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June 28, 2019

Board of Administrators: President Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Dennis Johnson
Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin




Page 2… Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Bernadette Blin



Page 3… Support EUROTAS 2019, Plant Trees! – EUROTAS2019 Conference Team
Page 5 …Other Upcoming Conferences – Regina U. Hess
Page 6 …The Healing Field – Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Regina U. Hess and Sergey Strekalov
Page 7 …Creating Peace within Myself, Peace in the World – Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Page 8… Les Outils de la Psychothérapie Transpersonnelle – Training with Rainer Pervöltz – Rainer Pervöltz
Page 8… Masterclass on Transpersonal Research Methods & Intuitive Inquiry – Rosemarie Anderson
Page 9… Authentic Retreats in Tuscany – Jevon Dangeli
Page 10…9th Transpersonal Summer School in Latvia – Maria Sorokina



Page 10 …HUM Special Issue on Transpersonal Psychology – Regina I Hess
Page 11 …Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Transpersonal Psychology – Rosemarie Anderson


Page 12 …A Transpersonal Antidote for the Digital Zombie Syndrome – by Jevon Dangeli
Page 13 …Rainbow Story – by Liv Evensen
Page 14 … Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin




Dear friends,

This year, most of my energy is focused on the next EUROTAS Conference, which will take place in France, near Paris.
The topic Being Human in a Word in Transition is inspired by the general situation that the human community all over the world has to deal with.

As ex French president Jacques Chirac said approximately 20 years ago “The house is burning and we are looking elsewhere”. 20 years later, this situation has got even worse!
This is why, we, the EUROTAS community, cannot look elsewhere and do nothing. With this Conference, we have an ambition. What in general is the purpose of a conference? We come, we receive, we listen, we transmit our knowledge or ideas, we have new experiences through workshops and above all, we share. Sharing is probably the most important thing we can do at a conference.

This year however, I would like to add to this purpose by sharing my utopia with you. We are a community and through our differences, we all share the same transpersonal vision, we share similar spiritual values and a feeling of interconnection. My dream is that we can bring some realistic projects to life, which will make a difference in the world. Altogether, we have the power to make some of the changes that the world needs. Of course, if I consider my own individual influence, I cannot be very optimistic, but as a community, when we share our collective intelligence we can co-create a different future. Maybe the future will not be as collapsologists foresee it to be; we can invent a future that we want and we can also assist this transition that the world is facing, in a more concrete way.

A sense of connection, cooperation and solidarity is what we need to emphasize in order to counterbalance this self-centered world, based on materialism, capitalism and liberalism, which is struggling to have any long-term vision.

So if you want to dream with me, please come in September and let’s create something real out of our common dream.

Bernadette Blin
EUROTAS President




Support EUROTAS 2019, Plant Trees!

Dear Friends,

The EUROTAS (European Transpersonal Association) Conference 2019 is bringing together the worldwide Transpersonal community for its XXth international gathering.

Join specialists and pioneer psychotherapists from a wide range of disciplines as well as passionate enthusiasts of the transpersonal movement from around the globe, to gather around key note speeches, round tables, experiential workshops and celebration.

This is a wonderful opportunity to share, question, meet and experiment during five intense days whilst honoring 35 years of EUROTAS making a difference in the world.

This year, the theme of the conference is: “Being human, in a world in transition”. In our changing society, the transpersonal movement intends to be engaged in this transitional period towards a future where all living beings can live in dignity and with sustainability.
Carl Gustav Jung, one of the fathers of the transpersonal field, emphasized that the inner life has meaning only if it manifests itself in the social field, through actions and inscription in the collective. If we do not share our talents to co-create a loving harmonious society with our fellow travelers, then we cannot claim to embody and truly live the transpersonal.
John Lennon sang “You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one”.

The intention of EUROTAS 2019 is to hold the space for bringing a shared vision of Being Human to life, and planting seeds for concrete projects, that are humane and interconnected.

We invite you to help support the EUROTAS 2019 Paris Congress through a generous donation of your capacity. Yes our budget and our volunteers allow us to make this congress a reality, but with your help we can go even further.

Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/eurotas-congres-europeen-du-transpersonnel




In any project funded by donations, it is customary to offer something in return.
We could offer you a T-shirt, a bag, a pen, or a VIP workshop, however; as you may have understood, this congress is the incarnation of our values through social action, which is why each of your donations will be thanked, by the planting of a tree for every 20 euros.
We will give your donations to the genuine NGO reforest action

The transpersonal is an experience that everyone lives inwardly, but we are all interconnected and more than ever, we need to express this reliance through common and concrete actions, putting spirituality at the heart of our lives.

Thank you for helping and supporting us to make this happen in the best possible way.

EUROTAS 2019 Being Human, In a World in Transition will be held from 25 to 29 September 2019 in Dourdan, near Paris
Register Now (places limited to 220 participants) Eurotas2019.com

EUROTAS 2019 Conference Team



Other Upcoming Conferences


International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness
Breaking Convention

Aug 16-18, 2019, London, United Kingdom

INSIGHT 2019 Conference
Integrating Science and Practice of Psychedelic States

Sept 5-7, 2019, Berlin, Germany,
Language: English
MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science

Worlds of Consciousness 2019 Congress
Spiritual Experience, Cosmology, and Science

Sept 8, 2019
Bad Nauheim, Germany (bi-lingual: English/German)
Existential Consciousness Research Institute

4th Transpersonal Research Colloquium (TRC)
Engaging the Transformative Dimensions of Consciousness in Research

Co-Organizer: EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR)
Sept 30-Oct 1, 2019
Paris, France,
Language: English
Transpersonal Research Network

Dr. Regina U. Hess



The Healing Field – Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Module 2

Attention and Awareness (Trainer: Dr. Sergey Strekalov, Russia)
Trauma and Wounding as Spiritual Teachers (Trainer: Dr. Regina U. Hess, Germany)
Date: October 31 to November 10, 2019
Tutors: Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres
Venue: Seminar Hotel Jonathan, Bavaria (South Germany) – www.jonathan-seminarhotel.de

If you want to join the complete training: This is still possible with module 2.
Moreover, this module can also be booked separately.
All details about this international training as well as informational videos can be found on our website www.transpersonalhealingfield.com

You may also follow us on facebook and like our page https://www.facebook.com/transpersonalhealingfield/

Of course you are very welcome to contact us directly at mail@consciousness-exploration.org if you have any questions or need further information.

Dr. Regina U. Hess & Dr. Sergey Strekalov


Creating Peace Within Myself, Peace in the World
Retreat at Lake Baikal (Siberia)
with Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres, Valentin Chagdaev and other shamans


Date: August 12 to 20, 2019
Venue: Hotel Baikal Riviera

Costs: 1590 EUR all inclusive (except flights to and from Ulan Ude)

An intense and meaningful exploration to overcome and dissolve splits and separation that prevents us from being One
This unique personal growth event will incorporate shamanic rituals, Transpersonal (Holotropic) Breathwork, Systemic constellation, sharing, and stillness
For more information: https://bewusstseinserforschung.de/en/events/advanced-training-with-ingo-jahrsetz-magda-sole-valentin-chagdaev-and-other-shamans-august-2019/


Optional Baikal round trip in Buryatia
Date: August 21 to 27, 2019
Costs: 690 EUR all inclusive (except flights to and from Ulan Ude)
Tour guide: Jaume Mestres, www.holostravel.com


Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres


Les Outils de la Psychothérapie Transpersonnelle – Training with Rainer Pervöltz

In September 2019, Rainer Pervöltz will start a new training group in the south of France with the title “Les Outils de la Psychothérapie Transpersonnelle”. There will be 9 seminars (Thursday evening until Sunday noon). The training will be certified by the International Institute for Consciousness-Exploration and Psychotherapy, Freiburg, Germany.

Detailed description of the training:

Rainer Pervöltz



Masterclass on Transpersonal Research Methods & Intuitive Inquiry
With Rosemarie Anderson
September 18, 2019

Sponsored by the MA Program in Applied Spirituality, Spirituality Institute
The Arrupe Room, Milltown Park Campus
Dublin6, Ireland

Masterclass is limited to 40 participants.
Book through EVENTBRITE at
Enter “Transpersonal Research” under Events to purchase a ticket.

Dr. Rosemarie Anderson


Authentic Retreats in Tuscany

Our retreat site – https://authentic-self-empowerment.com/ase-immersion/

Jevon Dangeli



Latvian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Association (LTPPA)
invites everyone interested (from the age of 18) to participate in the
9th Transpersonal Summer School

At the seaside holiday house “Zivtiņi”, Kaltene, Roja Parish, Riebiņu County (100km from Riga)
July 2-7, 2019 (arrival starts from the evening of July 2nd)

Let us all join with our inner ME and fortify it! Let us own nature’s forces and our souls’ root pillars.
This will be a time to meet yourself and one another, to revive and transform using and learning varied transpersonal practices: Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal Environmental Art, Heart Meditation & Spirituality, cards as the Soul’s Mirror of self and the world, Body Regeneration and Fortification, Recognition of true wishes, Soul Transformation practices and many more transforming surprises.

Apply here: www.transpersonal.lv

Maria Sorokina





HUM Special Issue on Transpersonal Psychology
Do not miss it!
The Humanistic Psychologist (HUM) Journal Special Issue: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Transpersonal Psychology
Guest Editor: Prof. Rosemarie Anderson, USA

With numerous different contributions from international scholars and the next generation of transpersonal researchers!


HUM 2019, Vol. 47

The Humanistic Psychologist®
The official journal of Div. 32 of the American Psychological Association (APA)

Dr. Regina U. Hess



in The Humanistic Psychologist, Volume 47, Issue 2, June 2019
Welcoming the Next Generation of Transpersonal Researchers and Scholars

Rosemarie Anderson, Special Issue Editor

The special issue includes articles by Hennie Geldenhuys (South Africa) on Transpersonal and Humanistic Research Ethics, Gabriel Mihalache (USA/Romania) on Heuristic Inquiry as a Transpersonal Research Method, Deborah Kelly (UK) on Asklepian Healing Practice & Therapeutic Space for the Dying, and Sheri Kling (USA) on Whitehead’s Metaphysics as a Philosophic Basis for Transpersonal Psychology. Book reviews include Miles Vich (USA), reviewing The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama, Tutu, D., & Abrams, D. (Random House, 2016), Regina Hess (Germany), reviewing C. G. Jung on Nature, Technology and Modern Life edited by Meredith Sabini, (North Atlantic Books, 2008), Ryan Westrum & Jay Dufrechou (USA), reviewing Indigenous Healing Psychology by Richard Katz. (Inner Traditions, 2017), and John Buchanan (USA), reviewing Participation and the Mystery by Jorge N. Ferrer(SUNY Press, 2017).


E-copies of my Introduction as special editor and articles and book reviews are available at https://www.academia.edu/. Search under the authors’ names to download and enjoy.


Dr. Rosemarie Anderson




A Transpersonal Antidote for the Digital Zombie Syndrome
By Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Psychology

Tunnel awareness is when our attention becomes fixated or locked on something or someone. Problems arise when that something or someone triggers in us negative emotions, destructive behaviours or the projection of shadows. What we need in such situations is the ability to identify that we are in tunnel awareness and the skill to open the aperture of our awareness.

These days, smartphone tunnel awareness is generating a generation of digital zombies (Spitzer, 2016) with serious consequences affecting health, performance and relationships (Twenge, 2017).

The simple skill of open awareness has been found to counteract stress, anxiety and a sense of separateness, by activating a calm and resourceful state that is accompanied by a sense of interconnectedness (Yates, 2015, Dangeli, 2015, Hanson, 2011).

Through using and teaching open awareness techniques since 2004, as well as studying the phenomenology of open awareness in my 2015 MSc research, I have found that shifting out of tunnel awareness into open awareness can be achieved with relative ease by children and adults of at least moderate physical and psychological health. By introducing open awareness skills in learning environments and in the workplace, the harmful effects of tunnel awareness can be prevented and mindful resourcefulness can be promoted.

There are a variety of open awareness practices available today, many of which can be learned in a short amount of time. The practice of Jumi (judo mind) was established to help people cultivate and embody open awareness. There are Jumi sequences suitable for young and old, at any level of fitness and psycho-spiritual development. These days I readily recommend Jumi practice to my clients and they consistently report positive results. Could this be a transpersonal antidote for the digital zombie syndrome?

Open awareness website: http://authentic-self-empowerment.com/oa/
Jumi website: http://jumi.live




Dangeli, J. (2015). EXPLORING THE PHENOMENON OF PERIPHERAL AWARENESS AND ITS EFFECTS ON STRESS AND BURNOUT. MSc Research Dissertation. Retrieved from http://authentic-self-empowerment.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Open_Awareness-Dissertation_Jevon_Dangeli.pdf

Hanson, R. (2011). Buddha’s Brain, Lighting up the Neural Circuits of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. Retrieved June, 27 2013, from The World Wide Web:

Spitzer, M. (2016). Digital dementia in the age of new media. Retrieved from

Twenge, J. (2017). Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? Retrieved from https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2017/09/has-the-smartphone-destroyed-a-generation/534198/?utm_source=twb

Yates, J. (2015). The Mind Illuminated. Dharma Treasure Press.

Rainbow Story

At the Rainbow’s Ridge
Progress Report from the drawing group “Tinkering, Toying, Telling”
by Liv Evensen




…and so I work with them! Silently I let a deeply crying one, on some level, hold my hand lightly, fingers touch, as I lead the way through. The child hardly knows that, but it makes for a growing trust in them and in me, as Spirit of the Most High has assigned me this work; to help certain deep karmic damaged ones. On some levels there are children who have been through centuries of trauma. Who knows who did it first? Warriors’ enforced roles that come in various forms such as crying and wounded hearts; through their loves and their losses, their anger and their hurt, as silent tears collectively wash strains of hair free! Shyly they draw…. Spontaneously as it comes through their fantasy, their hands and their chalk, until suddenly, one day, on top of the mountain, like a Dante in a hermeneutic unseen, they spiral upwards, reaching up and out – to the Heavens a ‘glow and stars that are lit! Oh Dante! He laughed in delight then, in the face of Death as the angels came to greet him!

Four small drawings – A process over three years in the Local Library, children 8-12; Oslo, Norway, Midsummer’s Eve, June 23, 2019, co-working with/giving space to the “rest “of the children in the group, too, as they influence each other, and with the Spirits.

Liv S.M. Evensen, LivE’Art – Dream’Art – fine arts painter, expressive non-drug art therapies, transpersonal youth worker. Peace worker with a compassionate heart. Near-Death/Uno Mystica experiencer
www.freewebs.com/sensoul , www.sensoul.info (under reconstruction).




I am pleased to see that we have two thought provoking articles in this special addition of our newsletter that heralds the transpersonal conference in Paris this year. My heartfelt thoughts and wishes go out to Bernadette Blin and the conference team as they dream and spin many invisible threads to hold the conference together and to offer a safe space, in which people can grow and share their hopes and understanding of what the world needs. A world in transition is a rocky world and learning to dance as one braves the waves and shifting sands is one of the more essential techniques that are needed, to hold a steady flame.

We are reminded in this issue that a number of conferences invite like- minded people to come together and hold this steady flame. This flame is what is necessary to remind us of the true nature of being human in a world that is facing its own shadow and overcoming the temptation to become this shadow. Having an open Weltanschauung and a paradoxical attitude, as Von Franz (1980) reminds us, we can accept the conflict and contradictions that allow us to connect with the unconscious, so that consciousness can enlighten the mystery of life.

I wish all our readers a warm and restful summer with inspiring thoughts and dreams of manifestation.

Dr. Lindy McMullin

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