Integral Transpersonal Journal of arts,
sciences and technologies –
NUMBER XIII, November 2019


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Common Characteristics of Anomalous Perceptual Experiences

Mgr. Bc. Julia Sellers, BA HONRS. BD.



This paper presents phenomenology of out- of-body experiences (OBEs) occurring spontaneously or pathologically triggered as well as other types of anomalous perceptual experiences such as near- death- experiences (NDEs), temporal lobe irregularities, and ictal autoscopic phenomena (IAP). The paper further presents a brief overview of some of the OBEs studied in both the healthy and pathological populations, as well as anomalous perceptual experiences, with features common to OBEs, in the healthy population, as well as, pathological population.



anomalous perceptual experiences, out-of-body experiences, near- death-experiences, ictal autoscopic phenomena.


Place Memory and the Body

Margaret Kerr, Ph.D.



Christopher Bache’s work, Dark Night Early Dawn (2000) draws on his experiences in altered states of consciousness to illustrate how the individual psyche is deeply interlaced with the minds, emotions and life events of others across time and space. He suggests that this interconnectedness enables us to go beyond healing personal psychological pain, to help heal individual and collective suffering.

Bache’s account concentrates on what might be called the world of “spirit” rather than matter. The current paper is an endeavour to extend his work into the world of matter through theoretical exploration and physical engagement with body and land. To this end, I present a heuristic enquiry into two psycho-geographic journeys made at sites of collective suffering in rural Scotland. While working in altered states of consciousness and engaging in somatic practice, I felt residues of what seemed to be this suffering, coming to consciousness through my body. The work of understanding and honouring this involved performance, ritual and artwork. My suggestion is that such embodied practice allows both a profound acknowledgement of historical events and a therapeutic release of pain.

Working in this way may also show us how deeply our bodies and minds are woven into the rest of nature. Once we experience this, places can come alive to us in a different way. Matter is no longer a dead substance for humans to use at will. It is a mystery that we are all part of, and one that invites our deepest respect and care.



interconnectedness, parapsychology, altered states of consciousness, ecopsychology, place memory.


Sounding as a Tool for Spiritual Awakening

Russel Oliver Stone, Ph.D.



This article introduces Sounding, a therapeutic, vocal technique that sings sounds (not words) and is largely improvisational. Sounding induces profound shifts of consciousness that lead to deep insights into emotionally-driven behaviour. This serves to help clients rebalance internal mental structures leading to calmness and stability. This article shows the importance of Sounding as a therapeutic technique that has a deep impact on both body and mind. Great care is needed in both one-on-one and group work to assess each client’s emotional and psychological status before going too deep. Having developed Sounding and its use with Yoga Nidra over a period of 15 years, I have grown into an understanding of the power of this work. With an individual, I would not introduce this until I have plenty of context and can understand and feel the client’s sensitivity and vulnerability so I can adjust the wording of the Yoga Nidra and the duration of Sounding to accommodate those sensitivities and vulnerabilities. In one-off group work, especially with people I have not met before, I keep this very light and relaxed so as not to go too deep with both the technique and subsequent therapeutic dialogue. This work is not for people who have fragile/unstable ego states. It needs a certain level of emotional and psychological resilience, which is why, if I am setting up an ongoing group, I will assess clients through an initial questionnaire and then a one-on-one interview. I describe how this technique was developed over the past 15 years since I first started using it during my MA research at CCPE in London in 2004. Various crucial aspects of yoga techniques and philosophy will be outlined that underpin my use of Sounding and how it works in conjunction with Western Transpersonal philosophy. Current scientific research into trauma and anxiety are also explored, and the way Sounding is of benefit in these areas is illustrated. I also look at common features Sounding has with meditation, the use of Ayahuasca, a traditional spiritual medicine, and Near Death Experiences (NDEs).



Koshas, Kleshas, Mind, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Shamanism’s icaros, Sounding, Spiritual Awakening, Yoga Nidra, Yoga of Sound.


Psychedelic-Informed Experiential Research

Michael Doty, M.A.



Early in the life of transpersonal psychology, Tart (1972) proposed the use of altered states of consciousness, including those brought on by psychedelic substances, as research tools. Drawing on recent research on established transpersonal research methods and the neurological effects of psychedelics, this article proposes the use of Psychedelic-Informed Experiential Research to add depth and understanding to all stages of the research process.




Psychedelics, brain, DAN, states of consciousness


Humanness in a World of Transition. What is Human? What is Humanness?

Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Ph.D.



Who am I? What is human? What is humanness? The article describes the human being and its humanness as an evolutionary process. It portrays a morphic field centered on the story of the fall of man and the values of humanism which are expressed as a hierarchical order. Separated from God, there is a split and enmity between men and women, between humans, animals and the whole nature. The article talks about the shaping power of the morphic field and its potential to reconcile humankind with itself. Essentially, this means to transform the enmity between men and women and to integrate the human-animal into the evolutionary chain. This includes also giving up the fight against the results of neurosciences suggesting that humans and machines will merge. Triggering a gigantic ego-death, it will erase the morphic field with all its old stories, philosophical and religious teachings, and face the human being with what the old traditions call emptiness, shunyata, stillness. All fear will be transformed, and love will open the doors for the mystery of life.



evolution, humanness, compassion, love, animals, neurosciences.



The Corporate World as a Gateway to Soul (Chapter 19)*

Serge Obolensky Beddington-Behrens, MA (OXON.), Ph.D., KSML



This is a chapter taken out of Beddington-Behrens’s new book entitled Gateways to the Soul; Inner Work for the Outer World, a guide on how to live more soulfully and, in so doing, transform yourself and the planet.

Each chapter explores a different gateway. We can touch into a new story through discovering new dimensions of power, through opening to courage, through finding a deeper love, through working with our dark side, through accessing joy, through being willing to confront death, and so on, and there are chapters on all these topics. This book may also be seen as a follow-on from Behrens’ last book.



awakening, joy, chaos, soul, mindful, heart.


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