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Mandala of Being: awakening your Inner Master January 27-29, Bucharest

Richard Moss will be our guest again in January 2017, at the the Journey of The Heart Center in Bucharest. He will be in the center of a Consciousness workshop and a conference. It will be the most significant event of this winter in terms of therapeutic and ontological exploration, an event that comes to strengthen our central approach: The Practice of Presence. It is a great joy for us to have Richard here with us again. We are connected not only by an old friendship, but a deep resonance of what we are and what we do. Our main commitment to Life is the same: to share the simple means of inner transformation with as many people as possible. Richard is one of the contemporary masters and a genuine coach that contributes to the change of human Conscience and therefore he perfectly resonates with the Journey of The Heart.

The Romanian event consists of an Evening Talk (Friday 27 January) and a 2 day Seminar (Saturday 28 January – Sunday 29 January). This workshop is a path to your inner mastery. Richard will guide you to experience the State of Presence, which is the fundamental state of Consciousness, an open state, fluid, a state in which you become more aware of your psychic fenomena. He will guide you to clearly understand the distinction between thinking and feeling a real life situation. You will learn to bring clarity into your thinking and easily manage your destructive emotions (fear, anger, frustration, guilt, shame and so on). You will receive the means to identify and dissolve obstacles in your life that prevent you from living in Joy and Abundance. You will become aware of your deep inner truth, your authenticity and the ability to express your unique gifts.

Presence is a flowing, relaxed relationship to any situation, something everyone has experienced at times. The paradox of achieving presence is that it is a state which emerges from becoming conscious of all the moments where identification with your mind leads you into defensiveness or reactivity. By learning to stabilize yourself in your essential mind, which is simultaneously a profound state of embodiment, you become capable of responding to any situation with the maximum intelligence, balance, and clarity. You become a transmitter of the liberated state you are helping others to realize. Your knowledge is important but it is secondary to your presence.

The Mandala of Being™

Explicitly teach you where your attention has gone when you leave the present moment.
Show you how to uncover the underlying, often unconscious, limiting beliefs that you are telling yourself.
Teach you how to release these beliefs and transform the energy that has been trapped in them into clarity and spaciousness.
Provide an important introduction for how to transmute threatening feelings into fuel for even greater presence.
This workshop is designed for:

Those who are already on the path of personal development.
Those who wish to effectively manage the difficult conditions in life (physical, energetic, emotional and mental).
Those who want to benefit on the state of Presence (regarding couple, profession, health and spirituality).
Coaches, therapists, psychologists, physicians, educators and leaders who want to develop a deeper sense of empathy and connection to the true Self.
Centrul Călătoria Inimii
Str. Av. Sănătescu, nr. 53
Sector 1, Bucharest


Friday, January 27, 2017
18.30 – 21.00
Saturday, January 28, 2017
10.00 – 20.00 (break between 13.30 – 15.30) &
Sunday January 29, 2017
10.00 – 14.00
300 €

Bogdan Grigoraș
Tel: 00 40 729 010 787

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