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The social network “Daisy”

LOGO-DAISYThe Daisy Social Network (DSN) unites people around the world to actively share information, knowledge, ideas, and experiences. It supports a community interested in working together to solve human problems and create a better future.

Daisy is a social network with a difference. It is for online connections and beneficial collaborations that use Online Video and Video-Internet Television. It provides web-seminars, conferences, training sessions, e-learning, and meetings with scientists, professors, artists, writers, actors, leaders, and other innovative people who are making a difference in our world. Using current technology DSN makes it possible to assemble large audiences of people to participate in these online video events. Participants can take an active part in the discussions using their computers or cell phones.

People coming together with progressive views can bring their ideas and insights to create positive change and be resources for each other. DSN has created a common space for this type of interaction and collaboration. Daisy Social Network helps to enhance the potential opportunities for implementing progressive ideas and projects for the benefit of our global community and the planet. We, at the Daisy Social Network invite you to join us.

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