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June 20, 2018

Board of Administrators: President Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Jörg Fuhrmann, Dennis Johnson Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin



Page 2…Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Bernadette Blin


Page  3… EUROTAS Conference in St.Petersburg – Valdimir Maykov

Page  5… A Contemplative Response to the Crisis of Change – John Drew

Page  6… The Healing Field – Rainer Pervoeltz and Ingo Jahrsetz

Page  6… Continuing your Spiritual Growth – After Initiation – Ingo Jahrsetz and Judith Miller

Page  7… Holotropic/Transpersonal Breathwork in the Light of Kefalonia – Ingo and Christiane Jahrsetz

Page  7… EUROTAS Youth Council – Dennis Johnson

Page  8… Sacred Science Newsletter #3 – Rosemarie Anderson

Page  9… Integral Transpersonal Journal – Pier Luigi Lattuada and Giovanna Calabrese

Page  9… Invitation for Participation in a Study – Regina U Hess

Page 10… Trauma Meets Cacao – Regina U Hess

Page 11… TPT Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training – Valentina Lattuada

Page 12… Transpersonal Summer School in Latvia: Mysteries of Nature – Marija Sorokina

Page 12… From Estonia – Jure Biechonski

Page 13Celebrating 50 years of Transpersonal Psychology – Steven Schmitz

Page 13… Kayana Breathwork Coaching  – Viola Edward

Page 14 …More activities – Alexandra Brunelli


Page 15… Book Paperback Available Now/Coming Home – Regina U Hess

Page 15… Therapeutic Keys to Self Actualization in Homer’s Demeter – Lindy McMullin 

Page 16… Visionary Spirit – Mark Wentworth

Page 17…  Two Books published – Ralph Wilms


Page 18…The Indigenous and Spiritual Diversity of Asia – Rosemarie Anderson

Page 18…Technology to the Service of SpiritualityMargot Borden

Page 19…Table for Twelve – The Kid’s Corner and TTT – transpersonal – Liv Evensen

Page 20… Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin



We all live in very strange times!

In the past, for centuries, when societies were ruled according to shamanic cosmologies, human beings organized their lives with strong and vivid connections to the upper and lower worlds. Humanity was not separate from other living beings, spirits or gods. Tribes used shamans as mediators, as well as social regulators whose magic powers were both used and respected for the wellbeing, harmony and balance of all.

Then, in western societies, the power of modern religions (Jewish and Christian) took over. The world was seen through a different lens with God as the unique Father and One; the Church determined new rules and a dogma to be followed by all people.

Defining what was right and wrong, the Church told people how they were supposed to live and behave, allowing for no individual freedom to choose a different way of life.

The dawn of the 18th century brought with it, a new god and church – that of Science. People were told that Science could solve all existing problems, and bring wellbeing and happiness.

Yet today, we face the terrible disillusionment that this has not worked. The world is full of disoriented children who have lost their connection to soul and who are no longer able to recognize their spiritual nature.

Transpersonal psychology claims that we are all spiritual beings who are part of nature. Recognizing and becoming a part of this reality, helps us individually and collectively to live healthier and more balanced lives.

Is it not strange then, that today, in academic fields as well as in some big professional organizations, the transpersonal vision triggers so much fear and doubt? Transpersonal psychotherapy is considered to be an esoteric practice that could ruin reputations, if it is recognized as a modality, and the transpersonal vision is regarded suspiciously by fearful individuals.

Is the western world ready to move towards a new paradigm?

 Bernadette Blin

EUROTAS President

June 2018

June 2018



Hope to see you all at the Conference!

Dr. Vladimir Maykov



The 35th John Main Annual Seminar

Bruges Belgium 20-23 September 2018

Dear EUROTAS members,

Greetings!  As a former President of EUROTAS I have followed its wonderful development over recent years.   Please read about my friend Laurence Freeman OSB, Director of WCCM.org who enables 2,500 groups in 120 countries to work on contemplation, transformation and meditation. Its patrons are a very special group from the Dalai Lama to the IMF General Counsel

Please consider coming or passing on to friends details of this seminar when perhaps I will meet you – there in Bruges, Belgium. www.jms2018.org

 How do contemplative practices transform the mind of society?

Attend three enriching days of conference and workshops, about newly emerging paradigms in Politics, Economics, Leadership, Education, Healthcare, Spirituality, Philosophy, and Sciences.

This seminar brings together distinguished and well known global creative thinkers who share experiences in their different fields with a contemplative perspective and a belief in the transformative influence of meditation:

Charles Taylor                             Philosopher

Robert Johnson                          Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Sean Hagan                                 General Counsel of the International Monetary Fund

Dr Barry White                           Consultant Haematologist

Sr Teresa Forcades                    Benedictine nun of Montserrat

Count Herman Van Rompuy    Belgian Minister of State, President Emeritus of the European Council

Marco Schorlemmer                 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute leader of the Spanish National

                                                      Research Council

This is the 25th anniversary of the World Community. Laurence Freeman is its well-known and delightful director – www.wccm.org –   it has over 2,500 global meditation and reflection groups.

I hope some of  you will join me at this seminar and one day look at the work of WCCM and Meditatio and visit Bonnevaux – its new world centre near Poitiers in France – Bonnevaux

 Details of the seminar can be found at:  www.jms2018.org


As ever



Professor John Drew

Chancellor Emeritus
Regent’s University 



4.5-years training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Trainers: Rainer Pervoeltz, Ingo Jahrsetz, Bernadette Blin, Gennady Brevde, Stefan Dressler, Dietrich Franke, Regina Hess, Vladimir Maykov, Jaume Mestres, Judith Miller, Olga Mokhina, Magda Solé

Start: March 2019

Structure: 9 training units of 10 days each – 2 per year in Spring and Autumn

Venues: Germany, Paris (countryside), Barcelona, Canary Islands, St Petersburg, Moscow

Early bird price until 2018-09-30: 12500 EUR plus room & board

Language: English

Information: www.consciousness-exploration.org


During this training, two trainers will accompany the students through the entire process. Other trainers will repeatedly be there to create continuity in content. The whole formation will provide you with a broad base of all major aspects of this therapeutic approach, which combines a profound spiritual understanding of being grounded in daily life, with a very practical methodology to guide a person through a transpersonal healing process.

Rainer Pervoeltz and Ingo Jahrsetz



Advanced Training

Date: August 26 to 31, 2018

Facilitators: Ingo Jahrsetz and Judith Miller

Venue: Seminar center Hollerbuehl, Black Forest (South Germany)

Costs: 630 EUR plus room & board

We invite the participants of our trainings to take part in this training week. Moreover, people are very welcome who are interested in Holotropic Breathwork™ and being accompanied on their spiritual path. Information: https://bewusstseinserforschung.de/en/seminars/ingo-b-jahrsetz/

Ingo Jahrsetz and Judith Miller



Breathwork week on the Greek island of Kefalonia

Six days of Holotropic Breathwork™ and meditation as well as one day with systemic constellations Date: October 4 to 10, 2018 Facilitators: Ingo and Christiane Jahrsetz Venue: Seminar Hotel Trifilli, Lourdata, island of Kefalonia (Greece) Costs: 620 EUR plus room & board

Kefalonia is an island in the Ionian Sea with a light beyond words which alone lets depression disappear. It radiates the knowledge that healing is at the core of all craziness. The seminar hotel Trifilli has been lovingly designed and is managed in the spirit of traditional Greek hospitality. In this beneficial environment, Christiane and Ingo invite you to this 6-day workshop which offers the opportunity to heal open wounds and to get in touch with body, mind, and soul, on a very deep level. Information:

Ingo and Christiane Jahrsetz



The EUROTAS Youth Council is a work-in-process format to support the upcoming generation of transpersonal thinkers and practitioners and to secure the continuation of this work into the 21st century. It is based on an emergent feminist, horizontal and transpersonal structure and situated in the broader contexts of intercultural and holistic health and consciousness research as well as the needs for networking modes in community building today and in the future. You’re invited to join the respective Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/610658609106624/) and/or one of the monthly online meetings (https://zoom.us/j/3161059551) on the following Wednesdays at 7pm CET: June 20 July 11 August 1 & 22 September 12

Dennis Johnson & Anna Schembari




June 2018 is now available at http://www.sacredsciencecircle.org/newsletter/.

The newsletter includes:


Transpersonal Psychology: 50th Anniversary Reflections

  • At Transpersonal Psychology’s 50th Anniversary, Two Questions Arise by Rosemarie Anderson
  • May We Discover and Honour Our Narcissistic Shadow by Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz

International Conferences

  • Division 32, American Psychological Convention 2018, Transpersonal Symposium: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Transpersonal Psychology, San Francisco, CA USA, August 11, 2018
  • 19th European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) Conference, Tools for Evolution: Knowledge & Practices That Make Us Real, Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 19-23, 2018
  • Being One Forum 2018, Valencia, Spain, October 12-14, 2018
  • Science & Non-duality Conference, The Mystery of Being Human, San Jose, CA, USA, October 24-28, 2018
  • 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions, The Promise of Inclusion, The Power of Love, Toronto, Canada, November 1-7, 2018

Journals Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of Transpersonal Psychology

  • The Humanistic Psychologist, Special Issue, edited by Rosemarie Anderson
  • The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, edited by Marcie Boucouvalas

Advance Notice

  • Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) Conference, Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA, USA, April 12-14, 2019
  • Transpersonal Research Colloquium, Paris, France, September 2019

If you wish to receive newsletters directly via email, sign up on the website Contact page, http://www.sacredsciencecircle.org/contact/

Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D.



Dear colleagues and all readers interested in the transpersonal movement,

The last ITJ issue (n. 10) came out in April.

You can now read a number of interesting articles written by specialists in the field:  ASHOK GANGADEAN on Evolutionary Maturation: JOHN DREW and HO LAW on Organization, Transpersonal, Spirituality and Values in the Workplace: JEVON DÄNGELI and HENNIE GELDENHUYS on Open Awareness: Holding the Liminal Space in Transpersonal Coaching and Therapy; OLGA R. SOHMER on Interactive Meditation Practice as a Research Method and MARIO ALONSO MARTÍNEZ CORDERO on From Inner Peace to World PeaceThe Convergence of Healers and Explorers of Consciousness

Thank you to all of them for their contributions. As editors we would like to bring your attention to the special topic on Spiritual Emergency. Rozalia Kovacs-Napier and Ali Chapman provide information about the International Spiritual Emergence Network; Matthew Gorner about the Spiritual Crisis Network in the UK, and Elena Toscan, Fabrizio D’Altilia & Loretta Illuminati, about their experiences in Italy with the Integral Spiritual Emergency Project. Authors report their experience in creating a network to provide assistance for people going through such a difficult experience.

The next issue is on the way. The special topic will be on transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy education. If you would like to share your experience please do not hesitate to send your article to biotransenergetica@gmail.com. Follow author’s instruction HERE: http://www.integraltranspersonal.com/files/PDF/JOURNAL/Authors_instruction_ITJ_2017.pdf and visit our website for further information and get issue n. 0 for free: https://integraltranspersonallife.org/integral-transpersonal-journal/

Best greetings,

Pier Luigi Lattuada,

ITJ Scientific Director Giovanna Calabrese,

ITJ Editor Director



The Morning after the Ceremony—Guided Integration Circle Study

Psychedelic experiences may provide us with extraordinary experiences, but how can we integrate our experiences into our daily life? The MIND “Integration Circle” is a new project that aims to develop a broad range of methods supporting the process of integrating psychedelic experiences. The result of our research contributes to the further development of integration manuals that will be offered in different formats and levels of trainings. The MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science is a charitable organization promoting the scientific exploration of altered states of consciousness.

To experience a small selection of our methods we invite you to be part of the “Morning after the Ceremony Guided Integration Circle Study”. Participation in the study is free. The substances used in the Truffahuasca Ceremony (Psilocybin Truffle and Peganum) are legal in the Netherlands. It is a multiple data collection mixed methods study. Next data collection at the event: July 13/14, 2018, Ruigoord, Amsterdam, NL. Email-Contact: Dr. Regina U. Hess: regina.hess@mind-foundation.org Study Information: https://mind-foundation.org/integration-circles-cologne-model/ MIND Foundation for Psychedelic Science, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Regina U Hess



Moving Beyond Trauma as a Catalyst for Transformation

Integrating Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Shamanic Tools

Including a Cacao Ceremony

Workshop June 22, 2018, Bucharest, Romania

Dr. Regina U. Hess

In this workshop examples of pre/peri/post-natal, biographical, collective, transgenerational and transcultural trauma will be outlined. Clinical psychopathology and treatments will be briefly summarized and then expanded to include a broader holistic framework rooted in transpersonal psychology and shamanism. An ancient spiritual cacao ceremony will be performed with the participants, which can promote an opening of the heart to support moving beyond the trauma identification and to enhance the transformational healing process and wellbeing. The cacao spirit has been described as the earth goddess of love and fertility meeting the male principle through the addition of chili and thus becoming a shakti-shiva connection. Cacao is well known for bringing a glow to the soul, and a sensual elixir for the heart, in a gentle but very deep way as mirrored in the meaning of the Greek term – Theobroma Cacao – food for the Gods. Trauma is not only understood as pathology, but as a potential place for growth and resilience – as a spiritual teacher.

This workshop and cacao ceremony can be also invited to any other place. If you are interested, please contact Regina.

Contact: dr.reginahess@gmail.com

Dr. Regina U Hess



Fully Accredited by the Italian Department of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

TPT, a four-year training course, is promoted by the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan, Italy, directed by Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., Psy.D. Ph.D. It offers a Psychotherapist degree to psychologists and medical doctors, fully recognized in Europe. To provide:

  • Ø experiential training and personal integration of the principles and practices of Transpersonal Psychology and Biotransenergetics.
  • Ø Ability to engage in individual and group transpersonal psychotherapy practice.
  • Ø Acquisition of skills and ability to apply the Transpersonal Approach to families, communities, companies.
  • Ø Skills for providing leadership in advancing the field of Transpersonal Psychology.
  • Ø Growth in Self-Realization, awakening of the spiritual nature of Mindfulness and Compassion.
[You can try Biotransenergetics online for free by clicking HERE and subscribing to the next E-BTEMasterclass offered by Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada.]

Applications are NOW OPEN

Info: info@iti-life.com



for the English version of the website click on:


Valentina Lattuada




8th Transpersonal Summer School

Organized by the Latvian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Association (LTTPA)


August 6-12, 2018

Holiday house “Zolva”, Rusona, Riebinu nistrict, Latgale, Latvia

Summer School “Garā Pupa 2018” this year will be held in a very special place – isolated from everyday activities in Latgale, on the shore of lake Zolva, surrounded by a green forest. You can swim there, go to the sauna, ride a boat, build a campfire, watch birds, immerse yourself in contemplation, and observe the spectacular islands on the lake. The beautiful nature of Latgale will support the transpersonal experience of participants. More about the place: http://latgale.travel/listing/zolva-atputas-baze/ The Program includes:

  • Ø The student Summer Practicum – workshops and presentations from students of the Latvian Transpersonal Education Institute /6-8.08/
  • Ø Excursion in Latgale /9.08/
  • Ø Master classes /10-12.08/:

HOLOTROPIC LIFE (with Lyudmila Scortescu, Moldova) TRANSPERSONAL ENVIRONMENTAL ART (with Ingrida Indāne, Latvia & Vineta Lagzdiņa, Latvia-Australia) Participate also in the Fire ritual (with Juris Batna), Labyrinth practice (with Gatis Skila) and a joyful transpersonal Carnival. You are welcome! Translation to English will be provided. More information about the Summer Camp in Latvia: http://www.transpersonal.lv/index.php/en/

Maria Sorokina

marija.sorokina@bti.gov.lv ; mob: 00371 29171400



This year the Estonian transpersonal association is organising a shamanic trip to Lake Baikal in Siberia.

I am also participating in the Rumanian summer camp on the Danube delta.

My suggestion is that from next summer we coordinate summer camps and give more information about where they take place so they can become more international. This would also establish more cooperation between different countries.

By the end of June I will be travelling to Florence, Italy where I will be attending a conference called the Future of Education, where I will be talking about transpersonal education.

In October I will be offering a transpersonal seminar in Azerbaijan and in November, in Norway

Jure Biechonski



Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) Conference Celebrating 50 years of Transpersonal Psychology (1969 – 2019)

ATP is postponing its Transpersonal Conference from August 2018 until April 12, 13, and 14, 2019. It will take place at Asilomar Conference Grounds in California, USA.


The conference theme will be “The Future of Transpersonal Psychology: Integrating Science, Philosophy, Art, and Embodied Spirituality.”


A new call for papers and more information will be available soon.

Steven Schmitz, Ph.D. ATP Co-President info@atpweb.org



Intensive Summer Training 2018 – Antwerp

Kayana Breathwork Coaching is training inspired by conscious connected breathing and various paths of psychology and philosophy to heal dysfunctional breathing and to developing personal growth and spiritual awakening.  It is a holistic process involving conscious breathing, thought and action that embraces the individual on all levels.  By bringing conscious energy to our thoughts and breathing habits and practicing regularly, we develop the capability to live our lives with awareness, clarity and purpose.


Who is the Kayana Training program for?  

People who want to broaden their self-development, to increase their work possibilities and learn new skills. Breathwork can be easily integrated into most practices and professions.


KAYANA Breathwork Coaching Training:

The First Level is a deep process of self-development leading to certification as a one to one breathwork practitioner: 200 hours of theory and practice


The Second Level covers breathwork group dynamics and public presentations of breathwork: 200 hours


The Third level offers training of breathworkers, after two years of active breathwork: 200 hours.


The training is led by Viola Edward accompanied by Layla Edward & Michael de Glanville.


For info on registration and payment

www.violaedward.com  info@violaedward.com

Viola Edward



(from Alessandra Brunelli)





The Intimacy of Consciousness Exploration and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Coming Home

Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Regina U. Hess,

Judith Miller, & Rainer Pervöltz (Eds.)

Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

In Coming Home, a group of transpersonal psychotherapists and spiritual teachers have written a book in which they tell of their own very personal and intimate explorations of consciousness. What has the experience of “coming home” meant to them? Has it meant connecting with God, the Divine Feminine, the Cosmos, the Sacred? Has it meant arriving at home in themselves, in their very center, in their essence? Where is home? Is it inside, is it outside or is it both? All world cultures have stories about this particular place. In addition to describing their own unique quests, they have also shared how radically such a journey challenged them to face their own vulnerabilities and shadow parts. Various, very different and often startling personal stories are told. Through reading the very human trials and psycho-spiritual challenges that these nine international teachers have endured on their journeys home, readers will gain insights and greater understanding regarding their own explorations of consciousness. They will realize that the spiritual journey can have many faces and take many paths. The one thing, however, that all authors have in common, is the longing to be fully and wholly oneself; an open and life-affirming message to support readers on their own intimate journeys home.

Book Discount 20% – when you order online directly at www.cambridgescholarspubishing.co.uk

An Invitation and Call for Reviewers – and you get a book for free!

Contact: dr.reginahess@gmail.com

Dr. Regina U Hess



Lindy McMullin PhD

This book is sure to appeal to scholars, clinicians and educators, as well as an educated lay reader. The publication is the result of a study that investigated the effects that myth in sacred text may have on personal, professional and transpersonal development. To ensure maximum impact in terms of imagery-enhancing properties, Homer’s Hymn to Demeter was read, accompanied by lyre music, in a therapeutic setting and the resulting experiences examined. The author, a clinician as well as researcher, succeeded in extracting personal epiphanies that have the potential to change perceptions and contribute to a healing process.

This book is a courageous and novel attempt to integrate ancient wisdom with modern scientific inquiry that honours all levels, states, and structures of consciousness within both the researcher and the study’s participants.  The author shares the deep inner preparatory work she undertook prior to executing as well as in process of the inquiry to situate herself in the historical context and prepare her psyche at a fundamental level to, as authentically as possible, receive the data, perceptions, and experiences from participants.  

Throughout the document, the focus of the inquiry (investigating the application of ancient Greek myth and music in personal, professional and transpersonal development) is reinforced. This work portrays a deep respect for the many ways of knowing inherent in the human species, calling for a revision of sacred script and its benefits in education and psychology. http://www.cambridgescholars.com/therapeutic-keys-to-self-actualization-in-homers-demeter


About the Author:

Lindy McMullin PhD is an international motivational speaker, therapist, educator and researcher. Author of A Soul’s Journey (Archive Publishing) and co-editor of Metamorphosis through Change (Cambridge Scholars) Lindy’s life work is dedicated to researching the depths of the psyche; her MSc research was on the importance of integrating natural occurring transpersonal experiences into everyday life. She primarily works with Western therapeutic methods and also uses art and drama to complement a psycho-synthesis of different approaches. Based in Athens, Greece Lindy lectures, teaches and runs a guidance practice. www.quantumgreece.com

Dr Lindy McMullin



Awakening to the Imaginal Realm in the Transformocene Age

Mick Collins

The Visionary Spirit offers a vision of hope that points to a new era of emancipatory living, which Mick Collins calls the Transfromocene Age. The scale of planetary destruction now recorded in the geological layer of the Earth – known as the Anthropocene – is a clarion call for deep change. To help facilitate such a transformative process, The Visionary Spirit draws on the wisdom of the imaginal realm, where dreams, myth and synchronicity help us re-align soulfully to the natural world and to our innate wholeness.

Drawing inspiration from diverse fields such as the sacred feminine, indigenous wisdom, daimons and near-death experiences, this book is also enlivened by fascinating, real-life stories of people who have engaged in deep processes of psycho-spiritual change. The Visionary Spirit is a radical manifesto for soulful and creative living. At the end of each chapter there is an exercise, providing opportunities for experiential reflection, aiding the reader on their personal journey.

With a preface by Tim O’Riordan OBE, DL, FBA, Emeritus Professor, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, this is not just a deep exploration about human transformation, it is a radical proposition for new ways of living creatively, spiritually, harmoniously and responsibly on planet Earth.

About The Author:

Mick Collins PhD worked for many years as an NHS occupational therapist in acute mental health settings, and in a psychological therapies team. He worked for 10 years as a lecturer at University of East Anglia, Norwich. He now spends his time writing and working as a holistic coach. His previous book, The Unselfish Spirit won the 2014 Scientific and Medical Network book prize.

“…a wonderful contribution to the activation of our total human potential for these troubled times”

Dr Arnold Mindell

Founder of Process Oriented Psychology


Mary-Jayne Rust

Art Therapist, Jungian Analyst, Ecopsychologist

ISBN: 978 1 85623 315 6


Permanent Publications

The Sustainability Centre

East Meon, Hampshire, GU32 1HR, UK.


Tel: 44 (0)1730 823 311

Email: info@permaculture.co.uk

Web: www.permanentpublications.co.uk



I would like you know about a book I published this years in English, 1 1/2 years ago in German, called “The Transpersonal Self” It is available on Amazon.


I also published a book in German last month called: “The Transpersonal Coach“

It will probably take some time to be translated into English.


The Transpersonal Self: My Journey into Cloud Consciousness. 

Our Hidden 2nd Operating System. Paperback – April 6, 2018

by Ralph Wilms  (Author), Tamara Wilms (Illustrator), Timothy Fitzwilliam (Translator)

Ralph Wilms




Having lived in South Korea, Japan, and China, I can attest to the enormous diversity of cultures in Asia often overlooked by Western media, which in turn leads to our thinking different Asian cultures are similar, psychologically and spiritually. Not true .

While living in Asia in the late 1970s, I travelled throughout Asia to various teaching assignments and for personal pleasure. The diversity among people from different countries and regions was enormous and often obvious. As a personal example, while waiting on long lines at airports, I would quietly entertain myself by guessing the culture or nationality of family groups and individual travellers standing on line with me. This family is from Thailand, this man is a business man from Hong Kong, and so on. Group by group, individual by individual, I would guesstimate their culture or nationality by their clothing, mannerisms, and watching their faces move while they spoke their native languages. South Koreans dressed and moved differently than Japanese travellers who dressed and moved differently than travellers from Singapore. Women often wore elegant garments representing their country or tribe because they were proud to wear them. Only Asian men dressed in Western business suits were difficult to identify by culture or nationality. But, if they spoke, I could guesstimate even from a distance.

While garments and mannerisms are less likely to distinguish cultures and nationalities now, the psychological, cultural, and spiritual diversity is still enormous beneath seeming similarities. Cultural, artistic, and spiritual legacies from the past are also revered in ways that Westerners might think curious. Tribal groups in Malaysia are proud to be who they are and so on. Indigenous traditions from Mongolia are quite different from those in Yangtze River basin, though both were heavily influenced by a mysticism based in the natural world, legacies that we might call shamanism today. The lineages based on Confucius of 4th Century B.C. China are in some ways more intact and flourishing in South Korea than in modern China.

Go to Asia and learn for yourself. The enormous diversity among Asian cultures is impossible to grasp without being there and traveling around the vast expanse that Westerners lightly call “Asia.”

Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita, Sofia University



Introducing an Integral Health and Well-Being Blockchain Contract

My career as a helping professional began thirty-three years ago after completing a one-year training in breathwork. Further trainings, masters degree, reading countless books, working with thousands of clients worldwide and dedication to my personal and spiritual growth have made my life infinitely rich and meaningful. That said, a persistent sense of limitation led me to ponder a way to reach, uplift and empower the masses: practitioners, seekers of holistic modes of healing and the general public.


Enter Blockchain Contracts, a means of making business into a win-win proposition.

Integral Health and Well-Being Blockchain Contract


A Blockchain Contract brings together people sharing the same visions and goals to raise funds, develop ideologies and share our work with the general public with the aim to inspire, uplift and empower individuals and society en mass to align to higher, and therefore, more sustainable potentials. Blockchain Contracts create a means of working people to people; a sharing economy on steroids.


Blockchain empowers people in two entirely novel ways— a) the ability to legitimize innovation and new products without seeking approval from governments and b) the ability to create financial assets out of non-profit based transactions. So, a financial asset can be created out of a social cause and the gains from that financial asset can be designated to fund the social cause as long as enough people support the cause.


Blockchain enables people-to-people agreements and collaborations. Interested individuals from all over the world can agree upon a course of action and then fund it. The funding is done with the motivation of having higher future valuations. The financial interests of each of the involved parties is tradable in the group thereby creating economic value.

The Ranchi Mall Integral Health and Well-Being Blockchain Contract is in its ideation phase. To find out more and join the project, you can read the full article at http://bit.ly/IntegralWellBeingBlockchainContract and contact me at: margot@margotborden.com 



TTT: “tinkering, toying, telling”, that is: “things take time”, and yet…drawings, dreams and art therapy, non-verbal, verbal and “Un-Predictable” 😊 Working with Spirits

Dear Colleagues,

300 words is much too little to give even a small example of the wonderful healing work that is slowly taking place, in its own time,  with its own directions, in the accepting and oftentimes bantering, yet playful atmosphere, around The Table for 12, in the local library.

The informal setting is a group of children, 8-12 years old, who come and go as they please and who work spontaneously with their drawings, dreams and expressions. There was especially one such child, who had, from March 2017 till about May 2018, slowly moved from being a sad, sullen and introverted one; “hanging onto the life raft of experiences that Spirit Mentor had created out of earlier experiences of deep sadness of mine”; “once upon a time”, and with the help of my imaginary hand, that of his mother’s, a small rubber dragon, crayons and the safe space for him to draw whatever he wanted, slowly and painstakingly drawn his way through “a sea of tears created by male roles in olden times and of that of warriors with swords; till his anger finally rose and was expressed; till the laughter finally came in relating to others, now on a path of dry land”. Nobody knows from his drawings which role he was in, the either or, or both warrior and victim through perhaps many lives.

For those who would like the touching longer story, please write😊. “What you are doing? – Repairing Hearts” said my Dream Mentor in June 2018, and he will be allowed to choose again for life. Around 15 years old, this child, too, Spirit knows. “You can use some structure, Liv”. “Final comment from Dream Mentor” 😊.

Liv S.M. Evensen – Oslo, Norway – The Fabel Lab Creative Workshops (art therapies – (healing) oral story teller, shamanic dreamer, pedagogy – the natural healing arts, writer, painter, international workshops and speeches) www.freewebs.com/sensoul (see: Info in English) and www.sensoul.info. Email: fabellab@yahoo.com.  LivE’Art-Dream’Art –  Cell-phone: 47-481 59507.

PS: Space does not allow for further descriptions of the highly symbolic process and drawings of both this child and others, yet well-known themes in children’s drawings, nor a discussion in “scientific terms” 😊.

Liv Evensen



I would like to thank all contributors for adding such interesting articles and advertisements to this edition of the newsletter. Much is happening around the globe and therefore we are all being given the chance to reflect and to be inspired by what we read.

Two days ago my drama students in Athens ranging in age from 7 to 17 years old, staged under my direction, Homer’s Odyssey. I share what I told their parents just before they emerged to stun the audience with their exceptional talents.

We are all on a journey to our personal Ithaka, with challenges on the way that attempt to catch us in a net of slumber. Even Odysseus was tempted to stay in the warm arms of Circe and had to battle not to follow the sweet singing of the Sirens. He managed to stay focused on his goal and not drown in the sea, when Charybdis and Skylla attempted to run his ship aground. He survived despite the powerful experiences that he went through, grounded enough to even escape Polyphemus the Cyclops. His doubts and fears however, did not abate until he decided to break free and trust that he would be able to find his way home, a path that he intended to take all the way to his heart.

I wish all our readers a safe journey towards their Ithaka this summer – one that demands rigour and self-reflection, humility and trust, but most of all a deep connection to the divine within.

Dr. Lindy McMullin


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