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“The Healing Field” – Training in Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy

Start of the training: March 2019
Venues: Seminar centers in Germany, France, Spain, and Russia.
Tuition: 13500 EUR (Early bird discount: 300 EUR)
Languages: English with translation, if required
Information: mail@consciousness-exploration.org; www.consciousness-exploration.org/integrated-training

In March 2019, the teachers of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Freiburg will start „The Healing Field“ – a very special international training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy which might be quite unique worldwide.

Twelve teachers will impart knowledge and skills of the wide field of Transpersonal Psychotherapy – with the focus on „relationships“. This topic will be dealt with from different perspectives: the relationship with yourself (self-care, work with your own shadow, opening of your heart towards yourself, death and dying), relationship with familiy members and partners, your relationship to work, relationship with clients and students, relationship with your consciousness (dreams, shamanic energies, spirituality), who are you as a citizen of the world (influences by collective energies, your relationship to your ancestors, your country’s history, influences of archetypes).

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