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Transpersonal Forum“ of Freiburg / Germany

Introduction: „Transpersonal Forum“ of Freiburg / Germany

“The „Transpersonal Forum“ is a group of people that meets quarterly to
talk about sujects of the transpersonal field. Members of our group at
present are:

•    Dr. Ingo B. Jahrsetz, former President of Eurotas
•    Dr. Dietrich Franke, Professional member of Eurotas
•    Kati Wortelkamp, Professional member of Eurotas
•    Stefan Maise, Holotropic Faciliator
•    Christiane Jahrzetz, Professional member of Eurotas”

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2011-12-23_174626Our present question about „What is transpersonal?“ led us to find some definitons in form of a dialogue and producing a video film that will be shown soon in this section. We also collected ideas to the issue with didactical mediums like mindmaps and brainstorming and added our recently reviewed literature.

Please join us in this section with your regional group and with your activities you are doing there. Enjoy reading!

Best regards!


“What is transpersonal?“

An example for a mind map added with ideas of the introduction talk „Holotropic Awareness“ from Ingo B. Jahrsetz, PHD,  at the 13th Eurotas Conference in Varna.

(The radial list shows the relations to a central issue/ a central question. Grafics compiled by Regina Beller, 10-14-11)



„What is Transpersonal? “ – „Splinters“of the Eurotas – Conference 2011 to this Question

„What is transpersonal”? For many months, this multi-layered question has been a central question of our work within our regional group, the transpersonal forum of Freiburg. I followed this question during the conference in Varna, and indeed, this question has been picked up and answered by many presenters in many talks and workshops in different ways. I found that there is a general connectivity between the answers of the given talks and workshops I had been able to visit. Here are some examples in form of „splinters“, that means: excerpts and quotations from presenters of some talks and workshops. It’s no complete or absolute collection, just some „splinters“, that may inspire you to think about „What is transpersonal?“ for you and for your group you are working in, and may be you like to add some of your ideas to this central question of the transpersonal movement.

Discuss this question in your groups and bring it on our website under „Regional Groups“and into our forum! (See this contribution also under „Delegates Contributes“and discuss the issue under „General Discussion“: “What is transpersonal for you and for me? “) Please, add also „splinters“of your conference presentations to this issue.

Enjoy reading and best regards!

Regina Beller

From Ingo’s Introduction Talk:
„Holotropic Awareness – Benefits and Traps in the Psycho-spiritual Work with ‚Enhanced States of Consciousness‘“

„The Transpersonal integrates the Absolute within the Relative. “ Psychotherapy works with the Ego, in holotropic awareness; it’s about surrendering and love.

Experiencing God in daily life – healing is: experiencing the world as a holy place. All becomes meaningful, „eroticism of the atmosphere“.

Holotropic states and psychotherapy: All wisdom comes into being when the Ego disappears. We are learning to surrender the illusion that we could control the world: a shift from the Ego to benevolent witnessing.

The „Inner Healer“ as an impersonal potential of healing within us: it lies beyond the capacity of the Ego, taking experiences without judgment, letting go of concepts and trust the voice of healing.

Daily life and spirituality are melting within the potential of the inner healer. Contradictions are disappearing; daily life becomes a holy adventure. What remains is: Stillness.

From Judith‘talk:
„Death as a Non-ordinary State of Consciousness“:

How a person is encountering death is corresponding to the way how the person lived.

Contemplation of death changes something within our heart:
The ordinary state of mind dies in the moment of death, mind opens up for supernatural levels, the „pure Self“doesn’t die.

An essential relationship of the connection of „personal and transpersonal worlds“is the relationship to our teacher: Our inner teacher shows as an „outer teacher“in life. This outer teacher shows my inner teacher in bright light. He is the human image of the Divine.

From Serge Beddington – Behrens‘Workshop:
„Transforming the World through Awakening the Consciousness of The Global Heart“:

The Global Heart is so important because we have to be conscious about wholeness in all areas. We need a center. Our soul wants to find a way to open the heart and to dare to be Self: overcoming the person.

We are all souls in a Global Heart and we are all included within the vision of the heart of the entire humankind. If we want to fulfill our personal path, we must be aware of the Global Heart -> be a „global warrior“.

To let yourself be healed by other people is as important as to heal other people.

From Vladimir Maykoff’s talk:
„Madness and Creativity: Transpersonal Vision“:

(Highly recommendable:  his both videos with interviews with Stan Grof and pioneers of the transpersonal movement to the question of „Non-ordinary States of Consciousness“).

„Madness is a gift provided the madness is given to us by divine gift. “ (Saying of Socrates)

At the beginning, humankind has been living in a state of global schizophrenia. There was neither history nor time nor reason.

We have a destined matrix how to see the world and we should open several channels for a flexible worldview.

Our whole world has been created out of non-ordinary states of consciousness ->
there exist transcendence within the core of every creative experience that is overcoming the daily boundaries of time and space. Vladimir is speaking of „the transpersonal project“.

John Drew’s Report:
„The Transpersonal in a Fast Changing World“

What is transpersonal? What does it mean? To me and to you? And to the outside?

  • beyond personal
  • less emphasize on personal/ material
  • more emphasize on wider spiritual/ global

Transpersonal values are:
Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation, Love, Trust, Values, Ethics

„Handbook for Spirituality“:
more than 40 definitions of transpersonal

What is important is your definition: How do you define transpersonal in two or three sentences?

Transpersonal – Spiritual – is there no difference? „Not very transpersonal“when therapists don’t tell their clients…

„A child is someone who passes through life and then disappears into an adult. “

Bernadette Blin’s talk:

We have lost our holy connection to water and earth.

anima -> breath, soul, animal. Making a connection between soul and body.

Bernadette created „aquanima“- holotropic breathwork in warm water – on the base of a dream.

Masaru Emoto: We are connected with the universal wisdom by water, 70% of our body is of water.

The water in the swimming pool is transmitting any movement to everybody. We feel a transpersonal interconnection.


Neal King’s presentation of the ITP
(Institute for Transpersonal Psychology California):

Transpersonal means:

  1. Integration of Spirit
  2. Personal transformation
  3. Whole Person Integration
  4. Experiential learning  -> educate and integrate the whole person: body, mind, spirit

Conception base:

  • Jung: Archetypes
  • William James: Variety of Religions
  • Psychic deep structures: Difference is an illusion
  • Empathic Intelligence -> step outside of our experience and understand it.
  • „Facilitated Transformation“is grounded in the experiential on all levels of experience:
  • „Seeing through the veil to the one transcendent unity. “


From: Regina Beller (M.A.), October 2011-29-10

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