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Final Plans for the 2000 EUROTAS conference announced (english)

Dear CTP Members and friends of EUROTAS

For those of your interested in matters transpersonal in Europe, I want to tell you about two special conferences which will take place in 2000 at:

Kissingen in Germany 25- 28 May

Assisi in Italy 1-6 September

The first is the Second Assembly of the EUROTAS Creative Initiative in Germany from 25-28 May 2000. In my last notes for CTP news I mentioned the The Founding Assembly of the Creative Initiative which took place in Hungary last August. There were 45 of us from countries all over Europe and few will ever forget the experience. The meditations led by different members were lovely and the seven Creative Initiative committees worked better than we could have hoped. In between there were fascinating sessions, special walks and wonderful evenings together, full of singing and poetry and joy.

As a result, the Second Assembly of the Creative Initiative will be held in Germany from 25-28 May 2000. At the invitation of Dr Joachim Galuska this will take place at Kissingen near Frankfurt. It will be very special having our meeting in and around a hospital run on transpersonal lines. Places will be limited to 80. We hope to recreate the atmosphere of Dobogoke Village in Hungary which made for many of us new transpersonal friends and professional contacts across Europe. We are producing shortly the first draft of the work we did in the seven committees and this will form the basis for the Second Assembly. The themes are:

1. Training of European Transpersonal Therapists

2. European Transpersonal Journal and Publication of European Studies

3. European Spiritual Emergency Network

4. The Transpersonal Vision in Management and Government

5. The Transpersonal Vision in Health

6. The Transpersonal Vision in Education

7 Transpersonal Research

If you would be interested in joining one of the above groups or know someone who would, please contact me — details below and I will arrange for more details to be sent to you. It will be a very special meeting.

The Assisi 2000 Transpersonal Conference, entitled: “Time of the Soul – Consciousness, Creativity, Commitment”, will take place at the Assisi Congress Centre, La Cittadella, on 1-6 September 2000. It is organised by the Italian Transpersonal Psychology Association (AIPT) under the Honorary Presidency of Ken Wilber, and in collaboration with ETPA and EUROTAS.

This summer I visited Assisi and found it a most spiritual place, as millions have before. The Cittadella is an excellent venue in the middle of Assisi and I am sure it will be a wonderful Conference. There is now a direct flight from London to Assisi/Perugia and it will probably be worth booking well in advance.

The Assisi programme will feature morning meditations and plenary sessions with theoretical presentations, experiential workshops in the afternoon, and conversational hours in the evening, along with other events involving musical and other creative expressions of spirituality. Several recognised leaders from the various countries will contribute to the programme, including Amit Goswami, Uma Krishnamurthy, Claudio Naranjo, Frances Vaughan, and Roger Walsh, who will also lead a number of pre- and post-conference workshops.

Beata Bishop and myself are the UK Delegates to EUROTAS which as you know brings together transpersonal associations and individuals from across Europe. We are making good progress and this year Austria and Switzerland transpersonal associations joined EUROTAS as well as old and new friends from a dozen other countries.

Details of both of these conferences will be available shortly. Please contact me If you would like to be on the mailing list.

John Drew
49 The Ridgeway
London NW11 8QP
0208 455 5054 tel
0208 455 4516 fax

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