Integral Transpersonal Journal of arts,
sciences and technologies –
NUMBER XVI, September 2021


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Stanislav Grof

Plaidoyer for Transpersonal Psychology: Theoretical and Practical Importance of its Discoveries



Marco Guzzi – Mauro Ventola

Towards a New Consciousness


This document is the transcript of a contribution, presented in the form of an open dialogue between Marco Guzzi and Mauro Ventola, which took place on October 3, 2020 during the “International Conference of Agni Yoga” Humanity and the Cosmos. Crucial Challenge for the Future (organized by the Italian Society of Agni Yoga and Living Ethics Community). The aim of the Conference was the celebration of 100 years since the beginning of the transmission of the teaching of Agni Yoga – as well as its revival and diffusion for the next 100 years – focusing on the relationship between humanity and the cosmos, with particular attention to the theme of “cosmic consciousness” and in order to lay the foundations of a “culture of cosmic consciousness”.

The aim of this contribution was to revive interest and research on cosmic consciousness, by setting some first elements, humanistic and transpersonal premises and “second-degree synthesis” that could offer a critical and general initial start, revealing possible itineraries and directions of research for “nascent humanity”. The reflection was articulated on four points:

1) Nature of cosmic consciousness and its role in the human evolutionary situation;

2) The fundamentals for starting “towards” a cosmic consciousness;

3) The problem of alienation and the theme of evil;

4) The ethical-initiatic criterion.



Culture of cosmic consciousness, context that uses us, life form, horizon, superconscious conversation, distinctions, new openings for being / action, context behind all contexts, nature, role, self-centered consciousness, terminality, consciousness of the universe, history of the universe, leap, I-spirit, threshold, way, foundation, spontaneity/will, history of the spirit, creative consciousness, evolutionary work, evil, alienation, fall, machine, schizophrenia, lack, salvation, revelation, pre-human mystery, redemption, bet, future ethics, criterion, interconnection, circulation, love.



Serge Beddington-Behrens

Looking to the Future: Breakdown or Breakthrough


Human consciousness in the last sixty years has been rapidly evolving, so that today millions of people around the world are increasingly interested in developing his own conscience and realize that the next step in human evolution is towards thought, towards acting collectively. Serge Beddington-Behrens analyzes the current situation of humanity through important questions that we all should ask ourselves.are becoming relevant today as the topic of lucid dreaming is discussed within psychological and spiritual frameworks. Each research project informed the next. It began with quantitative research designed to explore the transpersonal experiences in lucid dreams, expanded into a phenomenological study including some of the lucid dreamers from the first study, and then finally it evolved into an art-based inquiry involving the public.



Human future, human consciousness, hope, changement, evolution, dark side, awakening.



Mojca Studen

Construction and Preliminary Validation of Holotropic Work Short and Long-Term Changes Survey


This paper explains objectives for construction and presents the validation of Holotropic Work Short and Long-Term Changes Survey (HWSLCS), which monitor short and long- term psychological changes after holotropic self- exploratory work and/or holotropic psychotherapies (holotropic work).

The whole survey is congruent with the theoretical frame of S. Grof and his extended cartography of psyche (Grof, 1975, 2000). The main purpose of HWSLCS is to inexpensively and in relatively short time collect a large amount of relevant phenomenological data through which the comprehensive validation of holotropic work can be done. Direct correlations between different aspects of holotropic work can be obtained, the importance of this aspects and flow of the whole holotropic process caused by the particular holotropic event can be monitored.

This study has been validated by Sigmund Freud University – Ethics Commission of the Faculty of Psychotherapy Science and the Faculty of Psychology. For any question about the project contact the researcher: 



Holotropic states, measurement, survey design, holotropic work.



Ferruccio Nessi

Applied Counselling: Biotransenergetics and Hypnosis in Comparison


My intention is to illustrate how hypnosis can be integrated into the experiential work of transpersonal counselling based on the Biotransenergetics (BTE) methodology. We will see to what extent it can be at the service of BTE, which in this work remains as a vision and as a methodology, the discipline of reference.

In addition to the topics discussed, I thought it would be useful for the reader to summarise, in the form of a synopsis, aspects and concepts specific to BTE and hypnosis. This is to allow a rapid vision and understanding of the differences and affinities of both disciplines. They will be dealt with in summary, synthetic and schematic form. For this reason, there is no claim that it is exhaustive. I ask the reader to read it with the awareness that BTE is based on the transpersonal side, while hypnosis is more consistent with the neurophysiological side.



Biotransenergetics, healing, wellness isomorphism, hypnosis, consciousness, trance, transpersonal experience, technology of the sacred, soul, awareness, holistic-systemic paradigm, neurophysiological processes, cerebral cortex.



Giovanna Ceria – Claudia Barrilà

Mastery of Transe. Changing State of Consciousness and Tune into the Harmonic Flow of Existence


Our research has been characterized from a process of transe learning, that influenced constantly the theme of investigation until we have defined the main focus on the mastery of transe and its phenomenology among Biotransenergetica (BTE) professionals.

We began from ourselves by practicing throughout BTE techniques and questioning each other about our experiences throughout the Organismic Self. From the main emerging themes we created semi-structured interviews to submit to BTE students and professionals. These interviews were based on experiences they had during the BTE training and on what they were already doing in everyday life.

From our analysis emerged the different ways of how people experiences the mastery of transe and the strategies they use to efficiently reach and maintain it in their clinical work and in their everyday life.

In outlining this phenomenology emerged some strategies to live a harmonious life, that can be used in a therapeutical setting and possible implication to face chronicle pain in clinical contests.

We also identified some ideas for further studies of the mastery of transe in different contests



Transpersonal, research, Biotransenergetica (BTE), transe, mastery of transe, interwievs, experiences, phenomenology, state of consciousness, wellness, flow of existence, strategies, group, body, attention, therapy, presence, transformation, mindfullness.



Francesco Santini

Spiritual Emergency: the Transpersonal Counsellor’s Perspective


Spiritual Emergency is a potent process of personal transformation apparently affecting an ever-increasing number of people.

Spiritual Emergency is characterised by three main elements: the emergence of the spiritual dimension, intense personal crises and psychophysical difficulties of various intensity.

This article summarises my final dissertation for the counselling training in Biotransenergetics.

In that work I investigate the topic of Spiritual Emergency starting from my personal experience, representing a tangible case study as well as the opportunity to crown and frame my intense evolutionary process.

This reminds us that a helping relationship, such as that of counselling, inevitably starts from the counsellor’s capability of being and embodying, at the basis of counsellor’s knowing and doing.

Thus, becoming a skilled counsellor is first and foremost the culmination of an evolutionary inner process.

The intention for this article is to provide a summary on two main aspects of the thesis:

the concept of Spiritual Emergency and the maps to understand it.

the suggestions for the counsellor wishing to deal with Spiritual Emergencies in his practise.

The transpersonal vision, and in particular Biotransenergetics, represents the underlying theoretical framework of this work as well as the main operational approach I used to proceed along with my own process of Spiritual Emergency.



Spiritual Emergency, Counselling, Biotransenergetics, Iron John, Hero’s Journey.


Susanna Pelliciari

The Presence and its Origin


Reworked and taken from a thesis work entitled The Presence: the Original Source (Pelliciari, 2020), this paper deals with a possible way of interpreting the Presence, linked to BTE’s vision. It explains how to apply its principle in order to help therapist and students in therapy.

This paper starts talking about the cultural and scientific prospect related to the Presence. Later, it moves into a map inspired by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada’s Synergical Model to explain what Presence is in all its forms.

Ontology rappresents the nature of Presence, and is placed inside the Circle, it indicates the Essential Matrix, the Origin, Zero, the space out of where the Presence arises, a Place that it’s difficult to describe but we can only experience.

The appex of the triangle is rappresented by Epistemology: models, maps, systems through which we get to know the Being, the system through which the Presence experiences itself.

The vertex on the left side of the triangle rappresents Phenomenology, how the Presence manifest itself and its explained in the process through content by recognising structures.

The vertex on the right side of the triangle rappresents Methodology, it tells how Presence works and cures through Consciousness Keys, Transformational Pillars, Dialogic phases, Maieutic categories and Therapeutic practices.



Transpersonal, research, Biotransenergetics (BTE), Transe, Mastery of Transe, interwievs, experiences, phenomenology, state of consciousness, wellness, flow of existence, strategies, group, body, attention, therapy, presence, transformation, mindfullness.

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