I received the shocking message from Stan two weeks ago, that Christina Grof passed

away during the night of Saturday/Sunday, June 14/15 in her sleep. This is very sad news.

For Stan and Christina, her death didn’t come unexpectedly. It ended a long path of suffering from a severe disease.

I know Christina as one of the great ladies of Transpersonal Psychology and Western Spirituality. She was a teacher for me and a model in courage when she talked about „spiritual crises“ out of her own experience.

Christina developed the concept of „spiritual emergency / emergence“ which means the transformation of anxiety and deep confusion to the clarity and trust of mystics and the opening of the „big heart“, which has the capacitiy to heal the suffering in the world. Christina founded the „Spiritual Emergence Network“ (SEN), she co-authored many books together with her husband Stan, among them the „Stormy Search for the Self“. Her last book came out one week before her death: The Eggshell Landing: Love, Death and Forgiveness in Hawaii. Honolulu in Hawaii was the place where Christina grewup, and where she finally gave birth to her two children.

In my experience Christina’s life was centrally focused on the transformation of deep suffering to creativity, the limitless awareness of God, and love. She had the ability to convert straw into gold.

Christina went through many deep crises of her body and soul. Herrelationship withStan was for both of them a challenge and an opportunity, and a fulfillment to understand what unconditional love means. Together, they were both co-adventurers, soul-companions and every day life partners. Christina was Stan’s critic and care-taker at the same time.

I met Christina first at Esalen in the middle of the 1980’s; throughout the years, she was always present for me through her open-heartedness and authenticitiy at many conferences and transpersonal events. Christina’s influence on transpersonal psychology often came from the back-stage and included teachings on groundedness, female power, and honesty.

Stan’s and her visits to Freiburg / Germany were for me, highlights of my life. I am very grateful for Christina and Stan’s friendship, and I feel very sad that she left the shell of her body at the early age of 73.

Freiburg / Germany July 3rd

Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz

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