, The Financial Report and the Budget are approved by the Delegate Council by simple majority.
  1. Decisions of the Delegate Council are taken by simple majority. Absent members may delegate their vote to the other delegate of their own association.

Article IV.   The Board.

  1. Election of the Board. Members of the Board are elected for a period of three years and are eligible once for re-election for a further three years. The President, Vice President and Treasurer are members of the Board and are eligible for re-election once in any capacity. No member of the Board may serve more than six successive years in any capacity. No one who is not already a Member of the Board shall be eligible to stand for election unless nominated in writing by a member of the Council.
  1. Officers and Members of the Board are voted upon individually and elected by a simple majority. In the event of there being more candidates for Office or the Board than positions or places available, the candidate(s) receiving the highest number of votes will be elected. The Board carries out the objectives of the association and the specific decisions of the Delegate Council.
  1. The decisions of the Board are taken by simple majority. In the case of balance of outcome, the President may take the right to decide.
  1. .Members of the Board are granted free admission to any event organised locally by Members.

Article  V.   Events.

  1. European conferences are organised under the technical and scientific supervision of the Delegate Council, to inspire and support the programme of the local organisers. In terms of financial arrangements, 10% of the net profit, if there is one, should go to EUROTAS.
  1. An inter-association project can be undertaken by at least two delegates of different Members, who can then co-opt other specialists in the field. The approval of a project requires a simple majority vote of the Delegate Council. Projects are not under the financial responsibility of EUROTAS.
  1. No event involving EUROTAS can take place without the approval of the Delegate Council.
  1. All Delegates are granted free admission to any event organised locally by members.

Article  VI.   Amendments.

  1. These Bylaws can be amended by a simple majority vote of the Delegate Council in an official meeting convened by the Board.
      April 2001
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