April 9, 2020


Board of Administrators: President Bernadette Blin, Jure Biechonski, Pier Luigi Lattuada, Ingrida Indane, Jaume Mestres, Magda Sole, Lyudmila Scortesca, Vladimir Maykov, Regina U Hess, Dennis Johnson

Newsletter Editor: Lindy McMullin



Dear EUROTAS friends,

We thought it was important to contact you and remind you than even if most of us are confined in our home, we’re connected and should amplify this connection to create an egregore with a real power of transformation.

This situation is so exceptional and unique that we might spend hours on discussing it, or write a book about the thousands of questions that emerge, understanding, ideas and insights we may share about why this situation happened, how to understand it and what we should do in order to get through this challenge with as positive an outcome as possible.

Instead of giving my personal vision, as interesting as it could be, I thought it would be richer to give space to most of our board members who are ready to share some words with you.

Here are their contributions.

Bernadette Blin

EUROTAS President



Jure Biechonski (Estonia)

 We hear about countries preparing for wars, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, preparing for the worst scenarios. Has anybody prepared for peace, harmonious living, happiness?

It’s time for us as individuals and society to make a serious plan for our future, by asking 2 important questions:

  1. What kind of world would we like to live in, in the post corona period?
  2. What kind of world do we want to leave behind us for future generations?

We need to make an action plan, (not waiting for corrupt politicians to do it for us) and take responsibility and do it ourselves.

Human justice is above any law!

So this EUROTAS Conference about Inner Ecology and Education, once we know when we can make it happen, is to look inside ourselves (inner ecology) and start to create a positive spiritual plan of how we want to create our future transpersonal world.

We need to start implementing change on a personal, social and global level.

Let’s take the psychology of the future and create a better world with it.

Thank you for our community



Lyudmila Scortescu (Moldova)

 The Hollywood film Infection 2011 is very much like our current situation. In some strange way, the author of the film predicted a pandemic. When I go out it seems to me that I am watching a movie, and it is hard to believe that this is reality. It seems to me as though I got to the wrong movie in the cinema, and that I accidentally entered a scene; somehow, it’s hard to believe what I see….

At the same time, however, there is understanding that something extraordinarily important is happening to the whole of humanity.

I believe that there is a better scenario for humanity, and that darkness always contributes to the manifestation of light. The darkest time is always just before the dawn.



Ingrida Indane (Latvia)

Dear Transpersonal community!

Today we find ourselves in a new situation that makes us think about its meaning, danger and opportunity (the Chinese hieroglyph representing the term Crisis consists of two parts: Danger and Opportunity.

We are a very lucky generation, because we have not experienced war, famine or any other epidemics like the plague. It seems that modern society had forgotten about it and our subconscious mind too often, was looking for problems and disasters, even if there were none (accidental articles are most popular in the media, you know). Energy goes where it is driven. Perhaps this is also one of many reasons why we have this real disaster called COVID-19 now.

In my opinion, this situation cannot be understood unequivocally. Therefore, I would like to look at the individual, global and integrative levels here.


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At the Individual level – for sure, every precaution must be taken to protect ourselves and our beloved ones. However, we need also to think about the opportunities that this situation offers to each one of us. What can we learn from it?

What I would like to wish you personally – please find time for yourself – perhaps now, many of you can do it more.  If you stay at home, try to forget about social networking for a while and think about yourself: WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Who are you without your profession, social connections, networks, material values and your public image? What’s left? It is clear the world is changing very fast now, and nobody knows, in what kind of situation each of us can appear after six months, or in a year or two. Perhaps, this is the best time when we can work with ourselves this way – to search and find the True SELF, the Essence of being.

At a global level – I am worried that, despite our widespread information, we still do not know much about COVID-19. Do you know, how many people die each day from influenza, tuberculosis, cancer or any other deadly diseases, even though there is medicine for it? How many people commit suicide daily in the world? What was the socio-economic situation in the world at the beginning of previous epidemics? This information is not so easy to find, and it is not analyzed in the frames of this pandemic, even though it would be valuable for people to objectively assess the state of this situation in a global context.

Why is Italy and all the developed Western countries suffering the most (as statistics tell us), when huge China is suddenly so fast in recovery? I do not understand how this virus can be so smart and is mainly attacking all the developed Western European countries? And why do these countries have to sacrifice their economic position to such an extent? I really hope that it is just to prevent the virus from spreading, but sometimes it seems like this situation could turn out in a good “testing field” in case of a serious bacteriological war… In this case, perhaps it is very valuable to let the world know how to react in much more serious situations.

But there may be other scenarios as well. Maybe some Higher Intelligence wants to stop the victory march of consumerism, global environmental pollution and the pollution of our consciousness – the increasing level of human stress and burnout caused by the excessively busy life, fragmentation and lack of time for spirituality and other really important things.

We receive so many different versions about COVID-19 every day, including various conspiracy theories. Sometimes it seems to me that the Universe would like to demonstrate to us a clear summarized pattern, how our everyday life has imposed a great amount of schizophrenic contradictory information on us. It has happened all the time, but in “normal life” people did not notice it so much, they just became more and more annoyed and depressive. Perhaps, the virus gave us a wake- up call?

At an Integrative level – more than ever, now we could remember, that each of us is a part of the whole. We need caution, not fear and panic. Some of us need physical isolation from others (self-isolation), but it allows us to practice “open heart”, love compassion and feelings of gratitude for ourselves, our beloved ones and all living beings. Many of us now can have more time and motivation for it than ever before! This virus has shown us in a rather harsh way how united our entire civilization can be, how dependent we are on each other, and how fragile precious human life can be.

Panic creates fear, and fear weakens our immune system. In contrast, positive thinking, good thoughts, humor, meditations and prayers create an environment for a better world, strengthen our health and the health of our planet. Something has gone wrong in the human world, especially in the consumer society, it needs a restart. Only we ourselves can do it. We all are, as part of the whole, as part of the Universe, responsible for that. Let us continue to work with ourselves, raise our awareness for creating a better world and encourage other people to do the same!



Pier Luigi Lattuada (Italy)

Sometimes I like to figure out if the Olympian gods are playing games again, to see the effect it creates by creating bizarre situations for human beings.

I imagine Zeus throwing a bolt and Covid-19 manifesting itself in the human being and beginning its cell colonization work.

I figure out that Apollo and Dionysus are betting on the way humans would respond.


“The Dark Lady will spread her veil over humanity by dictating behaviors ruled by the drama of control,” says Apollo, but “No,” replies Dionysus; he will be able to grasp the lesson of love by adopting behaviors guided by trust, compassion and solidarity.


Apollo insists:

“Watch the people flock to their supermarkets, stock up on necessities, mask their faces, isolate themselves in their homes.

Look at politicians governed by the principle of responsibility, all taken to do the right thing to protect the population and, consequently, their image.

Watch the scientists, on the front lines, delegated to dictate the lines of behavior and to calm the population.”

The Dark Lady reigns supreme and determines unseen choices and behaviors.


Dionysus replies:

“Be patient! See, as always, what happens in emergency situations after a period of disorientation. People find the courage of solidarity, they join forces to face the situation with new resources, guided by trust in their own abilities and hope in a better world.

Apollo and Dionysus, the eternal conflict between reason and intuition, control and trust.

Once again, we see the unseen representation of archetypes in play.


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The first thing that I have to say in the face of what is happening is that the whole of humanity, as so often happens, seems to see only what appears on the stage, the virus, the infections, the symptoms, the patients in intensive unit, and not the forces involved, operating behind the scenes.

 The Covid-19 emergency could be a great opportunity, but it seems to me that it is not being taken, few even suspect what the lesson could be, to grasp.

 The code of fear, that politicians and scientists, doing their best, struggle to contrast with the tools of reason that reigns supreme.

 In the same way the archetypal world that sends its signals as it can and as it knows, remains completely ignored, and not even remotely imagined.

 The scientific, political, intellectual community insists – perseverare diabolicum – to disenchant the world by depriving it of its angels and demons, trying to make it aseptic, linear, logical, controllable with the arrogance of reason, which strengthens its successes in the material world, believed to be able to extend to the territories of the life and worse, to that of the soul.

 If the world was what it appears, if the evidence, the facts, were the only reality, then the approach of reason would be impeccable.

 Intellectuals try to inform and provide reading contexts, politicians rely on scientists, scientists, the dominant scientific method, all indiscriminately propose reason as an operating system.

 How to want to understand what happens in a building that trembles, wandering through its rooms, without probing its foundations or going out on the street and looking at it from the outside.

 In addition to being disavowed by common sense, this operation is also contradictory from a neuro-scientific point of view. We try to contrast the emotional identification, which in the brain translates into a short circuit that has the limbic-hypothalamic system as its protagonist, with reasoning, that is, with the activation of the frontal cortex, among others.

Emotion and reason are two sides of the same coin, it is clear to everyone that it is not enough to say that it makes no sense to be afraid to get rid of it.

I free myself from fear when I understand its true nature, that is, when I see it for what it is.

The tool is awareness, not reason, the shadow dissolves when I turn on the light, not when I try to force myself in the dark to see better.

 When I turn on the light of awareness, I see the archetypes in play and the game of the archetypes, Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus, or whatever you want to call them.

 A divine will for those who believe in it, or chance, or synchronicity, – to each his explanation – in any case a transpersonal, superhuman, archetypal event, I say, determined the spread of Covid-19.

 This archetypal event (epidemic risk) triggered the descent into the field of other archetypes, highlighting in particular their aspects of light and shadow: Apollo and Dionysus, reason or emotion, control or trust, order or chaos, fear or trust, competition or sharing, selfishness or altruism, isolation or solidarity, judgment or observation, discrimination or compassion?

 Once again it seems that reason will allow humanity to get away with it, we will defeat the virus, but once again I fear, we will lose an opportunity. The shadow will remain in the shadow and will find other more insidious forms to express itself, the archetypal dimension, once again will continue to manage the games from behind the scenes, the gods will continue to bet from their Olympus, whatever it is, cheering for the awakening of an unconscious humanity.


 In conclusion:

 The human being yearns for freedom, fights and dies for freedom, but often does not realize that there is no freedom without liberation from one’s inner demons, from the imprisonment of the dual mind and its conflicts.

  I bow to the effort of politicians, scientists, little great women and little great common men, each one doing her/his best, caught in the captivity of the dual mind and its mechanisms. I hope to awaken awareness, to leave the building to see its entirety, and invite you to consider a further way of dealing with the issue.

 Every dualism, emotion and reason, mind and spirit, fear and trust, can and should be overcome by a gaze that sees beyond the stage, what takes place behind the scenes.

Before making any decision, women and men of good will, should stay, rest into the emptiness within ourselves, keep in touch, listen and observe, observe the true nature of our fears and beliefs, our choices and our habits. Let us realize that we are at home, within ourselves, always and in any case and that nothing bad can happen, illness is not a drama, but an opportunity, a cure, death is not a drama, but a passage, the extreme act of life, its apotheosis.

Maybe Covid-19 came to remind us of what really matters: clear eyes, empty mind, light heart.



Regina Hess (Germany)

 I survived one tsunami – The Asian Tsunami 2004. Now we are in a kind of a tsunami that feels very different because it is global and it is an ongoing pandemic event where we do not know yet how vast and severe the impact will be and what the changes will look like – because it is up to us all – how we care – how we collaborate – how we manifest changes for the greater good for the benefit of all. We need to understand the Covid19 as a metaphysical pandemic – calling us to come together closer than before, to connect from heart to heart, to stand in solidarity with all levels of life and Nature in order to co-create a new era of life on earth in harmony with each other – a new Shangri-La (Tibetan, metaphorical meaning of Sharngri-La: the last place on earth that is intact – in a state of harmony).



Vladimir Maykov (Russia)

 Global Quarantine: the difficult path to world healing

Sometimes we get sick in order to start to feel better, and to look closely at the life we live and to solve our problems ; the disease comes to help us meet ourselves.

It is possible that the global pandemia, the disease that has gripped humanity, has come to heal us finally from the diseases that have become chronicled. We are all involved in this general painful process – we are its cause and only we can fix it.

This day is the time when we have to think about our personal contribution to our global healing: how everyone can help with salvation!

In Moscow starting from today (Monday, March 30) everything is closed for the next 9 days, Only pharmacies, shops and civil and state services are open to support the life of the city. You don’t want to, but you have to learn to live in this situation and to understand it.

Throughout human history, humanity’s most important resource was spare time. Classical spare time (including Marxism) is the time that we can use of our own will. That is the main national treasure of mankind. We will tell, in case of communism (from everyone in capabilities – to everyone in requirements), everyone can be engaged in anything.



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There is movement of early retirement, popular in Western countries: if you make good money and wisely keep it (half of your income), in 40 years it is possible to become a secure pensioner, and at last, to live the rest of life for itself. 

 What does it mean to live for yourself? It depends on how we use our spare time. There are a lot of options, and everything depends on who we are, what we are engaged in, what our values are, and where our energy is directed. For millions of people on Earth who are interested in self-discovery and self-development — it is a favorable opportunity for being fully engaged in self-development for 100% at least now,  while there is a national and all-planetary quarantine.

 We can wisely use the gift of free spare time as it has always been used by mankind. Why were the majority of works of culture, science and spirituality generally created by the exclusive estate in the last centuries ? The exclusive estate on the right of birth had much more spare time, than the peasants or commoners in Russia,  who worked for their daily bread and for survival. If such need isn’t present and there is a lot of spare free time – than it’s possible to use it voluntarily, to follow the spirit and destiny.

 Long time ago, smart people calculated that 10% of the resources that humanity spends on defense (the combined military budgets of all countries, especially the USA), would be enough to solve the problem of hunger, from which 50 million children die a year in third world countries. If 500 of the most wealthy people of a planet offered a third of their wealth to mankind and wisely disposed of these resources through the appropriate organizations, having directed these resources on the most important human problems, they would have been solved long ago. The problems connected with health, ecology, terrorism, resources, poverty, conflicts, etc. aren’t solved mainly because the gold billion countries of the West do not wish to refute privileges and to build a new fair world for all inhabitants of the earth.

 So, we all live in a situation of global unsolvable crisis. We have reached the edge, and in this virtual world of unrealistic economy and unreliable media it is impossible to live, and therefore the current crisis is really special, and it is no coincidence that it is connected with a pandemic one, where life and death are acutely perceived by every person.

According to modern objective medical indications, the death rate from coronovirus is no higher, than from other virus infections. Therefore, substantially it is a media-created fear. The breath of death, that has become audible to all mankind is very important because it generates new understanding of values of human life. Horrors of World War II promoted blossoming of existential philosophy, and in a sense accelerated humanistic and then transpersonal projects in psychology and psychotherapy, new powerful social movements – beatniks, hippie, a counterculture, movement of the guru revolution and movement for human possibilities. All this was partially initiated by awareness of the value of human life, which in turn was exacerbated by contact with death and the horrors of World War II. The ancient expression “memento mori” (remember death) is a very strong catalyst of awareness and infinity (spirituality), because the more sharply we endure an extremity (and death is a comprehensive, ultimate symbol and experience of extremity), the more brightly we feel infinity because extremity without bright infinity can’t be realized. The more powerful our experiences of death, the stronger is our contact with infinity and our aspiration to immortality.

 Therefore, there is no need to despair or to panic. It’s time to see the situation clearly and to use it for our self-development. Experience of death is the major catalyst of spiritual practices of humanity, of our aspiration to immortality. It is the main engine of the universal Homo Deus project, which is accelerated these days by two major catalysts.

The first catalyst is a forced quarantine, global internal retreat, providing much bigger amounts of spare time to everybody. We can use this time wisely, not spending it watching serials (if you plunge into them too much, you will get depressed), not on other entertainments (because it doesn’t matter how many alternate entertainments you have, – you can’t leave from the main stuff), but for intensive internal work, for development. Any external activity which hasn’t been balanced by an internal one, eventually, causes depression, exhausting internal resources. The main questions are connected, of course, with the main values, with meaning of our life, and our aspiration to the highest, – and the search for answers to them is the second catalyst of our time. Each of us has our own path, but all humanity has something important in common. Therefore, now we can enter into this self-discovery with greater energy, attention and increased productivity.

Let’s imagine if quarantine is extended for a week, for a month, for half a year? Fantastic ! It’s like the never-ending Vipassana. Nobody prevents us to communicate, exchange and experience with friends through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and other social networks. From mutual intensive inner work, we as humanity will find the way out from this anthropological catastrophe.



Magda Solé & Jaume Mestres (Catalonia/Spain)

Suddenly we are taken aback, and something appears overnight that will mark our lives forever, something unusual that leaves you breathless, that makes you lose track of space and time.

Will it be a spontaneous psychospiritual crisis? Will it be a non-ordinary state of consciousness? Will it be a hero’s journey? We are in a spiritual emergence-y right now, we need to bring up our shadow and do the work.

Our first WhatsApp message when confinement was decreed, was, “We will no longer be the same as always”

Fortunately, we have transpersonal tools, drums, dances, songs, meditations, fasting, the famous near-death experiences, hypnosis or dreams.



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Confinement is changing our way of relating to ourselves and to others, and also our relationship to life and death as we will do if we can neither dismiss those who leave nor welcome those who arrive.

 We have been confined for 20 days and we feel that strange sensation of the exceptional of the moments we live. Silence in the streets that we do not tread and the pure air that has not been breathed in our city of Barcelona for more than a century.

Confinement of the Latin confinis, contiguous, neighbor, that shares a limit in common, we are in a marked de-limited space. We greet our friends from the window every day at the same time to make sure they are in good health.

Our neighbor has a weak immune system, so she is trying to be super careful by staying isolated (she hasn’t left the house in weeks apart from going for a walk outside)

Thanks to Zoom we are connected to our friends in the world.

 Respecting social distancing but staying closer than ever.

To mitigate the spread of the virus.

 Suddenly we all become humans, Transpersonal, what a big opportunity to face the situation in a conscious, responsible and caring way.

With compassion, humor, solidarity, silence, breath, music, resilience, gratitude, energy and vitality, new routines, yoga, caring, accompanying, healing and Joy, waiting for the peak of that nightmare.

 It will not be long before everything is better, and we can see each other again – the great Transpersonal family.

 “This is the time to steady yourself – and it affects everyone else.”         Jack Kornfield

 Big warm hugs of love and health wherever you are.


Marc-Antoine Masri (Lebanon)

 Marc-Antoine would like to offer you a song.

Listen to Metara by Kokopelli Kailash on #SoundCloud




Bernadette Blin (France)

 This is not the first time in history that an unexpected turn of event unites the whole world in the same challenge, but this is probably the first time for us. We can read incredibly interesting analyses and interpreting them may open our minds to embrace a wider understanding of what is happening. In the transpersonal community, but we cannot stay stuck to one single vision because this pandemic has spread all over the world.

Of course, global warming and its consequences, the destruction of biodiversity, the pollution, the deterioration of the food and the preservatives we ingest every day, are at the root of this tragedy.

These issues, the state of our planet, the risk of an extinction of the human species, are based on the disconnection with ourselves, with the vast human community and people’s basic needs, with nature; we have exploited instead of respected and protected, and ultimately, with the spiritual dimension of ourselves, and the spiritual dimension of every human being and of nature itself. The virus itself is part of the whole and when the politicians (our President in France) say “we are in war”, once again, they try to maintain a culture of separation instead of a culture of inclusion.


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Today, the predominant story is a war story and we’re all immerged in this type of culture. This is what brought humanity to a form of competition, domination and domestication – based on civilization. In this vision, in order to survive, we must be the best, the most successful, to get more power, to eliminate what could put us in danger. In other words, in order to be safe, we need to use violence and to defend ourselves or to attack others preventively, not to be attacked by them. A very clear example is how Western societies try to get rid of terrorism, with a total consensus. Even refugees who are the victims of civil wars in the Middle East, are considered as a threat in western countries.

 What is at the root of this dynamic war? This is fear and how it drives us to put us in a position of suspicion instead of trust. But as it seems normal and reasonable to live and act like this, it’s not questionable for the majority. We should carefully look at how fear impacts our decisions and reactions.

 Today, the enemy is the virus and all over the world, we try to elaborate “military strategies” to fight against this invisible enemy. The truth is that if we succeed to win this war against COVID19, another virus will appear and we’ll have to engage in a new war, with no understanding of other possibilities. Of course, there is a huge collective feeling of fear that affects much of the world.

 It would be pretentious of me to pretend “my” vision and “my” understanding is truer or more accurate. However, we’re all invited to think, discuss and open our minds to a wider comprehension of what we are involved in.

 As the physician, Claude Bernard (1813-1878), criticizing Pasteur, said ‘the microbe is nothing, the field is everything.’ Still today, the 21st medicine is based on a 19th Pasteurian model. In homeopathy, we don’t attack the symptom, we try to cope with it and develop an inner field strong enough to live with it.

 It’s not about destruction but about integration. It’s about building a new relationship with what is considered as dangerous or threatening. Of course, sometimes we may have to fight against a real danger to avoid it, but mainly, we must change our way of thinking for a story where everyone and everything is respected and included. This requires an internal work to also stop the inner war against certain parts of ourselves and to integrate what we call the shadow.

 Yes, we must integrate everything, even what is disturbing and what we would prefer not to encounter. Everything is part of the whole and if we, the transpersonal community could understand this and incorporate this vision, then we could start to give birth to a new story, a new culture based on cooperation and symbiosis, and love. 


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