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feeding the soul
feeding the soul

EUROTAS presents

First Milan Transpersonal Festival, June 18-21, 2015, Milan, Italy


Call for Papers/Presentations

FEEDING THE SOUL, the 2015 FIRST TRANSPERSONAL FESTIVAL of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) will take place in Milan, Italy, the city of EXPO 2015, from 18th to 21st June 2015. The festival will be organized by Om Association for Transpersonal Medicine and Psychology, in partnership with Centro D’Ompio (Italy) and will be co-sponsored by the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan, the Asoociation for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP), Ubiquity University (U.S.), and Expo in città.

With this event, we aim to come together as a community of diversity, to transcend divides and unite through deep dialogue within, with each other, and with nature by including puer and senex, heart and mind, spirit and matter, the young and the elders, women, men, and children—our future generations.

The Festival Venues will be in Milan City (TBA) and in Centro D’Ompio. The main Festival Venue and Accomodation will be at Centro D’Ompio, Pettenasco, Italy, an international seminar center and hotel ).


Change the World or Die? Ready to be the Antidote?

 My son, 25 years old, put on his skype mood message the sentence: “Change the world or die.” The world seems to be waiting for something. The humankind is in trouble. The times they are a-changin’, as Bob Dylan sang. Could the integral and transpersonal culture as Jim Garrison says “be the antitode” to the troubles of this world? Transpersonal Consciousness as Ervin Lázsló suggested, don’t make war, don’t kill anyone, don’t destroy the planet, instead give us tools and experience to be in contact with our true self. Transpersonal Psychology has the vision, the cartography, the literacy and technologies to navigate through the territories of consciousness.

With the First Transpersonal Festival, we call for the transpersonal in action, and we aim to initiate transpersonal action around the globe. We want to look into each others faces and say: I see you, my friend! You touch my soul, your hand makes my heart beat, your words light the fire of my soul. Only together can we change the world what we like to call the New Renaissance: The transpersonal in action such as sharing, performing, teaching, learning, talking, communicating, creating, living and loving.


Join the Festival!

 With the Feeding the Soul Transpersonal Festival we want to present and celebrate the multiplicity of the manifestation of the true Self. We call on you all, professors of transpersonal psychology and academics across all disciplines, professionals, students, artists, musicians and performers from around the world, and of all ages, to join us with your heart in your hands (as we say in Milan).

Based on a culture of sharing, please give up your keynote presentation ex cathedra, leave your powerpoint at home, but bring your experience, tell us your histories and stories, and let us share our souls with each other. We call to this circle all generations: Little ones, youngsters, sons and daughters, grandchildren, and students of life. Come and present yourself, your dream, your needs, your fears, your skills, your passion, your insights, and your creativity. What comes into my mind is the so-called rainbow family who meet twice a year for an entire cycle of the moon, living in nature without any comfort, technologies, devices, or drugs. Instead they gather to share their knowledge and experience of life for free; or the 40,000 young people that attended the Boom Festival in Portugal last August. Let us come together with such an intention to gather, share, and create change. We are waiting for you, each of you counts!


Themes of Presentations

 You can apply for one of the following themes:

  • Sciences: Research, epistemology & ontology, culture, society
  • Arts: Theater, music, visual arts, literature, performance
  • Technologies: Methodologies of cure and care, architecture, business, communication.


Format of Presentations

 You can apply for one of the following settings:

  • Circle/Council
  • Outdoor Workshop
  • Performance


  1. Two-hours Circle

 Gathering in a circle/council: In the inner circle, four presenters are asked to present for 15 minutes each, integrating both theoretical and practical input. In the second hour, the inner and outer circle engage in dialogue and intertwine experiences on the theme of the circle.

The following proposed themes are meant as rough outlines. There are overlaps and the themes can be expanded:


Proposed Themes for Circles of the Sciences:

  • Circle for a science of consciousness
  • Youth circle for a post-conventional culture
  • Circle of elders: ancient heritage and new renaissance
  • Women’s circle and men’s circle for a culture of partnership including themes about sex, love, and spirituality
  • Circle of multi-generations: from the young to the elders


Proposed Themes for Circles of the Arts:

  • Theater and dance circle
  • Music circle
  • Visual arts circle
  • Intertwining arts & sciences circle


Proposed Themes for Circles on Technologies:

  • Medicine circle and health care
  • Healing arts practices
  • Circle of action and change activities
  • Intertwining technologies & sciences circle.


  1. Outdoor Workshops

In a special area of the festival campus there will be an opportunity to offer outdoor workshops to include nature. Two-hour slots will be scheduled for all days of the festival.


  1. Outdoor Performances

Accepted performances will be presented during certain times at dedicated venues at the festival campus.


  1. Exhibitions

Exhibitions will be set up in different areas of the festival venue.


Submissions of Presentations

 To apply to give your presentation at the 2015 First Transpersonal Festival of EUROTAS, June 18-21, 2015, Milan, Italy, please send us:


  • an abstract of your project (no more than 300 words)
  • shot bio (no more than 100 words)
  • and a photo of you.
  • Accepted presenters will then be requested to send a document (article or Powerpoint presentation that can include visuals, audio, or film) that describes the project in detail, and gives the theoretical, philosophical, scientific, and practical background to the theme of your presentation. This is to ensure that the emphasis during the festival will be on dialogue, on gathering and connecting, on Feeding the Soul; while those interested in going deeper into theory can read each presenter’s background document that will be provided on the festival webpage.


Deadline for the Submission of Papers: February 15, 2014

Please submit your application to: http://www.feedingthesoul.eu./en/registration-eng/presenters-registration



With love,

Pier Luigi Lattuada

Festival Director


Regina U Hess

Festival Board Member

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