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Psychospiritual Crisis: Awakening a New Consciousness. Integral Spiritual Evolution Project: Italian Experience to Organize a Spiritual Emergency Network

E. Toscan Ph.D., F. D’Altilia Ph.D., L. Illuminati Ph.D.  


In this paper, the authors will describe the Integral Spiritual Emergency (SEI) project launched in Italy in 2015 to help professionals and clients to deal with psychospiritual crises. This project started as a collaboration between the Integral Transpersonal Institute (ITI) in Milan and Om Centre in Saludecio, and joined later on the International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN).

Through this project the authors are promoting a reflection on the concept of psychospiritual crisis or spiritual emergency (SE), considering the Italian cultural context. Their psychotherapeutic model of reference is coming mainly from Biotransenergetics, but includes also other transpersonal psychology theory, like psychosynthesis, and contributions from other disciplines like anthropology or philosophy of religion.



Peak experiences, awakening, spiritual development, states of consciousness, psychospiritual crisis.


Why We Humans Have Been Chronically Stalled For Millennia In Our Evolutionary Maturation: Tapping The Dormant Global Power Of ((Transpersonal Life))©


ashok gangadean, Ph.D.



We know there is a chronic breakdown in real dialogue and human relations across and between widely diverse worlds, ideologies and forms of life. We can see over millennia the violent clash of worlds, religions and ideologies. But we also witness the amazing possibility of genuine communication and non-violent human relations across all sorts of borders. The author shares with us some amazing aspect of his life-long research about human evolution.



Transpersonal Life, global reason, transculturalism, mind, evolutionary maturation.


The Organization, Transpersonal, Spirituality and Values in the Workplace


John Drew, Ph.D.

Ho Law, Ph.D.



This paper critically examines the organisational practice that relates to transpersonal psychology.  Drawing upon major theories and findings in the broad area of transpersonal applications from a literature review, we argue that the values of the transpersonal are being communicated indirectly at work. They are subsumed in ‘spirituality’, which in turn is subsumed by the term ‘value’. We conclude that transpersonal psychology has an important role to play in the workplace and suggest possible ways as to how to move the discipline forward. 



Organization, Workplace, Spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology, Value. 

Open Awareness: Holding the Liminal Space in Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy


Jevon Dängeli, Ph.D.

Hennie Geldenhuys, MD.



“Holding The Space” is the metaphorical container for the therapeutic interaction between the coach or therapist and client. Although the held space is largely intuitive, transpersonal practitioners who wish to teach, apply and develop its practice are faced with the challenge of reproducing it consistently and intentionally.

Some important aspects of the held space include energetic resonance and rapport, a participatory perspective, mindfulness, intentionally cultivated attitudes of acceptance, compassion and interconnectedness, and induction of a state of awareness of wider perspective and receptivity.

We propose a unique mode of mindful perception ideally suited to Holding The Space, called “Open Awareness”. The characteristics of this state are a mindful mode of perception; metacognitive introspective awareness; extrospective and somatic awareness; a reframe of personal identification leading to a sense of interconnectedness; and a fluid, dynamic balance between conscious focus and peripheral awareness. Open Awareness is simple enough to learn and apply quickly, and profound enough to evolve consciousness through regular practice. In general, the process begins with a shift of awareness to the physical senses, expansion and deepening to more subtle mental objects, and intentional resonance with the metaphorical space in between people and objects. The expansion of awareness is both inward (deep personal) and outward (interpersonal and transpersonal). Open Awareness is a distinct state, but shares characteristics with other disciplines such as Open Focus, Open Monitoring, Focused Attention meditation, and Focus-defocus practice.

We advocate Open Awareness as a useful tool for coaches and therapists and suggest research to develop further applications.



Holding the Space, Transpersonal Coaching, Transpersonal Therapy, Mindfulness, Open Awareness.

Interactive Meditation Practice as Research Method: An Introduction to Embodied Spiritual Inquiry


olga R. Sohmer, MA.



This article presents Embodied Spiritual Inquiry (ESI), a participatory approach to integral education and transpersonal research that has been offered since 2003 as a graduate course at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, by core faculty Jorge N. Ferrer. Inspired by elements of participatory research (e.g., Reason, 1994a; Reason & Bradbury, 2008) and cooperative inquiry (Heron, 1996), ESI applies Albareda and Romero’s Interactive Embodied Meditations (Ferrer, 2003) to access multiple ways of knowing (e.g., somatic, vital, emotional, mental, spiritual) and mindfully inquire into collaboratively decided questions about the human condition. Past inquiries have included diverse psychospiritual topics including the experiential features of relational spirituality (Osterhold, Husserl, & Nicol, 2007), the nature of human boundaries within and between co-inquirers (Sohmer, Baumann, & Ferrer, 2018), felt-sensed markers discerning genuine versus unreliable spiritual knowledge, experiential understandings of the personal and collective “shadow,” and the multidimensionality of the human condition. After presenting an overview of the ESI methodology and two case studies, this article discusses the merits, limitations, and future horizons of this approach for integral education and transpersonal research. 



Transpersonal Research, Integral Education, Multiple Ways of Knowing, Interactive Embodied Meditations, Cooperative Inquiry, Participatory Research, Embodied Spirituality.


3rd Global Transpersonal Symposium 2018, Veracruz, Mexico: “From Inner Peace to World Peace” – The Convergence of Healers and Explorers of Consciousness


Mario Alonso Martínez Cordero, Ph.D.



On January 27 and 28, 2018, the 3rd Global Symposium of Transpersonal Psychology was held at Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico, organized and facilitated by Jaume Mestres and Magda Sole, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Barcelona, Spain, and co-sponsored by the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS). This was the first Global Symposium of this kind in Mexico. With this article the author summarizes some of the topics and experiences shared during the symposium.



Shamanism, Psychotherapy, Unitary Consciousness, Collective Mind, Thinking, Religious perspective.

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