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October 15, 2020

Board of Administrators: President Pier Luigi Lattuada, Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Marc-Antoine Masri, Lita Melbarde

Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin




Page  2… Edito Newsletter from the EUROTAS President Pier Luigi Lattuada
Page  2… Some words from an ex-president



Page  3… EUROTAS 2021 Conference – J. Biechonski
Page  3 … ITP Program at Ubiquity University – P.L. Lattuada
Page  4… The Healing Field – A Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy – R. Pervöltz, I. B. Jahrsetz
Page  5… Retreat: Inner Peace and Peace of the World – Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz
Page  5… Grof Legacy Training: Training in Transpersonal Breathwork – Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz
Page  6…. Training and Vacancy, Alef Trust – J. Dangeli, F. Hector
Page  7 … Transpersonal Universe, Pneuma Transpersonal Training – M. Pardo Sol
Page  8 … The Colour Path – M. Wentworth
Page  9… Psychic Defence and Spiritual Development – V. Rodrigues



Page  9… New Edition – Beyond the Mind, by P.L.Lattuada
Page 10… ITJ: An open window and a novel landscape to build, by R. Strambaci


Page  11… Changing Perspectives in a Changing World, by J. Dangeli
Page  12 …The Rise and Fall of Transpersonal Organizations, by Dr. R. Anderson
Page  12… The Making of an Artistic Community – An Exhibition, by L. Evensen
Page  13 … Letter from the Editor – Lindy McMullin




Looking at things from the top down we could say that finance drives the world. This seems to be true, from the perspective of financial to economic power, including the big companies and from economic power to political power and moving from politics into society. Should we then, fight against the strong powers?

Looking from the bottom up we could say that humanity is being driven by its roots, nature, primordial shamanic traditions, and ancient spiritual philosophies amongst other. So, should we go back into the past?

In medio stat virtus…or “Virtue stands in the middle,” is an old saying attributed to the Romans, and Buddha himself taught the benefits of the Middle Path. In the middle, we find culture and changing culture, we change the world. The strong power to succeed, needs a culture of domain and competition.

So, what do we do?

I strongly believe that our Global Transpersonal Community makes an important contribution to the shift, from culture of domain to culture of partnership, and from the Age of Knowledge to the Age of Awareness. We are all being called upon to do our best, and here we are, aren’t we?
A community, I envision, that works both personally and trans personally.

I envision that we are a community of people who are committed to give an example, driven by awareness and compassion, and proud to be part of a “we space” – a sacred circle of women and men of good will.

I envision that we are a community of professional educators, able to bring the transpersonal vision and value, to individuals throughout their life span development, starting from children and moving through to the end of life as known and even beyond.

I envision a community of clinicians and scholars, working to actualize the new paradigm in action and writings, in research and methodologies.

We are the ones being called to do that, to transcend and include, the way down and the way up, the past and the future, in a world centric, trans personally aware and compassionate, and ever present, for the sake of humanity.

Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada
EUROTAS President



Especially for those of you, who were not present at the General Assembly, I want to again thank you for the support and the friendship I experienced during the 7 years of my presidency.
It has been such an honor and an opportunity to serve the transpersonal movement and the EUROTAS community, that my heart is full of gratitude.

The adventure, however, is not finished, as we must still work to establish the transpersonal in mainstream, and to bring the transpersonal vision to the world, especially in these times of global challenges

I will stay on the board to continue to work with my colleagues and I am so happy to see the progress we have made. I am excited about what awaits us all, as we have more to accomplish, in different directions.

So, let us continue onwards, together, to build a new world where transpersonal values will be the reference. This is my hope and my mission.

From the depths of my heart.

Bernadette Blin
Ex-president of EUROTAS







After isolation, it is time to reconnect!
Waiting for you in the beautiful old town of Tallinn!

Jure Biechonski





BA, MA, Ph. D degrees.

Integral comes from the Latin integrum, from in, meaning “not” and tang-ere, meaning to touch: not touched, nothing has been taken away, where nothing is missing, full, pure, honest, uncorrupted. The transpersonal approach proposes a new innovative way of thinking which transcends the dualism of the rational mind and includes the larger Eco field beyond the individual person. It is supported by unitive consciousness, an intuitive, new way of being. This unique synergy can grasp unity beyond dualism. In a dynamic world, the combined approach of integral and transpersonal brings the proper tools to move with pure intent and an open mind, unified and interconnected, while knowing and respecting the laws that regulate it.





Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada





(12 EUROTAS trainers, 9 modules of 10 days)

We are happy to offer you an option that has been requested frequently: Each module of the “Healing Field” training can be booked individually. Thus, you may register for one or more modules, if you are particularly interested in their themes and contents.
With Module 3, you can also still start the entire training program.
In this sense, have a look, please – perhaps you want to come to Module 3 in Germany in 2021:
Trainers: Bernadette Blin, Rainer Pervöltz
Tutors: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Date: March 23 to April 2, 2020
Content: The „Old Central“. The Mandala of Being. Working with the Dream Body based on Arnold Mindell’s teachings. Discovering your Essence.
Venue: Seminar center Eulenspiegel (Rottweil/South Germany)


Information and registration:


 Rainer Pervöltz, Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz



Retreat at Lake Baikal in Siberia with Claude AnShin Thomas as special guest teacher

Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Rituals, Systemic Constellations, Meditation in the Zen Buddhist Tradition, Presentations and Sharing
Facilitators: Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Guest teachers: Claude AnShin Thomas and shamans
Dates:   August 9 to 19, 2021 (Retreat)
                August 19 to 26, 2021 (Ethno-therapeutic Journey through Buryatia)
Costs:   2320 EUR all-inclusive except flights (Retreat)
                790 EUR all-inclusive except flights
Information and registration:


Dr. Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz



Grof© Breathwork


With the introduction of the Grof® Legacy Training Stan opened a door for experienced psychotherapists and teachers to facilitate trainings in his name and carry on his wisdom and legacy.
We consider it an honor and we are very pleased that we are authorized by Stan and thank him most sincerely for the confidence.

We offer an ongoing training group which will meet for 10 days twice a year for three years at beautiful locations.

If possible, Stan and Brigitte Grof will be present as guests at one of our meetings

Trainers: Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Viktoria Luchetti
Start: March 26 to April 5, 2022
Venues: Seminar center Hollerbuehl (Black Forest / Germany) and seminar hotel Trifilli (Kefalonia / Greek island)
Costs: 9000 EUR plus room & board
Language: English with translation if required
Information: https://bewusstseinserforschung.de/en/grof-legacy-training


Dr Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz




Courses begin in February. Info – https://www.aleftrust.org/open-learning-list/transpersonal-coaching-psychology-2 ”

Jevon Dangeli



Open position with Alef Trust: We are looking for a Marketing Lead to join the team to help the organisation evolve. The ideal candidate will be passionate about marketing as a way of relationship and community building. Apply here.

Francesca Hector
Executive Assistant
Alef Trust



Welcome to the second module of PNEUMA TRANSPERSONAL TRAINING.

This module is for you, if you are a therapist and are asking yourself how to support your clients, with a transpersonal vision that can help them get out of their mental and emotional suffering patterns, and reach higher levels of self-realization.
In Transpersonal Universe, you will:

  • Receive key concepts to understand why certain circumstances happen and why they repeat themselves.
  • Learn more about the true human, transpersonal and spiritual nature.
  • Broaden your vision of life, death and dying on the psychological, mystical, and physical levels and how to accompany others in this process.
  • Have a complete vision of the universal laws such as Karma, Dharma, reincarnation, and how you can apply them to improve your life.
  • Access the practice of Pneuma Breathwork, a powerful tool that will help you overcome traumas, heal emotional wounds, connect with your heart, and place yourself in a space of awareness.

With Juan Ruiz Naupari.
Maite Pardo Sol


Self-discovery and Healing through Colour
Certified Training Programme


The Colour Path training offers you the opportunity to know yourself and others more deeply and fully through the language of colour. The training enables you to give meaning and understanding to a life’s calling and to guide the birthing of hidden gifts and talents.

With colour at its heart, The Colour Path fosters a way of living and being, a way of living that aligns you to your inherent nature, and a way of being that fulfils you from the inside out.

The training will be given by Colour Specialist, Mark Wentworth. He is the creator and developer of the Colour Path methodology. Mark developed the methods and processes presented in this programme through 33 years of experience of integrating colour therapy with the work of Carl Jung, Jacob Moreno and Roger Woolger.


More information: www.colourforlife.com/training
Email: mark@colourforlife.com

Mark Wentworth



Vitor Rodrigues, PhD, a former president of EUROTAS, will soon deliver a new online course on Psychic Defence and Spiritual Development. For further information  psicosophos6@gmail.com,  or to be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2870595949839307?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22edit_dialog%22%7D]%7D

Vitor now has two Blogs  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnImHcouJMvkYJm_PyGggg

Portuguese language Blog

Vitor Rodrigues






New edition – e-book By P. L. Lattuada


Transpersonal psychology seems to characterize itself as a wide thought and research movement, working towards an integration of psychological principles and methods with spiritual practices or shamanic rituals, in order to synthetize mind, meditation, spirituality and transcendence, the ordinary consciousness and extraordinary one, mystic ecstasy or shamanic experiences.
In this book we can find an overview of the main theoretical and practical transpersonal models, and a contribution by internationally well-known authors like Stanislav Grof, Laura Boggio Gilot, Massimo Rosselli, Eliezer Cerqueira Mendes.
The author also presents his own approach, Biotransenergetics, one of the most complete newly conceived, transpersonal methodologies which also include a new epistemology (the Second Attention Epistemology) and a new stage of thinking (Integral Transpersonal Thinking).






Integral Transpersonal Journal is a window, an open window, not only on activities of target community members, but also on everything moving and flowing in the world of Transpersonal culture.
In some way, even those who collaborate with ITJ do not know, if not at the end, what each issue of the magazine will bring and share into the world. New contributions come, sometimes in a surprisingly attuned way, and often unexpectedly, they indicate something that had not yet been thought of.
We do not set ourselves the goal of making theme numbers. Despite this, the magazine has often proven to be naturally and harmoniously oriented on a coherent point of reflection, an idea or a way of looking through the phenomena that populates the world. This “magic” effect happened “ex post”, like a perspective effect that is, at the same time, as the echo of the community. Perspective and community: two words deeply tied because there is no community without a perspective and no perspective without a community.
This is also the aim of ITJ: to create a way of regarding things and events. A way that is new and ancient at the same time, something in which we can all participate, giving voice to what appears in the field of shared energies.  So, we do not yet know what gift the next issue will bring us, but we are all called to build it.
The contributions of all of us (spiritual researchers, poets, philosophers, scientists…) are expected. We are going to see, with gratitude, what will take shape in front of our eyes.
After all, the season of Covid-19, which seems to hold us in check, is also a challenge for transpersonal thought. The transpersonal paradigm, certainly already working in the consciences of many of us, can contribute with great strength, to identify a way out of the grip of fear, anxiety and discouragement that are some of the “shadow sides” of this period. The transpersonal approach can also open new paths and give novel and fresher interpretation keys to what is happening.
Some degree of Transpersonal consciousness can trace a way of commitment different from the previous engagements, for a truly human solution to what now appears to be the deepest crisis of the millennium.

Rossana Strambaci






                                                                        Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Coach

We are living in a time of radical change!

Watch a video recording of the recent dialogue between Prof Les Lancaster, Dr Jessica Bockler, and Jevon Dangeli, MSc – where they explored how Applied Open Awareness can be useful in all areas of life today!

It was proposed that tunnel awareness, on the individual and collective level, might be an underpinning factor behind many of the pervasive issues that we face in the world today. COVID 19 may then represent a potential tipping point (a global transpersonal burnout), and thus, serve as an opportunity for us to reevaluate our priorities and to more consciously collaborate toward a shared vision of a new normal based on the win-win-win concept.


A new paradigm is emerging – one that is calling for a more Eco-logical way of being in the world, including our relationships, our work, and our personal lives. Ego (self-centered) logic has played a significant role in the current crises that pervade our world. This collective chronic ego-logic has reached a breaking point, and we need a new way forward.  The Eco-logical approach includes caring for ourselves, each other, and our environment in sustainable ways. The Eco-logical perspective may help us to navigate these radical changes more resourcefully and support us in co-creating the conditions that we all want to experience – now and for generations to come.

During the dialogue, Applied Open Awareness (AOA) was proposed as a practical way to cultivate the Eco-logical perspective. You can directly experience this yourself with the simple exercises in the session recording. AOA forms a fundamental aspect of the transpersonal coaching model that Jevon teaches in the Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Certificate course at Alef Trust, where the students and graduates are using it to be beacons of light in the world at this time.

Watch the session recording here – https://thefield.aleftrust.org/changing-perspectives-in-a-changing-world


Rosemarie Anderson, PhD
Dear EUROTAS Colleagues,

Friend and Zen master, the late Sonja Margulies worked closely with Abraham Maslow and Tony Sutich to establish transpersonal psychology in the USA in the 1960s. She often remarked that the value of transpersonal psychology in the long run has been and is to bring spirituality to mainstream culture, that is, bringing the “fruits” of our learnings to the world at large. In this sense, be encouraged that transpersonal psychology has been a rave success worldwide.
However, what we have known as transpersonal psychology goes by many names now, including spiritual studies, peace studies, process studies, transformative leadership, and of course humanistic psychology out of which transpersonal psychology originally arose. And, yes, the name “transpersonal” is rarely used now because the term is outdated and too Latinate for most.
I have also been in the worldwide transpersonal community for three decades and have witnessed the rise and fall of several transpersonal organizations. Typically, these organizations begin to decline in status and membership under grandiose forms of leadership, which advise expansion. Instead, I wish to advise the EUROTAS Board to be prudent and conversative now especially in regard to finances.
FYI, I have recently published an article in the Journal for the Study of Spirituality, a UK journal, on Transformative Research Methods. The article covers the founding of transpersonal research methods by the late William Braud and myself in 1998 and is available at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/20440243.2020.1726056. What happens next in transpersonal research methods is up to future generations. Know that I will soon revise my website, www.rosemarieanderson.com, as an Author and Artist website to acknowledge this shift in my identity.

Warm regards,
Rosemarie Anderson, PhD
Professor Emerita, Sofia University, USA


(December 2019. October 2020: Now l know this will travel for encouragement….)

 Liv Evensen


…the message came from my healing helpers “the other side of the veil” through dream communications, too. Late December 2019…. “Ok?!” There is an old fortress in Oslo, from around the 11th century, that was a stronghold against enemies who came by way of ships, with cannons pointing towards the harbor. I went there for Christmas celebrations. They had opened a new room – an old cellar from 1639 AD, where the gun powder was kept dry inside thick walls. “Wow, what a place to hold an exhibition!”, I thought. I got in touch with the municipality, who are the keepers of these historical castle grounds and made an inquiry. An unequivocally YES was given. My question resounded in my ears – “but where will I find other artists?” The answer magically unfolded – I knew of one…who knew of one…who knew of one, and suddenly we were 13. August 2020: “Pilgrimages from The Middle Ages to Cosmos, Alchemy”:

When Ancient Walls become Chambers of Treasure and Images, the Lights at The End of The Tunnels – 13 artists, paintings, photographs, drawings, and music. Images are non-threatening. Artists’ ways are individual. Yet there are so many common themes. It speaks to groups across unrecognized, mental walls. That too! I can well imagine the fear and pain of a young soldier, in a perceived enemy vessel in the harbor who did not exactly relish getting a cannonball “smack in the side of the boat and worse”. And left alone in a community of silenced males, unhealed through centuries, of painful male roles. Ours? Is an exhibition showing healing ways, psychologically-metaphorically speaking, with “a Heaven full of Stars and Hope” above? Our artistic community? One from Warsaw, one from Firenze, one dyslectic, the rest “locals”. We are at least five who paint with the spirits. I have worked with Spirit of Most High and healing helpers, from the Middle Ages to the Cosmos. A well-visited “wow’ed” exhibition, in the international tourist season. That too!






 Covid 19 has certainly brought change into the world – and is still challenging many existing systems that need renovation. I trust that all our readers, and their loved ones are safe and wish those who may be struggling, a speedy recovery.

This summer, I had the privilege of spending some precious time with the first president of EUROTAS, Monique Tiberghien, reminiscing on the island of Aegina. We recalled the amazing synchronicity of our meeting at the airport on our way to the EUROTAS conference in Varna, Bulgaria, and the incredible fortune of having booked the same return flight – a flight that gave us the opportunity to breakfast with Bernadette Blin, and others at the airport, whilst waiting for our flights to different destinations.  

As I mentioned at the EUROTAS General Assembly, Ingo Jahrsetz was passing over his presidency to Bernadette Blin, during the preparations for the 16th EUROTAS conference, that was held on the island of Crete in 2014. During our SYNTHESIS training programs, once again, I was privileged to host Bernadette as well as attend her workshops as participant. Working with Bernadette and sharing highlights over the past seven years, has been rich and rewarding to say the least, and I look forward to the new and exciting challenges that lie ahead, as editor of this newsletter.

I have experienced different obstacles over the years and witnessed the rise and fall of a transpersonal association first-hand with SYNTHESIS but have never given up working on behalf of the Transpersonal Perspective. I have managed to incorporate transpersonal psychology into a Master Program for Cognitive Behavioural Therapists; I have included it into undergraduate modules and am currently in the process of introducing Rosemarie Anderson’s Intuitive Inquiry to students, here in Greece. I firmly believe that I am not alone in my endeavours, and that the transpersonal has seeped into many fields, as part of a holistic perspective, and that it is becoming part of the raised consciousness so necessary in this day and age.

Each movement and theory however,  has its strengths and its weaknesses, and I would like to know that as a community, we can recognize the need to address some of the shadows that do emerge, not only in the rise and fall of organizations, but in the messages that we relay to others, especially those who have not yet fully understood what the transpersonal means. Nothing but the best is required in times of change!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Pier-Luigi Lattuada, the Board, and all new members the best of luck in their ndeavours.                                                                                                                                                             


Dr Lindy McMullin

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