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Spain - Institut de Psicologia Transpersonal de Barcelona (IPTB)
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IPTB was created in 1996 by Gabriel Jaraba, Jordi Blaschke, Fernando Pardo and Magda Solé, to offer a full training in transpersonal psychotherapy. Years later, Jaume Mestres joined the project.

It's a four year training that includes the basis of behaviorism and cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, gestalt, bioenergetics, psychosynthesis, Jungian analysis amongst other schools; psychopathology and transpersonal methodology in psychotherapy. We offer different transpersonal tools for the therapeutic field.

A training process that implies a deep transformation of ones own Being and has its contents adjusted to the European standards established by the European Transpersonal Association (Eurotas).

Those people who start the training must have the clear intention to begin a deep transformation, a personal and spiritual process of self-discovery with the aim to attain the personal and technical resources to become a Transpersonal therapist.

Each methodology is taught by different experts specialists in each field.
We focus on shamanism, enlarged states of consciousness, dreams, gender, and transcultural studies. This is achieved by integrating psychotherapeutic and spiritual work.

The Institute is structured in 3 areas:

• Training
• Informative (presentations, seminars, symposiums and conferences)
• Therapeutic (group, couple and individual psychotherapy sessions).




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