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February 22, 2020

Board of Administrators: President Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Dennis Johnson
Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin




Page  2… Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Bernadette Blin


Page  3… EUROTAS Conference in Tallin – Jure Biechonski
Page  4…The Healing Field – A Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Ingo Jahrsetz & Rainer Pervoltz
Page  4 Aquanima – Bernadette Blin 
Page  5… A letter from Rosemarie Anderson
Page  6… Authentic Retreats in Tuscany – Jevon Dangeli
Page  7…  Pneuma Teaching with Juan Ruiz Naupari –  Alesandra Brunelli
Page  7…  Inner Knowledge, Pneuma Module – Alessandra Brunelli
Page  8… Pneuma Summer camp –  Alesandra Brunelli
Page  9 … Transpersonal journey in shamanic Mexico – Bernadette Blin


Page  9… Carcinogenic Mind by Vladislav Matrenitsky
Page 10… A new book about religious experience by Olga Louchakova-Schwartz – Bernadette Blin


Page 10… News from the Alef Trust: Alef Applied – by Les Lancaster
Page 11… – Kayana WaterBreath Fusion – by Viola Edward
Page 13… Open Awareness for Change Project – by Jevon Dangeli
Page 14 … The Great Shapeshifter – by Liv Evensen
Page 15… Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin




Don’t you think this is one of the main questions we should live with?
Until a certain age, our needs are usually more oriented towards “What can I get from life?  What do I need to get or do, in order to live my life as I want to or as I think I should do?”

It seems normal if we consider each stage of development. As a young person I have to build my life, to fulfill my ambitions for a career, to extend my family, to learn what it means to become totally adult and at least to try and concretize my fantasies and ideas about the life I have projected and dreamed about.

There comes a time however, when the focus may change and should change. As a mature adult, I should feel more responsible about what happens in this world; I could ask myself what impact my behavior and my choices have or how they influence the state of the world, knowing this is the world we all live in. My influence on the world also creates the holding environment I live in. I am both creating the world and being created by the world I have (in some ways) created. I cannot only be the victim in a global situation, when I am part of it.

I know that many of us in the transpersonal community are in one sense or another, activists; we are active in various areas of life, focused on bringing positive change to our world. We are concerned by what happens around us and not only what happens to us.
Today, young people are more open and mature and often carry more wisdom than a number of elders. When I look at them, I realize they are also our teachers showing us what we could change in our way of life on this planet. They have matured much faster than we did before, moving through change and becoming a real resource for our world.

If you are an elder, open your mind and your heart to learn from your children, from the young generation and be ready to change.
If you are a young person, trust your enthusiasm and your creativity to make the changes we all need in order to move ahead. You are the future of humanity.

We all have to answer this crucial question:  How can I serve Life? How can I honor the gift I have received and transmit a better world to the following generations?


Bernadette Blin
EUROTAS President






Dear Friends from the Transpersonal Community,

You are kindly invited to the next EUROTAS Conference in Tallinn, Estonia from September 23 to 27, 2020.
The topic  INNER ECOLOGY AND TRANSPERSONAL EDUCATION will be developed by many speakers – psychotherapists, artists, researchers and teachers – so together, we can take concrete decisions and propose innovative action to support the transformation of our society in these challenging times.

For more information visit our website: www.eurotas2020.com  
Be aware – early bird ticket is available until March 31st.

Come, join us and together we’ll make the difference needed!
If you want to present a lecture or a workshop, please submit your proposal here:

We kindly ask you to spread this information in your national transpersonal organizations and within your personal networks through Facebook, newsletters, emails, etc.

Jure Biechonski
EUROTAS Vice President




(12 EUROTAS trainers, 9 modules of 10 days)

We are now happy to offer you an option which has been requested lately, very frequently: From Spring 2020 onwards, each module of the “Healing Field” can be booked individually. Thus, you have the choice to register for one or more modules, if you are particularly interested in their themes and contents. You can also find more detailed information on www.transpersonalhealingfield.com/
Our next module may be an option for you!  Module 3 takes place in St. Petersburg.
Trainers: Bernadette Blin and Rainer Pervöltz
Tutors: Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres
Date: April 23 to May, 2020
Content: Working with the Central of your “old story” and with your Individual Essence – The Mandala of Being (acc. to Richard Moss) – The Dream Body (acc. to Arnold Mindell). Concrete applications in the process of transpersonal psychotherapy.
Venue: St. Petersburg (Russia)
Information and registration:
P.S. Last chance: you can also still start the entire training with Module 3, so do not delay in booking your place for this exceptional training program.

Rainer Pervoeltz & Dr. Ingo Jahrsetz




From May 27th to 31st, 2020, there will be a unique opportunity to experience AQUANIMA, the Holotropic Breathing technique immersed in warm (37ºC) water. The session will be for therapists trained in Holotropic or Transpersonal Breathing and all those who would like to discover the power of this extraordinary work.

A fully bodily immersed experience in three dimensions, the AQUANIMA approach allows one to delve into the depths of being and surrender to the power of opening heart and mind. Often, it becomes a gateway into the ineffable.    
This experiential seminar is a tutorial for those who would like to develop this technique as an adjunct to their Holotropic or Transpersonal Breathwork.

It will be held in English and co-facilitated by Bernadette Blin (who created this method 30 years ago) and Robert Hirsch (transpersonal psychiatrist trained in this method). We will be assisted by Daciana Tarasi and Constantin Pascu who will host us in a place that has been specifically designed for this experience near Bucharest in Romania.
Bernadette Blin (France)




The membership journal of the of British Association for the study of Spirituality (BASS) will issue a celebratory 10th anniversary issue of the Journal for the Study of Spirituality (JSS) in Spring 2020. In order to reach out to researchers outside of transpersonal circles, I have contributed an article entitled Transformative Research Methods: Research to Nourish the Spirit.
The article overviews the historical development of transformative research methods and details the unique characteristics and risks implicit in the methods. In my closing remarks, I encourage researchers in mainstream human science research and newly emerging fields, such as spiritual and contemplative studies, peace studies, and transformative leadership, to review their own understanding of research on spiritual topics in their unique fields.
BASS will celebrate its anniversary at York St. John University in York, UK from June 1-3, 2020 and showcase this issue at the conference See https://www.yorksj.ac.uk/events-calendar/events/education/bass-2020-spirituality-in-research-professional-practice-and-education.html for details about the conference.

Rosemarie Anderson, PhD
Professor Emerita, Sofia University




For more information:  https://authentic-self-empowerment.com/ase-immersion/ 

Jevon Dangeli




Pneuma module





We invite you to experience a different kind of vacation: a vacation of deep consciousness, dance, singing and inner connection.
For 8 days, we will celebrate Life in all its manifestations.
We will hold morning practices to welcome the day, there will be Pneuma Breathwork sessions to experience the healing power of Amplified States of Consciousness and Juan Ruiz Naupari will offer profound teachings on diverse topics in our Inspiration Circles.
The rivers, mountains and forests that surround us will nourish the body, soul and spirit. There will also be free time and a space to meet and cultivate friendship through art and teachings.
We will close our days with a moment of gratitude from our Inner Being.
More than a summer camp it will be a space to cultivate virtue, enter deeply into consciousness, use kind words, experience the joy of being alive and the happiness of sharing personal and spiritual growth in daily life.

Info: shasta@pneumainstitute.org

Alessandra Brunelli


in shamanic mexico

From the 25th of July until the 11th of August, 2020
Deep exploration, visits of magical places, shamanic experiences, Holotropic Breathwork…
With Bernadette Blin, Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres

Languages will be French and Spanish.


Read more : http://www.bernadetteblin.fr/wordpress/nos-activites/seminaires-a-letranger/mexique/

Bernadette Blin





New book by EUROTAS member Vladislav Matrenitsky, MD, PhD:
Carcinogenic Mind: The Psychosomatic Mechanisms of Cancer. Contribution of chronic stress and emotional attitudes to the onset and recurrence of disease, how to prevent it and help the treatment.

Foreword by Bernie Siegel, MD. 648 p., 7 parts, 33 chapters, 136 subchapters.

The book is written in the popular-science format to build a ‘mind-body’ bridge between medical doctors and psychologists. It presents about 2000 studies that prove: our mind is the main source of cancer.  The author uses an interdisciplinary and integrative approach, involving data from psychology, oncology, psychoneuroimmunology, philosophy, epigenetics, and other branches of knowledge.

Available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book editions: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XLY8K7Z

EUROTAS members have a 10% reduction on the price by applying the code EUROTAS at checkout when buying on web-site www.carcinogenic-mind.com. The code is valid through February-March.

Louchakova-Schwartz (ed.), The Problem of Religious Experience: Case Studies in Phenomenology, with Reflections and Commentaries. V. 1 and V. 2.(Springer, 2019)


I am happy to inform you about the publication of the new book of an old friend of EUROTAS, Olga Louchakova, Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Spirituality, and Human Development, HIBS Clinical Professor, UC Davis, School of Medicine. This is a research-grade but handbook-style book which treats religious experience in the light of post-classical phenomenology, it draws connections between the constitutive phenomenology and the naturalistic understanding of Homo Religiosus, contributes towards an articulation of a descriptive psychology of religious experiencing and sets new directions for religious experience as a subject of philosophical research.


Bernadette Blin





By Les Lancaster
The Alef Trust is a new member of EUROTAS. We offer postgraduate programmes of study in the areas of Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology, which are accredited by UK universities. Full details of the educational programmes can be found on the website, www.aleftrust.org.


Alef Applied  

In addition to our educational offerings, we support initiatives to bring the transpersonal vision into professional and other arenas through the Alef Applied wing of our operations. Central to this applied orientation is our ‘Conscious Community Project, launched in February 2020. 


 The Conscious Community Project

A conscious community is not simply one in which all members contribute to the whole. For us, the term ‘conscious’ in this context implies not only a reflective sense of awareness but also a commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of others—it has an outward as well as an inward dynamic. We believe that a transpersonal approach can enrich professional practice through integrative, whole-person approaches recognising that we are all instrumental in the wider spheres of local, global, and ecological systems. In the case of our aspirations to create a ‘conscious community’, learning and research are never complete without realising the fundamental human quest to contribute to positive change, serving the wellbeing of individuals and the whole.

In the Conscious Community Project, we want to deepen the global interconnectedness of our learning community, as well as develop wider networks, and further empower members of our community to drive transformational projects around the world, thereby cultivating the soil for societal and systemic evolution. We will be hosting a series of networking events, trainings and seminars, as well as online events.

Take a look at our website  for further information (https://www.aleftrust.org/alef-applied/conscious-community-project/) and join our mailing list to get the latest news..
The Kabbalistic Embodied Movement Project

Spiritual and mystical ideas and practices are continually evolving. Cultural values change, and the blend of mythologies that shape a society’s aspirations bring new spiritual forms. In this project, the intention was to explore an older wisdom school (in this case, that of the Kabbalah), and formulate core elements of its teachings into new expressions.
Details will be found here: https://www.aleftrust.org/alef-applied/kabbalistic-embodied-movement/ 


A powerful process for the natural healing of stress


By Viola Edward
Stress and relaxation cannot exist in the body at the same time. Relaxation is a natural state of being and how to access it intentionally, when stressed, leads the search for healing processes towards the practice of deep relaxation techniques.

Michael de Glanville, Engineer, Breathworker and Bodywork Therapist, has merged together two physical practices, each renowned for their stress releasing capabilities. The impressive effects of WaterBreath Fusion on state of mind and physical wellbeing are the results of including conscious breathing within the gentle gravity-free movements of warm water flotation.

A transformational effect takes place in both the mind and the body of the receiver, allowing access to a profound relaxation that naturally triggers autonomous stress release.
By intentionally re-creating the environmental conditions of the pre-natal experience during WaterBreath Fusion, the relaxed mind states generated interact with the body bliss of weightless immersion, bringing to the surface of our consciousness the innocent, deeply embedded sensations of the fulfilment of receiving.

Once the mind and body have relaxed in this way, the senses open freely to the healing experience of receiving innocent, caring touch. We become more capable of accessing and clearing troubling subconscious memories that may be conditioning the way we approach life.

With the experience of a number of WaterBreath Fusion sessions, our body develops the use of the natural breathing skills required for relaxing out of the chronic stress created by exposure to continuous negative situations. Whether in trying corporate surroundings, or during academic examination years, whether in relationship crises, or in family conflicts, WaterBreath Fusion builds a personal experience of stress release essential to anyone searching for natural healing from painful situations of chronic stress into healthy clear minded living.


Live it ……then believe it!\
For more information about WaterBreath Fusion and training to become a practitioner, please email


by Jevon Dangeli

Co-creating a brighter future for all through generating open awareness, collaboration, and compassionate activism

The vision of the Open Awareness for Change Project is to bring the transpersonal into the trenches by providing the broader public with a practical system in which groups can engage expanded states of consciousness for the purpose of harnessing constructive ideas that aim to address social problems or environmental issues in their community or

The project website (see link below) provides free resources, including a tutorial video where Jevon Dangeli teaches the Open Awareness Integral Process — a way for pairs and groups to access their collective consciousness and combined creativity for generating meaningful outcomes, including steps to integrate these.
A significant feature of this process is the co-creation of a participatory space — characterized by openness, multisensory perception, multidimensional perspectives, heightened creativity, and a deep sense of interconnection, which in turn promotes inclusivity, mutuality, empathy, and compassion.

The Open Awareness Integral Process can also be used as a:

  1. system for problem-solving, conflict resolution and mediation
  2. means to facilitate and integrate change
  3. format for collaborative coaching
  4. method of inquiry and qualitative research
  5. way to counteract tunnel awareness, including the negative consequences of the digital zombie syndrome 
This project aims to promote group gatherings in which the Open Awareness Integral Process is used to collectively generate ideas that can address critical issues and uplift communities. The process includes the synthesis and integration of the group’s ideas so that they can be implemented in ways that are useful and meaningful locally and globally.
Each group can generate a ripple effect toward a broadscale change, thereby co-creating a brighter future for all, and for the generations to come.

For more information and to watch the free Open Awareness Integral Process tutorial video, visit the project website – https://authentic-self-empowerment.com/open-awareness-for-change-project 

by Liv Evensen

The (Great Shapeshifter) Fisher King and G-Major Strings Rocking and Rolling in the Primordial Seas of Planet Earth. “Ask and ye shall be given, knock and it shall be opened”: Jonah in The Belly of The Whale Being Nourished (Alchemy) and The Collective Fear. Not Exactly a Centaurus – And Even Those.

I paint with the Spirits from the spheres of The Divine. I get to experience again and again that we are connected to so much more than simply thinking we are alone in our bodies, and ideas trickle in “through the air” as I let my hand dance across the canvas. I never know beforehand what is going to emerge there on the blank space, but “it” always turns out multilayered (nothing special in that), it is called flow (something painters and writers know about too) and with the never-ending naiveite that my personal voice/style has. In some ways shamanic (non-drugs), in some ways very contemporary, in some ways channeled, in some ways like children’s tales in the bigger scheme of things, a beautiful and gentle co-creating, in some ways very old themes (mythic, religious, ethnic) turn up. “The Fall was so devastating that humanity believes not that it was or is possible to rebuild the relationship with He/She/It That Some Call God. Yet, Spirit of Most High has been knocking on peoples’ heart doors for centuries, and I am listening and doing. Sometimes the only way to go is by a leap of faith (even when one does not seem to have it, and trust will grow). This, my most recent painting is co-created in Oslo, and is going to an international exhibition in London, UK in March, and Luxembourg in April 2020.

Liv Evensen, A Modern Mystic «Lady in The Gap Between Heaven and Earth”
LivE’Art-Dream’Art Space’Art too www.sensoul.info and www.freewebs.com/sensoul


The issue of this newsletter heralds the next EUROTAS conference to take place in Estonia in September, and numerous training programs, articles and Bernadette Blin’s invitation for true reflection about the contribution that we make in this world.

Ever since SYNTHESIS, the Greek Association for Transpersonal Psychology closed, I have had numerous requests for it to re-establish itself. Although there is no formal Greek association there are a number of events that are happening behind the scenes here in Greece, that I think is important to share with you. Rania Argyro Zidianaki in Crete, psychiatrist and transpersonal psychotherapist is involved in Holotropic Breathwork Training and Sound Therapy; I have brought the Transpersonal to three universities here in Athens at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and I know of a number of independent therapists who are slowly embracing the transpersonal perspective, thus contributing to life changes. Working behind the scenes we are all Transpersonal Warriors to some degree or another. As Edward Tick (2014) points out.

The warrior is a foundational archetype in psyche and society. The warrior is the inner spirit and public persona that protects, energizes, motivates and guides us. We steer ourselves towards its ideal. There are great variations in different societies’ warriors, but the archetype is universal. Each individual and culture, aware or not, develops the inner psychospiritual warrior….

If it were not for outer challenges, we would not be able to strengthen our commitment to inner spiritual work and the Way of the Warrior. It is this way that is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. As long as we focus on our own personal development, cleaning out our internal cupboards, instead of focusing on what is happening outside and who is doing what or not, the outer world will eventually reflect this inner restoration and commitment to healing. It is truly powerful to acknowledge the Transpersonal Warrior that may still slumber in many ways, but is definitely always present, awaiting its restoration.


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