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First Transpersonal Research Colloquium

Gathering Our Research Community Together

June 22-23, 2015, Milan, Italy

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First Transpersonal Research Colloquium: Gathering Our Research Community Together, June 22-23, 2015, Milan, Italy

The Transpersonal Research Colloquium (TRC) 2015 follows the EUROTAS Transpersonal Festival in Milan (http://www.feedingthesoul.eu/en/ ) on June 22-23, 2015 at Centro d’Ompio, Italy. Cosponsored by the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research, Integral Transpersonal Institute, and Transpersonal Consultancy, researchers worldwide will engage in dialogue and trainings related to current and emerging research projects on transpersonal, spiritual, and related topics. While the final program will be co-constructed depending on accepted proposals, the program will include topics such as transpersonal approaches to research, epistemological considerations, studying therapeutic interventions, combining qualitative and quantitative methods effectively, a transpersonal approach to evidence-based practice, and embodied and art-based approaches to research. Time will be provided for networking with other participants and discussions of ongoing research projects, potential collaborations, and impromptu research topics.

Facilitators for the colloquium are Drs. Pier Luigi Lattuada of the Integral Transpersonal Institute (www.integraltranspersonal.com), Rosemarie Anderson of Transpersonal Consultancy (www.transpersonalconsultancy.com) and Professor Emerita at Sofia University, and Giovanna Calabrese and Regina U. Hess representing the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (http://eurotas.org/division-of-transpersonal-research-edtr/).



June 22


8.00-9.00: Registration

9.30-12.00: Facilitator and participant presentations. The facilitators, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Rosemarie Anderson, Giovanna Calabrese and Regina U. Hess, will introduce themselves and their transpersonal approaches to research and the fields of application. Their presentations will be interactive with participants, creating the space for sharing and discussion about their interest.


14-19: Research sessions to be announced.


June 23


 9.00-12.30: Research Sessions to be announced.


 13.30-15.00: Closing and greetings

Participation in the colloquium will be limited to 40 professional researchers with PhDs, MDs, or doctoral candidates actively engaged in research. There are still some places available. Therefore, the deadline for submission of applications been moved to February 20, 2015. To apply for participation, kindly send us the following:

An abstract of your current research project (200 words in English)

  • Short bio including research background (100-200 words as needed in English)
  • A head-shot photo of you
  • Following acceptance, email us a document (an article or PowerPoint presentation) that describes the research project in detail.

Submit your application materials to edtr@eurotas.org. You will receive a response to your application in early March 2015.

The fee for the 2-day colloquium is 80 Euros for EUROTAS members and 100 Euros for non-members.

The TRC will be held at Centro D’Ompio nearby Milan, visit the link http://www.ompio.org/ for lodging and travel information.

The TRC will follow the First Transpersonal Festival in Milan, June 18-21, (http://www.feedingthesoul.eu/). Individuals interested to participate to both can apply at a discount fare of 190 Euros.

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