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October 23, 2019

Board of Administrators: President Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Dennis Johnson
Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin 




Page  2… Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Bernadette Blin



Page  3… News from Alef Trust – Jevon Dangeli
Page 3… The Healing Field – A Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy Option to participate in individual modules – Ingo Jahrsetz & Rainer Pervoltz
Page 4… Aquanima – Bernadette Blin


Page 4… Intuitive Inquiry: Research to Nourish the Soul – Dr. Rosemarie Anderson 
Page 5… “Hic sunt leones”: the contribution of  ITJ to an epistemology of the border – by Rossana Strambaci and Pier Luigi Lattuada


Page 6…  Spiritual Emergence Anonymous to establish a French-language group after EUROTAS Conference in  Paris – by Marie Grace B, Hanna S., Laura D.
Page 6… Coaching for Transformation – by Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Coach
Page 7… ITI & UBIQUITY University – Pier Luigi Lattuada 
Page 8… Drumming up Interest for the Embryo – by Tina Lindhard
Page 9Transpersonal Arts Therapy (TAT) and International Cooperationby Ingrida Indane
Page 10… Activities of the EUROTAS Youth Council – by Dennis Johnson
Page 11… Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin




Some weeks after the Conference in France, let’s have a look at what happened.
Thanks to the many presenters as well as the active participants, we had lots of interesting, promising contributions related to the topic Being Human in a World in Transition.

Being human in a world of transition is an open question and a crucial challenge.
During the Conference there were many ideas, suggestions and sharing that opened up new possibilities we have now to work on.
For this Conference, we decided to give more space to the young people because they are the future of our humanity, they will have to deal with the dramatic situation we, the older generation, have created.

To me it was very important to listen to them but as the Conference went on, I realized that this was not enough. Today, I’m aware we all have to listen to each other; the young also need to listen to the older generations. We have to co-create and to transmit our experience, expertise and also our failures. The old and the young should work including the other generation.

What I observed was the tendency of the old to replicate the same patterns having difficulty with imagining totally new ways, options, models, etc.  The young had a tendency to sweep aside the old system and to innovate without saving what could be relevant, a change for a change.
Within EUROTAS, the “old generation” has been pretty efficient in creating an active and professional association, with a strong network all around the world. However the world is changing so fast that young people have a mindset probably more adapted to the challenges, which are in front of us today.
None of us owns the truth – this is why, listening and working together is of major importance.

So I hope this new chapter will include a fruitful collaboration between all generations.
Blessings to all of you who are part of this community and who support its development

Bernadette Blin
EUROTAS President






Transpersonal Coaching courses begin in February each year. For more information please visit https://www.aleftrust.org/academic-learning/post-graduate-certificates/transpersonal-coaching-psychology

Jevon Dangeli, MSc
Transpersonal Psychology Coach & Trainer





The training course started in March 2019 and consists of two 10-day modules per year until spring 2023.
However, it is also possible to book individual modules. Please bear in mind that some modules or part of them (1, 3, and 5; 3 and 8 as well as 6 and 8) may only be booked as a unit. The fee for one module is 1,750 EUR plus accommodation and board. You will receive a confirmation of participation on request.
All details about this international training as well as informational videos can be found on our website www.transpersonalhealingfield.com 
You may also follow us on Facebook and like our page https://www.facebook.com/transpersonalhealingfield/.
Of course you are very welcome to contact us directly at mail@consciousness-exploration.org  if you have any questions or need further information.

Rainer Pervoeltz and Dr. Ingo Jahrsetz



From May 27th to 31st, 2020, there will be a unique opportunity to experience AQUANIMA, the Holotropic Breathing technique immersed in warm (37ºC) water. The session will be for therapists trained in Holotropic or Transpersonal Breathing and all those who would like to discover the power of this extraordinary work.

A fully bodily immersed experience in three dimensions, the AQUANIMA approach allows one to delve into the depths of being and surrender to the power of opening heart and mind. Often, it becomes a gateway into the ineffable.

This experiential seminar is a tutorial for those who would like to develop this technique as an adjunct to their Holotropic or Transpersonal Breathwork.

It will be held in English and co-facilitated by Bernadette Blin (who created this method 30 years ago) and Robert Hirsch (transpersonal psychiatrist trained in this method). We will be assisted by Daciana Tarasi and Constantin Pascu who will host us in a place that has been specifically designed for this experience near Bucharest in Romania.

For more information please go to: http://www.bernadetteblin.fr/wordpress/nos-activites/seminaires-a-letranger/roumanie/ 

Bernadette Blin (France)






Intuitive inquiry invites researchers to explore the profound nature of the human psyche, especially one’s own, in the conduct of research on spiritual and transpersonal topics.

Hence, I am pleased to announce the recent publication of a special section on intuitive inquiry in Qualitative Psychology, an APA Division 5 journal. With this publication, intuitive inquiry (and transformative research methods in general) enters a new era of development, bringing transformative research methods to mainstream researchers throughout the human sciences. My Introduction is entitled Intuitive Inquiry: Inviting Transformation and Breakthrough Insights in Qualitative Research, available now at https://sofia.academia.edu/RosemarieAnderson.

My Introduction is followed by three research examples of using intuitive inquiry to study transpersonal topics:

Dr. Rosemarie Anderson



By Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada


The feeling that Western thought lacks something, has accompanied me for several decades; it is as though we serve a lack of strength, starvation, and an all-pervasive sterility. Now it looks as though we stand on the border and what opens up is new territory, which has, up to now, only been the prerogative of visionaries, mystics….. or fools.

It seems to me that a sort of new essentialism is coming into being, which refers to an enlarged essence, and that crosses the boundary of the phenomenal world, at least as this was considered up to date. 
The horizon is different, but the onboard instrumentation is still partially the same, as well as the words to communicate the new vision, that we can glimpse.

Yet with the ancient instruments of knowledge it is necessary to interact, just as it is necessary to dialogue with academics (if not even with laboratories) and to refine the language, in order to communicate what is not completely understandable. 

For this reason, ITJ is a review “of arts, sciences and technologies”. Sometimes a poetic language is used -not by chance the Greek word “poiesis” is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek term ποιεῖν, which means “to make” – sometimes it is qualitative research contributions, or testimonies. We always look for rigor, we avoid the tender slovenliness of some new age mood, we try to let tools demarcate the same path of knowledge and we draw maps. Markers are left for other travelers.

ITJ changes with time and within time:  there are numbers that are almost monographic, and others that look rather like anthologies of contributions.
The Journal is modified together with the field of thoughts and emotions in which it lives. It lives with the reflections of all, even those who do not participate directly in it; with studies, commitment to a serious method, but also of the chatter in front of a fireplace.

As Theodore Adorno wrote in Minima Moralia: “The thought that kills his father, desire, is struck by the nemesis of stupidity”

Rossana Strambaci

ITJ has been completely renewed and also has a new editor.
Thanks to the new editor Rossana Strambaci.






By Marie Grace B. (USA), Hanna S. (Denmark), Laura D. (The Netherlands)


We were delighted to lead a round table presentation at the Paris EUROTAS conference in September 2019 introducing Spiritual Emergence Anonymous (SEA). This was the first time since the launch of this grassroots support program that any of us had met in person! Currently we have two online groups in English serving the globe, an online group in Czech/Slovak, and what came out of the EUROTAS conference are plans to form a French group online and eventually a local group in Paris – by one of the attendees of our Round Table!

We are a fellowship of people who meet to support each other in integrating the challenging aspects of spiritual awakening, including spiritual emergencies that have followed from life-transforming occurrences. At the meetings we nurture a safe environment to encourage authentic sharing and support. Some of us have been integrating spiritual experiences for many years, for others this is a new and intense need, but all of us know that greater stability will help us to manifest this inner spiritual transformation. We meet online with the hope of eventually forming groups that meet in person in local circles around the globe.

We at SEA promote respect for each individual to develop and follow their inner guidance. It is a confidential sharing space (both sensitively considerate and warm-heartedly comfortable) where people share their experiences of this common process of grounding and integrating spiritual experience. We call ourselves “Anonymous” because during meetings we don’t share our last names or professional status so that a sense of equality and simple direct speaking from the heart prevails. Our goal is to continue to let our egos dissolve to leave room for our love and our spirit to grow. 

SEA costs nothing to attend or join. The organization is run solely with volunteers and through donations. Please join us at www.SpiritualEmergenceAnonymous.org or pass this information on to people you know who might benefit from it.

By Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Coach

Coaching may serve as an escalator toward transformation by incorporating perspectives and processes that promote expanded states of consciousness.

A transpersonal approach in coaching can help one to identify how one creates perception of reality, while establishing a widened awareness that includes a new, tangible and desirable reality, as well as ways to integrate this into one’s life.

Transpersonal perspectives expand self-construct and world view. This may be of value in coaching through generating expanded states of consciousness and integrating these in the context of everyday life. This way of coaching – beyond the ego – may help to transform a crisis into a spiritual awakening, which in turn can be leveraged in order to bring more resourceful perspectives and constructive solutions into challenging situations.
The role of the transpersonal coach is to support the client to develop a more expansive sense of self and, in so doing, to help the client access the necessary resources (social, emotional, psychological and spiritual) that will help them attain their fullest potential.

Transpersonal coaching involves helping clients to shift attention and create the space for transformation, as well as generate the client’s willingness to integrate new awareness into the context where it is most meaningful. This can be considered as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual approach to coaching that helps clients resolve issues concerning the body, mind, relationships and spirituality.

In the following link there is a free video presentation where I describe the 3 cornerstones of transformation in coaching – https://authentic-self-empowerment.com/coaching-transformation/

By Dr.P.L. Lattuada

The Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan, Italy, in partnership with Ubiquity University, presents a ground-breaking degree program in Integral Transpersonal Psychology

By taking an integral, transpersonal approach to psychology, this degree proposes an innovative way of learning and thinking, which goes beyond the basic structures of the rational mind to include the larger environment. It emphasizes the interconnections between all aspects of reality and focuses on deep empathy, relating to the experiences of all people. Broaden the horizons of your psyche and discover what it really means to be human in an Integral Transpersonal world!

This program is for you if you wish to embody knowledge of the Integral Transpersonal framework and apply it across all realms of your work and life. This approach will help to facilitate a transformation in individual and collective consciousness.

“Integral” derives from the Latin word integer, which means “whole”. Transpersonal refers to what goes beyond the “personal”. Thus, the aim of this program is to examine ontology beyond a neuro-scientific and cognitive paradigm and more towards an integral approach, which takes into account the full spectrum of the psycho-spiritual development of human beings.

You are encouraged to explore the range of human experience by combining the recent developments of psychology with other disciplines such as philosophy, the new sciences, environmental studies, psychedelic research, as well as indigenous and perennial wisdom. To achieve the integration of knowledge with experience, all courses include self-mastery and applied impact practices that aim to transform knowledge into embodied wisdom. Throughout your degree, you will immerse yourself in this integral learning system, which aims to cultivate your various intelligences and unleash your highest potential. You can take single courses or enroll into a BA, MA-degree or a PhD program.

For more information, click here or fill in our Get Started form.


By Tina Lindhard PhD

Embryology is still not officially part of Transpersonal Psychology, but surely the process of how Spirit/soul comes to be embodied in matter, is one of the most pertinent aspects of our personal history? How can we fly away and explore other dimensions when we have not fully recognised the beauty of this one? The idea that this world is an illusion we need to escape from, is probably behind the depreciation of Mother Earth and the lack of respect for her and our bodies that are made up of the earth element. The basis of all systems is reflected in our body, including the kundalini system – a potential which is also present in the unfertilized egg. My 2019 EUROTAS presentation was about how this potential unfolds and its relationship to the heart system.

Embryology also invites one to address questions regarding the ethics behind new fertilization techniques. As 8 million babies have been born by IVF with the first in-vitro fertilization baby being born in 1978, you, as therapists, will be coming across them in your professional life so you need to reflect on how Spirit incarnates into matter, and the issues involved in IVF. It is also important you clarify your metaphysical position as this influences the treatment of fertilized eggs which for some of us are already living beings. Science is still debating whether matter gives rise to consciousness/life and vice versa. It is only the embryo which can clarify this process and what it means to develop one’s potential to become a fully incarnated human being. I invite you to contemplate these issues. Please contact me for further information, publications and possible courses, talks and workshops.


By Ingrida Indane – Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Arts Therapist

To follow the path of self transcendence, one would be able to feel as an individual (person with a mature ego) and at the same time realize what it is like to be a small part of something much bigger. Metaphors from the field of art can show us these phenomena and help us to understand them.


What is the difference between mainstream Art Therapy and TAT?
Mainstream Art Therapy uses the language of various kinds of art in order to stimulate an individual’s creativity and to promote self-discovery at different levels:  understanding and evaluation of physical needs and one’s place and situation in society. It is also a link between a person’s inner, subjective world and outer, objective reality. It can help the client meet his Basic and Psychological needs.

TAT strictly respects the client’s/patient’s spiritual world view, making use of the revelations caused by non-ordinary states of consciousness. TAT is a process where two or more people communicate through art making or perceiving in a subtler and more spiritual way. Of importance is the way we can see through the artwork, feel its energy, communicate with the artwork (speak to it and hear its answers) and discover the hidden messages within.  All the art materials, the artwork and the space, where it is created, become sacred.  So we can witness the transcendence of the soul down to the personal level without words. This especially sensitive process is not just done through the brain, but rather through the heart – in general it is meditation in a very pure sense. Therefore TAT can help to meet the needs of self-actualization and self-fulfillment and lead to self-transcendence.

During the EUROTAS2019 Conference in Paris, an active round table discussion about TAT took place

New possibilities of future cooperation appeared and the participants agreed that it would be useful to organize a symposium of Transpersonal Art Therapy for exploring the usage of this amazing methodology in more detail.

If you are working with transpersonal art therapy methods, if you feel part of something much bigger and are interested in international cooperation – please contact me.

Ingrida Indane


Dear friends and colleagues,

Here is an update and some invitations of the EURTOAS Youth Council, an international work-in-process format to support the upcoming generation of transpersonal thinkers and practitioners:
1) The EUROTAS Youth Council hosts regular online meetings for networking, support and connection, to which you are warmly invited. The upcoming dates are October 10, November 29, December 21, January 11 and February 15 (19:30-21:00 CET). Simply follow this link to join the Zoom meeting: https://zoom.us/j/3161059551. You are also welcome to join the Facebook Group of the Youth Council: https://www.facebook.com/groups/610658609106624/
2) In the near future, we are planning to use the open community dashboard of Ubiquity University (www.ubiquity.community) to further support asynchronous communication of our community across the globe. In order to stay in touch here in the future, please head over there, register and complete your profile, and we will let you know as soon as we have established a specific group related to the activities of the Youth Council. 
3) The Youth Council encourages your active participation and involvement in its unfolding. You are warmly invited to contribute your own questions, ideas, needs, projects and visions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Dennis Johnson
EUROTAS board member
Member of the Youth Council




The Importance of being Earnest – Oscar Wilde’s genius title depends on a pun between the adjective “earnest,” meaning honest or sincere, and the name “Ernest.” Here I use it to mean serious and showing intense conviction.

 Inspired by the articles in this edition of our newsletter, I have decided to invite you to please send me any research articles that you may have on Mindfulness, on the Transpersonal (including criticisms) and other pertinent topics (like transpersonal art therapy, emotions and motivation, embryology , integral psychology and other) that have been published in the last seven years (lindymcmullin21@googlemail.com). I am creating an online library and so would welcome articles that discuss exciting research that has recently been carried out. Please note that my e mail is googlemail and not g mail. 

Perhaps this will require a bit of research on your part, but this is what makes it all the more exciting I think, as you may come across what you least expected to find, which may tweak your interest and set you off on a path you did not dream of walking on. This after all, is the importance of Being Earnest.


Dr. Lindy McMullin

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