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July 9, 2020

Board of Administrators: President Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Marc-Antoine Masri

Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin




Page  2… Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Bernadette Blin


Page  3… Humanity Rising – Global Solutions Summit – Eurotas Roundtable – Regina U Hess
Page  3 … Living the Sacred. Advanced Training / Summer Retreat – Ingo B. Jahrsetz
Page  4 … The Healing Field – A Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Rainer Pervöltz and Ingo B.Jahrsetz
Page  4 … Grof Legacy Training – Ingo B. Jahrsetz
Page  5 TPT – Transpersonal Psychotherapy Training – Pier Luigi Lattuada
Page  5 … EUROTAS GA – Online This Year – The EUROTAS Board
Page  6 … Study on Blended Families – Stephanie Larrue


Pag  7 … Nach Hause kommen – Wonach sich alle sehnen – Rainer Pervöltz and Ingo B.Jahrsetz


Page  7 …  New Paradigm Reset Resolutions – Jevon Dangeli
Page  8… Covid-19 Response: The Body Knows What to Do – Rosemarie Anderson
Page  9… Transpersonal Psychology Days in Latvia – Andra Sulce
Page10… From the Worlds of the Greatest Shapeshifters, the Blue Bird of Happiness – Liv Evensen


Page 11… From Prof John Drew
Page 11… From Stan and Brigitte Grof
Page 13… Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin




We are still in a very special time, all concerned with the pandemic or its consequences, wherever we are.
Some of us were so grateful to have this unexpected opportunity to slow down and experience life in a totally different way; to be liberated from everyday professional constraints and social obligations, able to savor this new taste, for the first time.
But some others had to face multiple difficulties, maybe because they became sick with the virus or because they lost someone close to them, or were made redundant or faced bankruptcy, etc.

We have all been affected in one way or another in different circumstances by the virus.
Now we come to present time! What is the situation that we still must face? Is the crisis over? No one is sure and surely it is not over as an economic and social crisis.

When we go through such a disaster, we know it also opens opportunities and today the world seems to be divided in two parts:
Those who only want the capitalistic and consumerist model – and we all know that some among the richer people or companies, got huge profits from the crisis, and the other part, engaged in transforming society for a more sustainable, respectful, peaceful, and equal world.

This is what Humanity Rising tries to do, by opening a space every day from 5 to 7pm to actors from many different countries, who share their experiences, research and actions, with the same objective which is  to change the world, and to establish a new paradigm. This is a big dream and shift coming into realization.

In our Transpersonal community, we carry this dream in our hearts and try to manifest this new paradigm wherever we are. More than ever, this is the time when every one of us must take on this responsibility and commitment.
We all know where the first step is – Inside of us. Even if it may seem difficult for some people to engage in action, inner work is something each one must do for themselves and for the salvation of humanity.

Bernadette Blin
EUROTAS President





Transpersonal Contributions to Human Evolution
July 22, 2020, 5 – 7 pm CET online


Humanity Rising represents a movement of people and organizations coming together to take counsel on how to leverage the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity for human renewal and increased resilience to future challenges. For the first time in history, the entire world has been forced to confront the same challenge at the same time. Everything has been disrupted globally. This crisis is creating an extraordinary opportunity to build a world that is more aligned with human and ecological renewal.

The director of the initiative, Jim Garrison, PhD, and president of Ubiquity University, invited the EUROTAS Board of Directors and guests to a roundtable with the theme ‘Transpersonal Contributions to Human Evolution’. Please join us online for this evening as we come together in dialogue and action to ensure that the world community seizes the opportunity to rebuild beyond the pandemic in more abundant, resilient and sustainable ways, and embrace new models that take the wellbeing of our planetary ecology and all communities into account, as framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The summit will be broadcast on various online platforms including zoom, Facebook, and Instagram. You can find all further information on the webpage:







With Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz and Viktoria Luchetti
Date: August 23 to 28, 2020
Venue: Seminar center Hollerbuehl (Black Forest/Germany)
Costs: 660 EUR plus room & board
The world is sacred. You are sacred. I am sacred. 
We are together.
Day and night, the light, and the shadow.
The good and the evil.
All together. All-connectedness.
No splits, no limits.
Eternal love.
This week-long seminar will be facilitated by Ingo and Viktoria. We will offer a place of coming together with Holotropic Breathwork, common sharing and exchange, with systemic constellation and stillness.
Information and registration:

 Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz


(12 EUROTAS trainers, 9 modules of 10 days)


We are happy to offer you an option which has been requested frequently: From autumn 2020 onwards, each module of the “Healing Field” can be booked individually. Thus, you have the choice to register for one or more modules, if you are particularly interested in their themes and contents. You can find detailed information on www.transpersonalhealingfield.com/
And you can also still start the entire training with Module 3.
In this sense, have a look, please – perhaps you want to come to Module  3 in Morocco:
Trainers: Magda Solé, Olga Mokhina, Gennady Brevde, Jaume Mestres
Tutors: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Date: October 22 to November 2, 2020
Content: Shamanic Activation / Working with Heart, Emotions, and States of Mind
Venue: Merzouga (Morocco)
Information and registration:
Rainer Pervöltz, Dr Ingo Jahrsetz



Training in Transpersonal Breathwork / Grof© Breathwork

With the introduction of the Grof® Legacy Training Stan opened a door for experienced psychotherapists and teachers to facilitate trainings in his name and carry on his wisdom and legacy.

We consider it an honor and we are very pleased that we are authorized by Stan and thank him most sincerely for the confidence.

We plan an ongoing training group which will meet for 10 days twice a year for three years at beautiful locations.

If possible, Stan and Brigitte Grof will be present as guests at one of our meetings.
Trainers: Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti
Start: March 26 to April 5, 2022
Venues: Seminar center Hollerbuehl (Black Forest / Germany) and seminar hotel Trifilli (Kefalonia / Greek island)
Costs: 9000 EUR plus room & board
Language: German with translation into English
Information: https://bewusstseinserforschung.de/en/grof-legacy-training/ 

Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz



Fully Accredited by the Italian Department of Education, University and Research (MIUR)

TPT, a four-year training course, is promoted by the Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan, Italy, directed by Pier Luigi Lattuada M.D., Psy.D. Ph.D. It offers a psychotherapist degree to psychologists and medical doctors, fully recognized in Europe.


To provide:

  1. experiential training and personal integration of the principles and practices of Transpersonal Psychology and Biotransenergetics.
  1.  Ability to engage in individual and group transpersonal psychotherapy practice.
  2.  Acquisition of skills and ability to apply the Transpersonal Approach to families, communities, companies.
  3. Skills for providing leadership in advancing the field of Transpersonal Psychology.
  4. Growth in Self-Realization, awakening of the spiritual nature of Mindfulness and Compassion.


Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada




The EUROTAS General Assembly will take place on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 from 18:00-20:00 (CEST). We will send you the invitations in August and the Zoom link a day before the event.
Dear Members of EUROTAS – please, all be ready to participate in this online event!




Stephanie Larrue






Psychologische und spirituelle Betrachtungen

The German version of the book written by 9 teachers of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Freiburg/Germany has now been published by the publishers Tredition.
It is available as a paperback version and e-book in book shops and online.
The title of the English book is, The Intimacy of Consciousness Exploration and Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Coming Home.
Enjoy reading it.

Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Rainer Pervöltz





Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Coach
Over the past 3 months of lockdown in Italy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my wife and I compiled a list of Reset Resolutions that we believe might be of value to people around the world and our environment, as we enter the Post-Corona Paradigm.
We approached the lockdown period as a retreat in which we paused regularly to reflect deeply on the global situation, viewing it as a wake-up call for humanity to reset its values and priorities, and to update our collective operating system from ego-centeredness to eco-centeredness.

We believe that the pandemic and the way in which most populations around the world have reacted to it bears the potential for a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of humanity. Herein lies an opportunity for human beings to more consciously and collaboratively co-create the conditions for a better world – a new normal in which people can look at life through new eyes, with open hearts and with a deepened appreciation for the value of our connection to each other, to our environment, and for the small things that make a big difference.

The 10 Reset Resolutions listed below are intended to serve as a set of simple principles or guidelines for those who want to co-create a brighter present and future for themselves and for all inhabitants of our precious planet:

  1. Live life adventurously – one day at a time
  2. Travel light – let go of unnecessary baggage
  3. Be a tourist – connect with others, try new things
  4. Expand your map of reality – become friends with uncertainty – embrace the mystery
  5. See the bigger picture, think global, act local – make a difference
  6. In difficult situations, ask: What would love do? Trust your intuition
  7. Engage in practices that promote inner stillness and open awareness
  8. Regularly update your operating system – from ego-centredness to eco-centredness, by means of:
  9. Daily compassionate activism – taking care of yourself (e.g. asking for help), doing something good for someone in need, and something beneficial for the environment
  10. Cultivate gratitude for the precious moments of your life




 Rosemarie Anderson, PhD
Professor Emerita, Sofia University

When news accounts made it clear that Covid-19 was not just another bad flu, I began to weep and to grieve.  Thinking coherently was impossible for long periods of time. Some days, I only managed to respond to emails, check my bank statements, and speak normally enough not to alarm family and friends.

However, I was not normal because my body needed first to grieve for the intense suffering happening in my own country and around the world. I think especially about people in prisons, refugee camps, and confined communal living quarters for whom crowded living circumstances and sanitation challenges make protecting themselves and loved ones close to impossible.

I think of the many who are suffering and dying alone. I think of those without health insurance of any kind. I think of the ongoing racial injustice now exposed by the brutality of police actions in the past weeks in the USA. All these events and others pass through me as grief.

Yet, at a certain point after weeks of weeping, my body wordlessly accepted the suffering as what is and my grief turned to what I can do that might help. Therefore:

  1. I planted a huge vegetable garden so I can share food with friends.
  2. I called friends I had not heard from and especially friends from the distant past with whom I had not communicated for years, even decades.
  3. I am Zooming with neighbors and loved ones around the world.
  4. I began recreating my life as profoundly local, that is, helping my neighbors the more, contributing to a neighborhood food bank, exploring backcountry trails in my valley, sitting by a stream to listen to what the stream has to say to me today, supporting caregivers including clergy pals, and dedicating long periods of time for prayer and healing for loved ones and for folks referred to me for prayers.

All I know for certain is that Covid-19 is changing me. I love myself more—and I love you more, too
FYI, my short talk entitled To be the Tao is to Mother the World recorded for the online conference Feeding the Soul, Regathering 2020 is now available on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u_Q3DRg7IM&list=PLXM0f0p14L15LyuqbcHCs5hUvNuywIN6j&index= 



By Andra Sulce

Latvians have a fairy tale about Spriditis (a little boy), who left his home one day and went in search of happiness in the world. Along the way he met various characters and people. Together with them, Spriditis learned about himself and the world around him.

Why this fairy tale? Because one day there is nothing more to do than to go out in the world! And we, students and graduates of Latvian Transpersonal Education Institute, did it. From 17 till 23 of February, 2020 we organized Days of Transpersonal Psychology in Latvia. The main aim of this event was to speak about transpersonal values to people, who had never heard about transpersonal psychology; to explain to them, what transpersonal psychology is.

This whole week consisted of different workshops, masterclasses, individual consultations that were held by recent graduates and current students of our Transpersonal Education Institute. It was also a possibility for them to practice outside the Institute. Events took place in different cities and towns. Labyrinth Practice; Transpersonal Conversations in Latvian sauna; Goddesses – voices of myths; Awareness and Healing by Cold Air and Water; First Steps in Conscious living – are just some themes of the workshops. We explained, shared, discussed, and promoted the transpersonal movement. It was important for us and for others, who had questions, that classical psychology cannot answer. The week ended with a 3-day seminar with Jure Biechonski about Death and Rebirth.
The participants left our events so inspired!

Here is feedback from some of our students, who conducted the workshops:
 I was surprised that teachers don’t really understand the meaning of the word “awareness,” though they have read about it.
The feelings were fantastic! People left both my events with enthusiasm and gratitude. They wanted to meet again. I think such an event is really cool. 

This event was great experience for me!  I got quite a few suggestions for myself:  and one is – to dare more!

The fairy tale about Spriditis ends happily – he returns home acknowledging that home is The Happiest Land. Our story has not ended yet. We hope that this event will become a good yearly tradition and one day there will be many more of us returning Home!
We would like to inspire you as well – wouldn’t it be great to have International Transpersonal Days in the whole of Europe or the Whole world?



By Liv S.M. Evensen, LivE’Art-Dream’Art-Space’Art, too.
www.sensoul.info and www.freewebs.com/sensoul. Oslo, Norway (for the time being).


THE BLUEBIRD OF HAPPINESS; Little Nisse is slowly, silently being lifted out of the course of history –Mary’s face is back to nature as her shawl has turned into a journey inspired by the multi-various path, Morten Goose; it continues beaming golden Streams of Light down into History to help humans lift and heal; The Flames of Life.

There was a time for love and connection; there was the time of a tragic accident and a blow to spirit; there was a time for seeming death; there was a time for fear so rampant and there was a time to resurrect. As a poet and painter, I know that inspirations from Inner Muses come… and go… through a long shamanic journey of dream healing, I have experienced otherworldly sights, my biological clock has slowed in meeting the true Fountain of Youth, and the bond to my Muse within… a most exquisite dream-stories poet of all knowing of human plights and true beauty.

Like Dante, I have travelled with my Virgil-  on a pure love journey through thick and thin, across centuries and national boundaries, over five years’ dream scaping from East China (where I lived in the 11th century, and had knowledge of “The Five Dynasties” deep in my soul, that turns out as times so like our own) to Samarkand, Uzbekistan, where  my poet Muse, Fountain of all Wisdom, knocked on doors of many a heart encountered along what was once called The Silk Road.

One may call my experiences shamanism, Sufi – Buddhist journeys, Christian Mystic journeys, Indian transfiguration, inspired journeys, healing journeys and many other names.  These journeys are the source of inspiration for all   of my work.  Another source of inspiration is my painting, like that of the late Swedish painter, Hilma af Klimt. Two years with the late Cezanne and two years with the late El Greco. Ten years of dreamscape writings with Spirit of Most High, a powerhouse of poets and the late English Romantic writers John Keats and WB Yates.




Dear EUROTAS members and friends

Wonderful to hear your continuing support for transpersonal psychology.  As former President, I try to support and understand current radical and unforeseen changes through EUROTAS and similar organisations such as  WCCM www.wccm.org 
Its Director, Laurence Freeman OBE, like his close friend the Dalai Lama, respects, understands and shares his wisdom with everyone, whatever their beliefs. 
The present global crisis has produced a flood of commentaries both pessimistic and hopeful. Many ascribe our predicament to earlier world views which have failed us. Others advance new views – utopian or dystopic or uncertain.  What is certain is that we are now being impelled to understand ourselves.  
Fr LAURENCE FREEMAN is a Monk and charismatic Teacher. Educated by the Benedictines, he studied English Literature at Oxford University. He rest The global centre of WCCM  is at Bonnevaux,  France, It is a centre for peace where meditation is practiced and taught as a way to personal and organisational transformation.  https://bonnevauxwccm.org
In 2010, he launched Meditatio – the outreach programme of the World Community – which engages with the secular world in the fields of Education, Medicine, Leadership, Science, Business and Social Justice. In addition to his work in the contemplative renewal of Christianity Fr Laurence conducts dialogues and peace initiatives such as the historic Way of Peace with the Dalai Lama. He was awarded the Order of Canada in 2012 in recognition of his work for interfaith dialogue and the promotion of world peace.www.acontemplativepath-wccm.org


I commend Laurence and his work to you


As ever, John
Professor John Drew
Chancellor Emeritus 
Regent’s University London


Dear Professional and Research members of EUROTAS,


On May 6, 2020, we announced the launch of our new training, the Grof Legacy Training. It will be based on my (Stan Grof´s) more than 60 years of research into psychedelic therapy, holotropic breathwork, transpersonal psychology, and spiritual emergencies. This work has been published in two comprehensive and updated volumes “The Way of the Psychonaut: Encyclopedia for Inner Journeys,” television courses, lectures, interviews, and many books. 

Participants in this training will develop theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for holotropic states of consciousness – a large category of non-ordinary states that have a healing, transformative, heuristic, and evolutionary potential. This will include:

1. Sitters, experiencers, and participants in research of psychedelic sessions.
2. Breathers, sitters, and facilitators in holotropic sessions (holotropic breathwork / GROF® Breathwork).
Supporters of people in spiritual crisis (“emergency”). 
Students exploring transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy.  
Assistants of people in the process of dying.  
 Students of the use of archetypal astrology for work with holotropic states.

Training authorized under GROF® Legacy Training will be conducted within various countries or regions of the world the way Stan would wish it to be taught. In the GROF® Legacy Training, experience and instruction in holotropic breathwork will be given, for legal trademark reasons, under the brand name GROF® Breathwork. While authorizing trainers who have been known by Stan and Brigitte as exceptional carriers of his work, GROF® Legacy Training is not responsible for the individual training programs, the content of their websites, their compliance with the laws of their various countries, or the actions or omissions of their trainers or trainees.

The main quality of the training will naturally depend on the experiences and theoretical and practical knowledge of the teachers guiding the courses. GROF® Legacy Training will provide abundant resources for both teachers and students from Stan’s sixty decades of consciousness research. These resources include books, videos, Power Points, articles, paintings, films, audios and telecourses for which we will have permission.

Brigitte and I are authorizing independent teachers around the world to offer their own trainings in working with holotropic states of consciousness in their countries. We wish the staff and facilitators of the Grof Transpersonal Training well and encourage them to continue their work.  However, although GTT still carries my name, I am not and do not want to be associated with it.
The trademark Holotropic Breathwork is owned by Tav and Cary Sparks as we gave it to them for free, but my work holotropic breathwork is bigger than a trademark. For legal trademark reasons in our new training, we will use the brand name GROF® Breathwork for holotropic breathwork. We will not receive any profit from our trademark GROF® or from the GROF Legacy; this training it is for the world.

The important information on the new training is on our Website: www.grof-legacy-training.com  
You will find the countries in which Grof Legacy Training is represented, as well as its international teachers, Advisory board, Supporting organizations and past, present and future events. We are looking forward to the time when our pandemic allows us to return to workshops and inner journeys.

In the meantime, Susan Hess Logeais, Mitch Schultz and Steven Tucker are streaming every Thursday interesting interviews of the actors who appeared in the movie Psychonaut.


With much love,
Stan and Brigitte Grof





The psychology of pandemics, when studied over the centuries from the time of Pericles in Ancient Greece to present time, shows far more similarities than differences. People grouped together in different ways, according to their personal projections and ways in which they perceived the pandemic.

 I find it extremely important that in this issue of the newsletter, some of our members have taken the time to share their insights and experience of Covid 19, which has much to teach us.  Different and varied experiences of a pandemic can assist in broadening world views. The way in which we react or act, is largely based on inner beliefs and thoughts and the work done with self, as Bernadette Blin points out.

The work to be done is inner work, for this enables us to recognize how we can contribute to the evolution of the planet. It is with the help of others, as John Drew points out, that we may deal with inner crisis and the emotions that fuel our thought patterns. Reflexivity is of paramount importance, as both Rosemarie Anderson and Jevon Dangeli give us to understand it, through their experiences. Additionally, what appears to be essential for us all, is to practice patience, tolerance, and trust. It is to understand that we are being encouraged to find humility, love, and compassion not only for self but for others.

Vigilance is essential as is Mindfulness these days, because Covid has not gone anywhere – but rather, an invisible presence, it is ever present as a reminder, that change must be embraced and embodied, if it is to leave its impact on the future of this world.
For me, the transpersonal is no longer something extraordinary or different. Rather, present in my everyday life, it is what I have the privilege to impart to my students, who are all studying mainstream psychology and multicultural education at different universities here in Athens. This new perspective has helped them cope with the changes they have been going through, teaching them to accept fully how they feel, and to recognize the wisdom that comes through learning to adapt to a new way of being.
May you all have a wonderfully unique and safe summer.


Dr Lindy McMullin
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