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In 2011 an idea was born to bring the Transpersonal Movement to Greece, the context in which the Muses, the philosophers, ancient myths, heroes and others flourished. A professional association (named Synthesis) was born and energies converged to catalyze a proposal that Hellas become the site for a future EUROTAS conference. Synthesis was embraced as a member of EUROTAS and a confluence of forces converged into a vibrant and viable force which became a vital presence when it was suggested that Greece host the 16th annual conference in 2014. A full force planning effort arose within the association that culminated in an internal and external Metamorphosis that became the theme for the 2014 conference held in Crete.

Early on during preparation for the conference, Cambridge Scholars Press stumbled on the eurotas2014 web site, and approached Synthesis with an invitation to produce a publication based on the peer reviewed sessions and papers that had been selected to be presented at the conference. After the historic event that brought the three main transpersonal associations (EUROTAS, ATP, and ITA) together for the first time, letters of invitation to the presenters were sent out, inviting them to write a chapter based on their conference presentation, but also catalyzed from the discussions and questions asked during presentations. These draft chapters were subsequently reviewed and edited.

We thank the authors for their contributions, those from Cambridge Scholars Press who contributed their expertise, Rosemarie Anderson and Les Lancaster who wrote the Foreword and Bernadette Blin who wrote the Afterward. Most of all, we acknowledge those who contributed to the process of metamorphosis that began in 2011 and culminated in 2017 with this publication that we now present to the transpersonal community and beyond, with its multiplicity of voices and perspectives.

Lindy McMullin, Marcie Boucouvalas and Regina Hess.


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