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June 28, 2021


Board of Administrators: President Pier Luigi Lattuada, Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Marc-Antoine Masri, Lita Melbarde

Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin



Page 2… Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Pier Luigi Lattuada

Page  3… EUROTAS 2021 Conference – J. Biechonski
Page  4… Grof Legacy Training –  I. B. Jahrsetz
Page  4… The Healing Field in Spain – M.Sole, J.Mestres
Page  5New Opportunity to Apply for the Grof® Legacy Training – T. Vana
Page  6… Pneuma Retreat Center – A. Brunelli
Page  6… Tantra: Sex, Science and Spirituality – A. Brunelli
Page  8… The Way of the Dreamer – H. Daly
Page  8… Dreams, Dying, Death – H. Daly
Page  9…  News from the Estonian Transpersonal Association – J. Biechonski
Page  9… Ethnoterapeutic Journeys to Mexico, 2021 – J. Mestres
Page 10… Music album / Songs of Mother and Field D. Indane-Surkiene

Page 11… The Divine Feminine – Tao Te Ching – R. Anderson

Page 11… Any Part You Make Will Represent the Whole if it is Made Truly – R. Strambaci
Page 12… Life Coaching Vs Transpersonal Coaching – J. Dangeli
Page 13… By The Morning Dew – L. Evensen
Page 14… Of Songlines and Memory – V. Lagzdina
Page 15… Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin


Healing the Emotional Pandemic


One believes that the problem is the covid pandemic and that the solution is the vaccine. Furthermore, it is believed that the contradiction is between having the vaccine (mainstream scientists), and no vaccine, (deniers, conspiracists and a few crazy people).

The pandemic is much more serious than this because it is unseen; it is an emotional pandemic, as Reich, already mentioned in the years between the wars of the last century. Whether one falls prey to fear or fights it with reason? Whether one gets the vaccine or not? If one does not free oneself from the slavery of the dualism of emotion/reason, one cannot recover.

The problem cannot be solved by following emotions, but neither can it be solved by repressing them. The solution lies in disidentification, a term unknown to most people.
Perhaps Christ sided with the oppressed Jews against the oppressor Romans. Perhaps he did not turn the other cheek, perhaps he did not reattach the soldier’s ear! He who wounds with the sword… perhaps Buddha has fought against the injustice or suffering with an army of soldiers!

Before anything else, Christ and all the wise teachers, before and after him, taught us to make two into one, not to fall into the temptation of the reaction, an eye for an eye.

The evolutionary process, Wilber reminds us, is always transcendence and inclusion – never reaction; it is transformation, never opposition. We could say that inside each human being dwells a little woman, a little man and a hero, heroine. The little man falls prey to the emotional pandemic, the hero is on a journey to awaken and heal.

The real, unseen challenge is therefore between sleep or awakening, reaction or change, war or peace, chronicity in dysfunctional behaviour or creative transcendence in the new, identification or disidentification.
We will be together in Tallinn, Estonia, for the 21st EUROTAS CONFERENCE from September 22 to 26.
More than 50 presentations from 28 countries! Sharing proposals and technologies for inner ecology and transpersonal emotional education to heal the disease of disconnection from oneself.

P. L. Lattuada







WEDNESDAY, 22 SEPTEMBER 2021 FROM 15:00 UTC+03-22:30 UTC+03 -27 SEPTEMBER 2021

Dear Transpersonal Colleagues

Good news!!!!

The EUROTAS conference in Tallinn Estonia is a reality that is happening now.
We invite you to participate in person – in case you cannot travel due to restrictions in your area, zoom screening will be provided.

So far, we have presenters from 26 countries around the world and more presentations are coming, so we have extended the deadline for presentations till 1st of August 2021.
We have also got permission to screen Dr Gabor Mate’s new movie, The Wisdom of Trauma!
In this conference our aim is to produce 2 charters with your help:

  1. Inner Ecology – The Post Covid Humanity
  2. Development of Transpersonal Education.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person or online, to exchange ideas and to generate new transpersonal ideas for the benefit of humanity.
Please connect with us on www.eurotas2012.com

Jure Biechonski, Conference Organizer



Grof© Breathwork


With the introduction of the Grof® Legacy Training, Stan opened a door for experienced psychotherapists and teachers to facilitate trainings in his name and carry on his wisdom and legacy.

We consider it an honor and are very pleased that we are authorized by Stan and thank him most sincerely for the confidence.

We offer an ongoing training group which will meet for 10 days twice a year for three years at beautiful locations.
If possible, Stan and Brigitte Grof will be present as guests at one of our meetings.
Trainers: Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti
Start:  October 23 to November 2, 2022
Venues: Seminar center Hollerbuehl (Black Forest / Germany) and seminar hotel Trifilli (Kefalonia / Greek island)
Costs: 9000 EUR plus room & board
Language: English with translation if required


Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz


(12 EUROTAS trainers, 9 modules of 10 days)


We are happy to offer you an option which has been requested frequently: Each module of the “Healing Field” training can be booked individually. Thus, you may register for one or more modules, if you are particularly interested in their themes and contents.
In this sense, have a look please – perhaps you want to come to Module 4 in Spain in 2021!
Trainers: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Date: September 2 to 12, 2021
Content: Shamanic Activation and Ethnotherapy
Venue: Seminar center Masgarganta (near Barcelona/Spain)
Information and registration:


Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres




Grof® Legacy Training – Holos is an international training in the Czech Republic led by Milan Hrabánek together with leading experts from the Czech Republic and the world. Learn to use the healing potential of holotropic states of consciousness!


It is one year since we launched the first selection process for Grof® Legacy Training – Holos. The first international training group was formed, which was supposed to start training in October 2020. However, due to the global pandemic COVID-19, the training was delayed by almost a full year and the life situations of some trainees, especially foreign ones, changed due to the pandemic and some of them decided not to start the training. This left a few spots open in the first training cohort, which we now offer to the public.

We are therefore issuing a new selection procedure to complete this training cohort. Applications can be submitted until 25 July 2021. We will then make evaluations by the 31st July so that you can start the first module from 12 September 2021.

The entire training will take place at the International Transpersonal Center Holos in Opava, Czech Republic, which will offer complete facilities for accommodation and teaching. At the same time, it is a place that we have purposefully created precisely for these purposes – to help people using the methods of transpersonal psychology and to educate those interested in this field.

The application form can be found here:  https://en.grof-legacy-training.cz/prihlaska
Full details of the training here: https://en.grof-legacy-training.cz/vycvik-holos
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: Tomas Vana, training administrator, vana@holos.cz, +420 607 794 757

Tomas Vana


in Mount Shasta, California


A resplendent place to get your certification in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork!
This is the most complete transpersonal training in Psychology and Spirituality.  The only one that includes: Therapy, Dance, Yoga, Meditation and Alternative Healing Techniques.

Come and train with a highly qualified team in this wonderful natural environment. Ask for information about the training course that will take place in person and with online modalities. The Academic Program 2021-2022 is coming soon.



Alessandra Brunelli



Pneuma Transpersonal Training
Dear Friend,
For the first time, the Pneuma Institute in collaboration with the European Transpersonal Psychology Association (ETPA) invites you to participate in an academic course that is enclosed in the Transpersonal Psychotherapy training, endorsed by the Romanian College of Psychologists.
The TANTRA module: SEX, SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY, is also an optional module within the Certification in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork offered by the Pneuma Institute.
During three weekends you can delve into the sacred and millenary teachings of the ancient spiritual traditions that are integrated today in Pneuma Transpersonal Psychology.

As a result of the research in this area for 30 years by its director, Juan Ruiz Naupari; today we have the design of a new and more complete vision of sexuality.
We invite therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, educators, teachers, and students sympathetic to the field of personal development to integrate this new, and at the same time eternal, perspective that:
– Will transform your vision of romantic relationships
– Will broaden the therapeutic and educational approach in the performance of their profession.
– Will bring the understanding and development of the universal values of humanity.

The course will be run by Juan Ruiz Naupari, Founder and International Director of Pneuma Institute, creator of the Certification in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork.
There are two fundamental aspects within the PTT: the comparative study of wisdom within ancient spiritual, philosophical, and psychological traditions; and the expansion of consciousness through Pneuma Breathwork practices.
Juan has been researching Expanded States of Consciousness (ESC) within the field of psychotherapy for 35 years, emphasizing the psychological and spiritual progression of the human being.
Join us!



To enroll: online@pneumainstitute.org
Alessandra Brunelli



A Dream Retreat in the West of Ireland with Helena Daly, Ph.D.

Sept 2nd– 5th 2021

We have all been endowed with the gift of dreaming—a source of ancient wisdom, sorely neglected in the modern world. Dreaming is a primal activity of the soul, a subtle yet powerful way of knowing through which to receive guidance, embodied knowledge, higher states of awareness and healing. These messages from the depths come to us in service of health, healing, and wholeness, if we are just willing to listen and learn how to work with them. By consciously working with our dreams, we access and develop innate potential, transforming and revitalizing awareness in our everyday lives, and move into a more lucid way of living.
Dreaming Participants will:
  • Come to understand the importance of a dreaming life.
  • Become more aware of the twilight state between sleeping and waking realms.
  • Learn the art of dream recall.
  • Share dreams.
  • Cultivate transformative practices for remembering and honoring dreams.
  • Learn ways to approach, explore, interpret, and integrate dreaming experiences.
Given the intimate nature of dream-work, retreats and workshops are limited to twelve participants. Please email helenasdreamretreat@gmail.com for further information and to reserve your spot. Thank you.

Helena Daly


A Dreaming Event for Healthcare Professionals

May 26th-29th 2022

When caring for the dying, end-of-life experiences such as pre-death dreams, waking visions and deathbed encounters often occur. These meaningful phenomenal events have been well documented across cultures throughout time, and their impact on dying individuals and loved ones known to be profoundly meaningful. 

Yet, these experiences are underreported and undervalued in hospice and palliative care, and scientific and medical communities. The fact that dreaming is an intrinsic part of the dying process is not well known, and little understood. As a result, these vital events are not properly assessed, dismissed, and assumed to be due to strong medication. When this happens, these spiritual experiences are missed, and significant clinical, educational, and therapeutic implications, lost.

Helena Daly



On the 2-4th July we have the pleasure to host Dr Regina Hess who will be delivering a seminar on:
Pre-Peri-Postnatal Psychology and Medicine: A New Interdisciplinary Science Intertwining Clinical, Transpersonal, Transcultural, Indigenous, and Transgenerational Approaches in Trauma-Informed Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

On the 17-19 September we are opening our 12th course in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.
Further details and registration can be found can be found on:

Jure Biechonski
President of the Estonian Transpersonal Association




We propose an intense journey to the heart of Mexican civilization to deepen and explore, through participation in different shamanic rituals.

Dates of the trip:
1st – From July 15 to 31, 2021
2nd – From October 18 to November 2, 2021 
link to more info : http://transpersonal.cat/en/viaje-etno-terapeutico-mexico-agosto-2021/

Jaume Mestres

Dedicated to the subtle connection of expectant mother and her child.


A warm stillness holds you.
You, who patiently grows.
You, who will soon breathe and laugh…
This stillness, dear child, is God.


On July 16th, 2021, a beautiful transpersonal music album “Songs of Mother and Field” / “Gaidību dziesmas” will be released by Latvian free improvisation artist, singer and holistic voice coach Dana Indane-Surkiene together with native sound artist and phonography specialist Maksims Shentelevs. The Album contains nine voice and sound meditations born out of listening to life, of early motherhood and earthly sounds accompanied with written poetry.

“Songs of Mother and Field” uncover the fragile enchantment of an expectant mother addressing her child in a gentle, subtle sequence of songs that are sung in a universal tongue of primordial love. A mother’s voice is strengthened by the sound of natural wilderness, uncovering a feeling of omnipresence deep within.

More information and free singles available here:

Dana Indane-Surkiene






Dear Friends,
My recently released book, The Divine Feminine Tao Te Ching: A New Translation and Commentary  (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KRLGBD1/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i3) , has received a lot of media attention. If you wish to listen in, here are two of my favorite radio interviews:
  • What Matters Most: https://www.paulsamueldolman.com/parent/podcasts/pauly-cast/rosemarie-anderson-ph-d-840/ 
  • Donna Seebo Show: https://delphiinternational.com/ (Click on Access Archives, click on Access Show Archives, scroll down to June 16 Rosemarie Anderson, and click to listen.)

Warm regards,
Rosemarie Anderson, PhD









Rossana Strambaci 

Today more than ever a change is in order. This is in front of us, before our very eyes. We have, therefore, to face it. Despite the confusion and the deafening and disorienting noise of the media that always reach us, whether we want it or not, there is a call which concerns the environment, health, the harmony of social relations and, finally, the impact this has on worldwide economy.

This call is, in our opinion, a call for integration – starting with the human being, who can and must work, to integrate the parts that constitute us as individuals, such as the mental, emotional, physical, and soul levels. 
We believe that starting from this point, the principle of integration and harmonization can also extend to communities, institutions, and states.

It is certainly a titanic undertaking, but it can begin; it has, in fact, already begun and it is what has always united all “men of goodwill” on the Earth.

The contributions for ITJ, and the care that each of the contributors put in, when drawing them up, are a small part -but not a meaningless one – in this journey towards integration.

I love to remember the words of Ernest Hemingway, in a passage of   “Death in the Afternoon“, words which we can say represent his poetics but also the great intuition on his part:

 “The great thing is to last and get your work done and see and hear and learn and understand; and write when there is something that you know; and not before; and not too damned much after. (…) …. if you can get to see it clear and as a whole, then any part you make will represent the whole if it’s made truly. ““Any part you make will represent the whole if it’s made truly”.



Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Psychology, Coach & Trainer


The practice of transpersonal coaching can be considered a holistic and integrative approach to life coaching.
A coach is someone who helps you to achieve your desired outcomes, who provides you with unconditional support, who identifies your strengths and helps you build upon them. You are assisted to find strategies to deal with your unique challenges and develop creative solutions.

What is life coaching?
Life coaching involves a collaborative relationship between a coach and a client that aims to help the client achieve fulfilling results in any area of life. This form of coaching may use generative psychological skills to serve the client’s needs, values, and visions, while supporting them in overcoming the obstacles that prevent them from reaching and sustaining their goals.

What is transpersonal coaching?
Transpersonal coaching is the specialized practice of coaching that takes a holistic and integrative approach to supporting client growth and potential transformation. This is achieved through an individually tailored process, which is person-centred, and which may, for example, involve helping the client to identify what provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose. The focus may then revolve around supporting the client to find ways of purposefully expressing this in their work, their personal life and within relationships.

Transpersonal coaching draws on the transcendent quality of consciousness to shift the client from an ego-centred focus on problems, towards an eco-centred awareness, drawing on the principles of nature and spiritual wisdom, but in a pragmatic and solution focused manner that aims to empower people in the contexts of their everyday lives. Transpersonal coaching can be considered as a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual approach to coaching that may help clients resolve issues concerning the body, mind, relationships, and spirituality.

Continue reading full article




 Liv Evensen
It was a life-threatening accident that occurred in 2005 – an unusual near-death experience! Spirit of the Highest turned up. Not that I had not been in transition already (through the 365 daily meditations with my Inner Teacher through “A Course in Miracles” Foundation for Inner Peace, 1975) where the experiences you experience matter, and not so much the words to describe them. (www.acim.org)

The accident – Spirit of the Highest – took me on a lengthy transpersonal, mystical experience, transcending centuries; an inner journey in the “www dreamscapes”, healing in the gap between Heaven and Earth, for me and many others.
Me? Inspired authorship; inspired paintings (ala Hilma Af Klint); healing helpers, angels upstairs, Aristoteles, John Keats, WB Yeats and me, a powerhouse of poets writing poetry and short stories. Later, gentle dances through my hands still, across the canvas; two years with Cezanne, two years with El Greco. This little painting is from 2013 in the “Cezanne period”, while l was in art college at 64:
From Moon Mother and The Ocean Childe to Sun Mother and The Moon Childe
There were places in South America, where many came in ancient times; where certain practices were carried out, creating untold grieving, as soul bonds turned into floods of tears: The Avenue of The Dead, The Pyramid of the Sun, The Pyramid of the Moon. 

Allow me to present this painting that came through to me, as my painter’s talent again grew, into modernistic, shamanic, mediumistic, in a “here and now” – in gentleness and infinitely loving care, as cycles broke, for so many, as Life emerged from the sorrows, these two, alive, lovingly reconnected by The Hand of The Divine, of which we are all a part. Part of an exhibition this August, where 1000 young people died in 1940. “Art, history and architecture”.


Liv E
LivE’Art-Dream’Art Space’Art’Discovery’too




Vineta Lagzdina
Indigenous Australians have used Songlines as a means of storing and learning knowledge, both ancient and modern. These are the stories embodied in the land, sea, and skies to be remembered and passed on through song, dance, art, ceremony and most importantly, through attachment to Country (the land). These Songlines are in many languages and provide dynamic information, ancestral links, mapping of country and a sustainable culture.
Singing “country” can locate previously unknown places by the travelling singer (like finding a waterhole in desert country). “Just like the old people, we are dreaming. We have a new dream with technology. We’re using the newest technology with the oldest culture”, says Curtis Taylor.

Country is the connective tissue: kinship between people, place and art are inseparable. “Songlines divulge powerful lessons about what it means to be human and to live on the earth. They offer us the promise of connectivity to each other and our planet in a fragmenting world”.
Singing Bones (2012) by Wally Wilfred
As Westerners we have forgotten how we came to be, and where we stand. We have forgotten the function of memory by allowing media reports and Google to dominate with fast, often inaccurate information.

All knowledge no matter where you store it, is based on memory; the brain is particularly good at associating memories with music, dance, and art, and exceptionally good at associating memory with places. Indigenous Australians refer to Songlines as Songspirals as they spiral out and spiral in. They go up and down, round, and round forever. They are infinite, forever connecting and remaking, going deeper and deeper.
Songlines embrace the globe and it is a creative process for us all to learn from and apply.
Margo Neale & Lynne Kelly, Songlines – The Power and Promise, Thames&Hudson, Australia 2020.




At the start of this past academic year, I was called upon to produce two plays at St. Lawrence College in Athens. One was with the junior school and the other with the senior school, even though Covid 19 was looming over us all. Even though much of Drama this year took place online and restrictions for the performance required social distancing onstage with pupils in year groups, the masked parents who made up the audience in the open-air theatre, were exposed to the wisdom of what I consider to be Transpersonal Education, on the night of the performance.

All of us present learned a lesson, even though we had been unable to meet in person most of the time due to lockdown; we could still come together and focus on the needs of our planet and focus on transmitting the message of unity and love worldwide. The actors and actresses who ranged in age from 6 years old through to 18 years old enjoyed embodying their talents, and they also learned important facts about their environment and the wisdom behind the spoken word, that you can watch at the following links



Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a healthy and creative summer. All good wishes to Jure Biechonski and his team for a successful conference. Transpersonal Education is not something new, but something that has been emerging in different classrooms worldwide, because humanity is evolving.


Dr L.S. McMullin

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